Media learned about the conditions of sale of the Su-35 to China

Our motherland China is ready to implement a batch of 48 functional Su-35 fighters in four billion dollars, if China guarantees the failure of copying Russian aircraft. This writes «Kommersant» citing sources in the Russian military-industrial complex.

According to the source publication, the parties actually agreed to the number of aircraft for delivery and their prices, but the «price negotiation process may change.» If the deal is concluded, it will be in the history naikrupneyshim cooperation between Russia and China in the field of defense industry and the

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Performed the first test flight of Rafale fighter in a new version of the greatest combat configuration with six SD Hammer «air-land», 4-SD medium and long-range MICA and 2 SD Meteor extra high-range «air-air», also 3-navesnoymi fuel tanks with a capacity of 2,000 liters, reports January 23. Work on the topic conducted by Dassault Aviation at his own expense, in collaboration with the Agency for Defence Procurement DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement). These tests will form the basis for the final design and complete fighter flight modes. Plane resettled 14 nodes suspension, including eight underwing, which makes the


Final all-Russian competitions in parachuting

Final all-Russian competitions in parachuting jump on the accuracy of landing "Europe-Asia-Atrium", Ekaterinburg.

In the capital of the Urals, in the heart of the metropolis polutoramillionnom, a few dozen meters from the residence of the governor, right on the surface of the Upper Iset pond was set a target for parachutists.   I'll be honest, at first did not believe that the city, bristling with skyscrapers, can hold such an event. But all doubts were dispelled when he heard the characteristic rattling on and after a small airplane in the sky began to blossom bright bud domes.

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MAKS-2013 pilots aerobatic team perform at the Yak-130 — Video

The Russian Defense Ministry wants to show at MAKS in Zhukovsky, which will be held in August 2013, the performance of aerobatic team on combat training aircraft Yak-130, writes in an article of the newspaper «Izvestia» Alexei Mikhailov, Dmitry Balburov citing a source in the Command of the Air Force.   One Yak-130 and with the respective colors of special smoke generator is already available. The number of such aircraft to MAKS-2013 is planned to see. Brand new aerobatic team, are expected to be created on the basis of one of the existing, for example, «Swifts» in which there

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Ukraine closer to the mass production of the An-70

GP Antonov completed the assembly of the fuselage of the first production copy of the An-70. With the progress of work on the construction of a military transport aircraft today inspected the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Recall the An-70 — is a military transport aircraft, which is being built for the Ministry of Defence. Work on the development of the airplane took place from the mid 80s of last century.

The aircraft was launched Kiev Aviation Plant AVIANT commissioned by the Ministry of Defense in the amount of two units. The project cost is estimated at $ 1.5 billion

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Not flown to Minsk

Canadian aircraft production "CRJ-100" on the rise suddenly lost his balance and wing hooking the concrete began to tumble. As a result, the board broke into two parts and ignited. More 2-10’s passengers, including pilots, airport services were retained. Several people were hospitalized with burns. This is the first case of an accident with a passenger plane in history-independent Belarus. Disasters transport vessels Belarusian airlines with human victims happened more than once.Seven people

As told Armenian Embassy in Minsk, with reference to national aviation authorities, as a result of the crash, owned by the company "Belavia" seven people

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PAK FA is preparing for the state exam

State tests 5 fighter fifth generation (PAK FA) will begin on the basis of the test center in Akhtubinsk Force in March 2013.   As commander in chief of the Russian Air Force said Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev, aircraft PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aviation) successfully flight test program from doing. Three specimens tested in Zhukovsky, the fourth most experienced standard — JSC «KnAAPO», and fifth at the moment at the output, it is acceptance. In March, these aircraft will arrive in 5 Akhtubinsk where to begin their municipal tests. All these cars will be put off at

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February 1, Iran presented a model of the new fighter under the title «Qaher 313″ (or F-313). Aircraft presented personally by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) in celebration of «10 days of dawn» in honor of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.   A few days earlier, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi (Ahmad Vahidi) stated that «the new aircraft will be different from those which Iran has already created.»   Indeed, judging by the photos, the new low-profile fighter has a very typical appearance, resembling the F-22 (the sharp edges of the airframe) and F-35


KOREA AND INDONESIA postpone the establishment of stealth fighter jets

Ministry of Defense of South Korea and Indonesia have postponed implementation of a joint project to develop fighter KF-X/IF-X 18 months. On this, as reported by Defense Aerospace, said the official dealer of the Ministry of Defence Indonesia Pos Hutabarat (Pos Hutabarat). According to him, the delay in development of the aircraft using stealth technologies associated with political changes in South Korea, where at the end of February 2013 President replaced.   According Hutabarata, the brand new South Korean government to collect more disk imaging on a joint project to assure Parliament in its forthcoming implementation necessary. Other details

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The Government of the Russian aviation industry Medvedev issued a death sentence

Neuzh that the summit decided the final liquidation of the Russian aircraft industry? On liquidation of our national capabilities to design and build a world-class aircraft, outstanding products that for all that could be cost-effective to bind our huge and poorly populated spaces that make up one seventh of the world's land?

In a slightly disguised form of the death penalty is set out in the aviation industry posted last week by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the draft state applets "The development of the aviation industry "for the years 2013-2025. "

Reading of the draft state program

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