In the Voronezh region looking for UFOs

The second day of the Voronezh defense and emergency headquarters and local police are trying to find the plane. He allegedly crashed 150 kilometers from Voronezh, near the village of Arkhangelsk on the right bank of the Don. Unknown called the police department and the police department reported seeing the incident plane, similar to a freight lorry An. Falling allegedly accompanied by a thick plume of smoke.

A few minutes later was declared a total rush job, got to his feet and rescue services and staff personnel of the police

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Wings of Russia. The family Tupolev watch online

For the first time in the history of Russian (and Russian) aircraft have appeared "family"Civilian aircraft: Tu-204 and Tu-334. Municipal programs from TU-334 is completed, and this year it will carry passengers. Billion budget funds converted into a world-class product. Creator applets Andrew Rasbash carefully say about the process of" birth " aircraft of this delightful "family." In the program "Wings" viewers will see first the first flight of the new TU-334 and rare footage flying aerobatic team consisting of 3 civilian planes!


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Legends and facts about the disaster Superjet

Russian aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet-100, commits a demo flight over Indonesia, May 9 in the morning disappeared from radar screens. Only on the following day, May 10, its fragments were found search-and-rescue group in the area of Mount Salak. On board were 45 people, 8 of them — the Russians.

About PE with Superjet-100 is the first to say in his own twitter blogger Sergey Shred, which was in Jakarta with a delegation of "Sukhoi".

Shortly before the Superjet-100 disappeared from radar, commander of the ship asked for permission to drop from a height of 10 thousand feet (about 3

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As a fighter aircraft was destroyed Baltic Fleet

…How often we see the validity of Russian folk saying: "The less you know — sleep tight." Especially when we know IS, causing lost sleep at all. At all.

In the near future in the Russian press and on TV they say a lot about NATO expansion to the east. Sound jingoistic slogans ("Motherland is in danger," "The enemy is at the gates of Moscow"), is condemned treachery "enemy number one" (as absolutely not so long ago was called in NATO Russian military doctrine) on the outskirts of our borders. But

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Medvedev awarded a Hero of Russian Federation test pilot of dry Colonel Sergei Bogdan

President Dmitry Medvedev presented today at the Kremlin honored test pilot of the Russian Federation, Colonel Sergei Bogdan Star of Hero of Russian Federation. This is korr.ARMS-Tass was told in the press service of the company "Sukhoi".

Higher State Merit C.Bogdan honored for his contribution to the design, creation, creation of special equipment and many years of honest work. He participated in the testing of many aircraft "Su". Namely, it was he who for the first time flew the functional promising fighter Su-35 and a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA), also recognized as a fighter of

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Cars less, all of them older — Part II

On the potential of combat aircraft of the West — without embellishment and exaggeration

In Part article it was able to park combat aircraft Air Force, Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. The second part is devoted to the existing 20 in the armed forces of other countries — NATO members machines (in 7 states of the union, the Air Force almost none), which can be divided into 5 categories.

Come into service"Typhoon"

This multi-purpose fighter on this day is a major European aviation project. According to the initial plans (1986) that the four producing country will buy 765 machines: 250

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Little-known facts perfectly recognizable events

The second half of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century are characterized by a huge number of local wars and armed conflicts, in what is widely used means of air defense. The contribution of air defense units to win any of the parties had, generally, not just tactical, and strategic importance. In the criteria of reforming Russian army would like the example of some events of the past nedavneshnego show what catastrophic consequences that can result unilateral or incorrect assessment of the role of air defense troops in modern warfare.

When it comes on successful implementation

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Lukashenko dismissed the commander of the defense after the Teddy Troopers

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has fired the commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Dmitry Pahmelkina, also chairman of the Municipal Border Committee Igor Raczkowski. On it informs "Interfax".

Pahmelkin and Raczkowski, disk imaging on the presidential press service, removed from office "for the improper performance of official commitments to state security."

The resignation of the commander and the chief of defense Border Committee followed the "Teddy Troopers" — an unauthorized flight over Belarus Swedish aircraft, dumped teddy bears.

The Belarusian authorities recall that at first did not recognize the fact of the flight. But at the end

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The pilots of the Western Military Area learn new Su-34 bombers

In Lipetsk aviation center of pilots and navigators in the second produced in Russia on aircraft squadrons Sou-34 Voronezh air base in the Western Military Area (WEST) launched a planned retraining to the latest aviation technology.

Pilots who previously flew bombers Sou-24M, will examine the device, control system, the principles of operation of the new multi-purpose bomber Sou-34 and airborne weapons used on this plane. Practical development of new technology will take place already in Voronezh, during routine flight operations at the airport Baltimore.

Engineering and technical staff, which aircraft will service the 2nd Squadron, one hundred percent went

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Light aircraft (whether or rebirth)

At the moment, they say a lot about the revival of Russian aviation. The fact that the last case moved forward. The fact that in a short time light aircraft will be the same commonplace in our lives as well as passenger cars. But do not hurry the action. There still is a lot of ambiguities.

Nedavneshnee past Russian light aviation.

Many aviation enthusiasts still remember the time when the small aircraft used in this country only for pilot training and for training athletes. Well, in civilian aviation, they took quite insignificance fraction of the total number of aerial

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