Etny.Aeroport new eruption of Catania in Sicily may limit their work

The eruption of Mount Etna volcano began this morning. The resulting ash cloud may cause a malfunction of the Italian city of Catania airport, "Interfax" reports.Currently, the air masses from the volcano moved towards Catania, and so it is possible that the airport this Sicilian city will be forced to go to work in restricted mode. In addition, according to the specialists, the crater of Etna occasional lava flows.The eruption began on Friday morning, the ash cloud is moving in the direction of the city, and it is in the airport — the fourth largest in Italy, and right

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Argentina has canceled flights due to volcanic ash

The two main airports in Buenos Aires closed for sending and receiving flights due to approaching ash cloud from the Chilean volcano Puyeue.

Domestic flights departing from the airport Jorge Newbery Aeroparque were canceled on Friday night, later, for several hours, the aircraft banned land and landing at the international airport of Ezeiza.

This decision was taken after the Argentine meteorologists reported poor visibility due to the ash, which is released into the atmosphere since the beginning of the eruption Puyeue 800 kilometers south of the capital of Chile, on June 4, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Associated

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Operatives seized the airport of Vladivostok 14 protected merlins

Detectives arrested at the airport in Vladivostok two passengers in a travel bag which was found 14 merlins in the Red Book of Russia, part of the birds died, according to the FSB in the Primorsky Territory.

"Employees of the FSB of Russia in a joint operation with the traffic police detained at the airport of Vladivostok passengers arriving from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In his bag found eight adults merlins, packed in two boxes from fruit. Birds carefully prepared for shipment: wings rewound cloth , a leather helmet on his head. At the time of detection of five of eight rare birds

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Kazan Airport evacuated because of radiation leaks


Kazan airport evacuated due to radiation

23.10.11.Pri unloading containers from medical baggage compartment of S7 damaged capsule with radioisotopes.

Message received from an emergency standby Kazan airport.

The cargo compartment A320 arriving from Moscow Domodedovo Airport, unloading luggage alarm went off on exceeding the permissible level of radiation. In place of the departed experts MES and Rospotrebnadzor.

As it turned out, were transported in the cargo hold three sealed metal container with the isotope "Technetium-99" for the X-ray images. The total weight of the hazardous substance was 50 pounds. Depressurization occurred during transportation of containers.

— The radiation

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At Domodedovo explosion. Video


24.01.11.V hall international flights Moscow Domodedovo airport about 16:30 there was an explosion. According to preliminary data, there are victims. This writes the Life News.

According to the publication, in the airport detonated a suicide bomb.

At present we know of 10 dead. The number of wounded is difficult to call. According to some reports, the two were injured. "We asked for the possibility of more ambulances" — reported to law enforcement. At the scene, left several teams Disaster Medicine Centre.

"I just came out of the airport, there was a blast — told Life

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Chukotka in the airport police seized eight Red birds

The police at the airport in the Chukchi Anadyr not allow two residents take eight Red falcons merlins, said the Interior Ministry.

"Employees of the transport police noticed a man with an impressive cardboard box, inside which was a cage with a taxi. When checking through the X-ray television equipment found that the box was a double bottom. Were extracted from it merlin falcons," — said in a statement.

By the fact of review. The birds will be transferred to the Department of Agriculture specialists policy and management of the Chukotka Autonomous District.

In October, police intercepted a fourth month

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The first flight Orenburg

March 19 is one of the new aircraft "L — 410" regional airline "Orenburg" made the first technical flight from Orenburg — Orsk — Orenburg. The first passengers were Governor — Chairman of the Government of the Orenburg region Yury Berg, Vice-Governor — Deputy Chairman of the Government's financial and economic policy Natalia Levinson, the staff of the Regional Government, and journalists.

 At the airport, the city of Orsk — the branch of SUE "Airport" Orenburg "named after Yury Gagarin's first passengers met the head of the city of Orsk Victor Franz, the first deputy chief of

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Woke up the largest volcano in Europe — Etna

Sicilian Etna reactivate this morning. Strong underground buzz is heard for hundreds of miles, Euronews TV channel reported on May 12.

At the moment, clubs ash have risen above the volcano, reached the city of Catania. Lava flows in the direction of an uninhabited valley and is not dangerous to humans.

According to experts from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, on the eastern slopes of Mount Etna has opened a new crater. As noted by channel, instruments detect a growing oscillation land in the interior of the main crater.

Experts claim that a close eye on the

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Three flights from Moscow could not land because of snowfall in Tomsk

Three flights from Moscow were not able to land on Friday morning in the Tomsk airport because of snowfall and went to the alternate, told RIA Novosti the reference terminal.

According to the online scoreboard Tomsk airport delayed by 1.5-2.5 hours of flight arrival airline "Transaero", S7 and "Aeroflot". Accordingly, the delayed flight return flights.

"We had snow, planes left in Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk). Soon, they have to come to Tomsk, weather conditions have returned to normal," — said the agency interlocutor.

Domodedovo airport suspended operations

Airport "Domodedovo" suspended its work on Sunday because of a lack of electricity. Partial power outages began at about 7:30 am. They were caused by the fact that there was a broken wires due to icing electrical substations in the village of Volodarsky and in Podolsk. As the official representative of the company, the two main electrical substation, which powers the airport. Airport spokesman also said that the airport has five diesel generators, which are currently run, and the voltage will be supplied to the main airport system in order to supply electricity to the registration system, as well as

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