Journalists commemorated Dmitry Zavadsky

Friends of the Belarusian Association of Journalists of various non-state media, as President Dmitry Zavadsky from Minsk bureau ORT gathered near the entrance of the house № 70 on the street Danila Serdich. Hence seven years ago Zavadsky came and went to his own car to go to the airport to meet Pavel Sheremet. Who and where kidnapped Dmitry — to This time unclear.At the airport, found the machine operator. Her leaving nothing gave investigators — offenders killed all fingerprints. Tribunal punished by imprisonment so referred "Grouping Ihnatovich." Offenders whose composition were former commandos, among other serious crimes accused kidnapping

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Junior front outraged provocation BT

On Sunday 24 June the first state-run channel in the program "Panorama of the Week" said the Belarusian customs officers detained four youth activists. They all vorachivalis from Poland. In the plot stated that, that detainees seized two laptops with electrical manuals on terrorism. In sheltered files was electric encyclopedia mines and explosive devices, "Table book terrorist" and the book "100 methods of suicide."The plot is shown specifically on the day when Boris Gorki departed from the State airport "Minsk-2" in Strasbourg to participate in the work of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe.Before leaving Gorki said "freedom" that the

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Tanya Kozyro remained in the U.S.. Other kids got home

The representative of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus met with a group of kids now at the airport. She stated that Belarusian authorities insists that the girl returned to Belarus. If she want to go to the U.S., will be able to apply to the appropriate structures and issue the necessary documents, after she turns 18 years old.As stated by the immigration lawyer San Francisco Christopher Kiroski seized with the case of a minor Belarusian girls, his client wants to extend your stay in the U.S. for another six months. Now she has a six-month South American visa and accordingly

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In the U.S., delayed departure Belarusian kids home

At the airport, it became clear that there was not one the girl, whose name was not called. Fly the whole group for this reason postponed."The U.S. State Department also said that he considers unlawful acts family of San Francisco, which holds the Belarusian girlfriend," — said Vanshyna.Belarusian Foreign Ministry today summoned the charge d’affaires of the U.S. in Belarus Jonathan Moore. Claimed from him, so sending home an underage citizen of Belarus accomplished possible faster.The representative of the Embassy of Belarus in the United States Oleg Kravchenko made a statement on the matter to be sent home citizen Belarus

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Photo: An-148 at the airport Tolmachevo

Report Glory Stepanova

AN-148 — turbofan short-haul narrow-body passenger aircraft of the new generation. Developed in OKB. DC Antonov. Modification of the An-148-100E provides for operation under conditions of low temperatures and high altitude, landing on the ground with the ground prepared runways, which is especially important for the implementation of socially significant operations in the northern regions of Siberia .

December 20 at the International Airport "Tolmachevo" in Novosibirsk made the first landing of An-148-100E airline "Angara", who arrived from Irkutsk.

Salon is designed to carry 75 people

Range — up to 4,200 km.


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Ust-Ilim airport is ready to resume work


The air route is restored. In August, the Ust-Ilimsk begin the first flights. Now the local airfield record, the runway is upgraded.

  Ust-Ilim airport found its new owner. Its fate is now in the response the city. Flights stopped here in 2002. Of the terminal building there were only walls. However, the runway, according to Deputy Minister of Housing, Energy and Transport of Arthur Suleimenova, in perfect condition. And it can be used now. In addition, the application for the strip Rosaviaciya supported operating practices.

— Given the fact that there is

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Unique facial recognition appeared in the Norilsk airport

The system is called "Taimyr-2" and includes the software and hardware (four fixed and two portable), designed for automated verification of identity documents (Russian passport, a passport, driver's license). Portable systems will organize the examination of passenger traffic outside the airport. Special equipment for 3-6 seconds to scan a document of identity and provides the information to a monitor that is a citizen at large.


In addition, the Norilsk complex subsystem includes a unique biometric identification of a person that has no analogues in Russia for one second special program detects a picture of a human

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In Chelyabinsk airport had its own refueling complex

Airport "Chelyabinsk" commissioned alternative refueling complex. As part of the start of the refueling was made the first refueling aircraft CRJ-200 aircraft "AKBARS AERO" en route flight BGM-542 on the route Chelyabinsk-Moscow (Domodedovo).

Construction of alternative refueling complex began at the airport June 15, 2011 last year. In the construction and operation of the implementation of TCC invested a total of more than 180 million rubles.

An alternative refueling is an integral part of the fuel supply and the airport is designed to receive, store, prepare and issue to the aviation fuel aircraft at the airport "Chelyabinsk". Process

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Not flown to Minsk

Canadian aircraft production "CRJ-100" on the rise suddenly lost his balance and wing hooking the concrete began to tumble. As a result, the board broke into two parts and ignited. More 2-10’s passengers, including pilots, airport services were retained. Several people were hospitalized with burns. This is the first case of an accident with a passenger plane in history-independent Belarus. Disasters transport vessels Belarusian airlines with human victims happened more than once.Seven people

As told Armenian Embassy in Minsk, with reference to national aviation authorities, as a result of the crash, owned by the company "Belavia" seven people

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Third An-148 Voronezh production landed in Irkutsk

At the airport of Irkutsk landed the third aircraft An-148-100E manufactured by JSC "VASO" for the airline, "Angara". The airliner was handed over to "Angara" in the framework of the signed in March 2012, a contract between an aircraft factory (part of JSC "UAC"), airline and leasing company "Ilyushin Finance Co.."

The last of the three contracted this year's production of the Voronezh aircraft carried out a non-stop flight to the airport of Irkutsk city on December 15. "The flight went without refueling in 6 hours and 10 minutes," — said the director of the An-148 "VASO" Igor Abramov.

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