Bimbo bomb HardBut: bomb shelters now worthless

European company MBDA held a second test new "bunker" ammunition HardBut. Development of the heavy bombs being together with the Ministries of Defence of England and France, and must end in the creation of ammunition created to defeat a wide range of purposes, such as protected control centers, industrial facilities and transport infrastructure and underground caves.

During the tests, a bomb set to rocket cart that broke up ammo to speed the respective speeds of the meeting to after discharge from the aircraft. HardBut was armed only Favourites explosive charge, which facilitates penetration of the obstacle. The warhead was inert,

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Indescribable birth version of the Su-25

Russian "Area 51"

"Aliens" arrived at an air base in Ahtubinsk in large numbered boxes that are carefully unloaded in one of the hangars, away from the curious eyes of personnel Flight Test Center Air Force. It is here, in the middle of the Astrakhan steppes, in a secret town, which is not present on the maps, it was decided to conduct a study of objects from another world.July 20, 1976 a special commission under the control of the Air Force Institute of leading engineer VM Chumbarova revealed the first box with a "stranger." Nothing unusual inside did not

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Unexplained Bermuda

The first rumors of unexplained disappearances in the Atlantic came in 1950, when the editor of a newspaper publication Associated Press posted an article about the release of a mysterious place near the Bahamas, which is nicknamed "the sea of death."

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The combination of

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Problem: find stealth

  One of the most debated topics in recent years are stealth technology. Despite the fact that the first aircraft with their application appeared more than 30 years ago, so far not subside controversy about their efficacy and practical utility. Each argument is pro and contra own as always happens. With all of this aviation industry advanced countries seem to make their own choices in favor of the introduction of stealth technology. With all of this, unlike the earliest projects, new aircraft are made taking into account the reduction of radar and thermal sight, but less. Now stealth is not

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Commences operations at new Yak-130 Borisoglebsk

As reported by the web resource (photo story — here) airport at school Sts aviation training center for training of flight personnel Chkalov Russian Air Force (Voronezh Oblast, Krasnodar branch of the Military Aviation Institute named after AK Serov — a branch of the Military educational and scientific center of the Air Force, "Air Force Academy. Zhukovsky and Gagarin") in Boris Gleb started flights to new training and combat aircraft Yak-130 production JSC "Corporation" Irkut ".

6 of these aircraft (tail number "31", "32", "33", "34", "36" and "44") flew in from Irkutsk Borisoglebsk 5-9 October 2012. This is

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At MAKS-2013 will perform aerobatic team on the Yak-130

The Ministry of Defense wants to show MAKS in Zhukovsky, which will take place in August 2013, the performance of aerobatic team at the combat training aircraft Yak-130, the newspaper "Izvestia", citing a source in the Command of the Air Force. One Yak-130 in the respective colors and with special smoke generator is already available. The number of such aircraft to MAKS-2013 is planned to see.

Bimbo aerobatic group, expected to be created on the basis of one of the existing ones, for example, "Swifts", in which there are only two applicable to fly the MiG-29. After 2012 year,

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The plant Aviacor successfully passed flight tests of the IL-2

November 6 at the Samara aviation plant "Aviacor" were successful flight test aircraft Sludge-2, released now (then — the aircraft factory number 18) in 1942, said the company.

It is the world's only flying copy of the famous Russian attack aircraft. His recovery takes Novosibirsk enterprise "Aviarestavratsiya" with the support of the Samara plant "Aviacor." In Samara, IL-2 met veterans of war and labor that built these attack aircraft in wartime.

"This is the most massive plane Majestic Russian war attack plane, whose role in the victory of our army can not be overemphasized, — said General Director of

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In the Far East, the new fighter crashed

New fighter Su-30 crashed in the Khabarovsk Territory. The crew managed to eject, reports RIA "Announcements", citing a source in the power structures of the Far Eastern Federal neighborhood.

The incident occurred at 10:20 MSK, 130 km north-east of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Fighter, which was owned aircraft manufacturing plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, collapsed during a test flight. Both pilots managed to eject some of them received minor injuries. After about two hours after the accident pilots evacuated from the scene of the tragedy helicopter Mi-8. At the moment it is sent to the Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

For information about the plane crash have already confirmed

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At the military airport crashed Yak-130

On the Lipetsk airfield crash Yak-130 — the first completely new, not upgraded training aircraft, built in Russia for the last 20 years. He enlisted in the Air Force order this winter. At the scene, journalists are not allowed, the investigators are working there. Yak crashed on take-off, reports NTV.

Vladimir Drik, a spokesman of the press service and disk imaging Department of Defense RF Air Force: "In the area of the runway airfield takeoff fell in step plane Yak-130. The pilots ejected, their health condition is satisfactory. After landing, the pilots were taken to a medical facility, on the

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At the air show in Singapore for the first time presented the Su-35 Company Sukhoi

At the air show opens Feb. 14 in Singapore, a model of multi-purpose fighter of "4 + +" Su-35, developed by the company "Sukhoi". Model aircraft exhibited on the shield of the United Aircraft Company (UAC), which comes to holding. Guests of the exhibition, and spices, can explore its tactical and technical characteristics and speak with company representatives about his deliveries to the armed forces of the region. At the moment, are already in talks with the representatives of foreign customers, who are interested in the rearming of the Air Force. Scheduled deliveries of Su-35 in some of the countries

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