In Vladivostok airport trains run Aeroexpress

Company "Aeroexpress" engaged in transportation on trains to the airports of Moscow and Sochi, opened another route — in Vladivostok. Between the airport and the central railway station Vladivostok Vladivostok ply seven trains a day. Graph different rhythm and easy-to-remember, reports sob.korr.

Of both end points trains depart daily at 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00. Travel time in all cases — 55 minutes, on the way stopping at stations provided Second River, Coal and Artem. At the airport, the composition comes to the new terminal (also referred to as terminal A), which,

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In Arkhangelsk airport opened a new line of baggage

The need for reconstruction of the Arkhangelsk airport is long overdue. The main airport building was constructed in 1972 and was designed to pass 300 passengers per hour. New stringent aviation security required to constantly upgrade the airport complex. In addition, the airport "Arkhangelsk" entered the list of investment projects, which are included in the development strategy of the North-West Federal District.

The opening of a new luxury sector of the luggage compartment, which is housed in the terminal building, was one of the stages of a complete renovation, which is carried out

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In the region of Yakutia revoke the emergency mode due to high water

Chapter Verkhnekolymsky district of Yakutia cancel the emergency, previously introduced in the area because of the flood, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday a representative of the district administration.

Emergency mode due to the local nature of water levels in the Kolyma River and flooding yards of flood waters and the runway airport Zyrianka settlement was entered on May 18. Then the water level in the Kolyma River reached 847 centimeters by 850 centimeters critical.

In the district administration had deployed operational headquarters, is organized around the clock to monitor the flood situation, be prepared to temporary accommodation of the population.

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Bratislava Airport is closed due to heavy snowfall

Airport Bratislava's Milan Stefanik on Saturday closed due to heavy snowfall, the Slovak news agency SITA reported citing airport spokeswoman Dana Madunitsku.

According to her, the aircraft heading to Bratislava, will be temporarily landing in Budapest, where the weather is much better.

"Due to the heavy snowfall in the capital of the Slovak Republic in Budapest has been moved flights from London, Milan and Antalya," — said Madunitska.

Airlines deliver departing passengers by bus to the capital of Hungary, and flew — back to Bratislava.

Wildfires are not complicated the airport in Siberia

Wildfires in the Siberian regions, where on Thursday the fire reached 17.6 thousand hectares of forest, not complicate the work of airports, only in the morning because of the fog had delayed the arrival in Tomsk four flights from Moscow.

The most difficult was the situation in the Tomsk region, where, according to the morning, 29 wildfires are raging on an area 8.646 thousand hectares, and the Krasnoyarsk region, which has a 71 forest fires on the area 6.23 hectares.

Last week, airports Tomsk region to work with large disruptions due to smog. The reason for the delay in the

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Blagoveshchensk: results of operations of the airport for the 1st quarter 2013

Results of operations of the airport for the 1st quarter 2013 continued to break records of previous years.

Airport "Blagoveshchensk"

During January 2013 the airport services benefited a total of 19,693 passengers, or 98.8% more than in January 2012.  

In January — March 2013 airport services were provided for a total of 57,699 passengers, 66.6% more than in the 1st quarter of 2012 and by 93.8% more than in 2011. On domestic routes have been served 41018 passengers, accounting for 122.1% as against the same period last year. In international passenger traffic totaled 16,681

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Far East film came over

KHABAROVSK, October 31 — RIA Novosti. Mists that some days are observed in the southern regions of the Far East, should dissipate on Wednesday, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a representative of the Far Eastern Hydrometeorological management.

On Saturday, a thick fog enveloped Khabarovsk, was delayed several flights at the airport. This natural phenomenon is also observed the Jewish Autonomous Region residents. On Monday morning, a thick fog disrupted Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport — delayed more than 10 flights. In Primorye, the fog at the airport of Vladivostok was detained flight to Beijing, other aircraft, following a flight from Moscow to Vladivostok,

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Tomsk airport still does not accept the aircraft due to smog

Aircraft that had to sit down in the Tomsk airport, still go to alternate airports in Kemerovo and Novosibirsk due to thick smog from forest fires, which is held in Tomsk fifth day, told RIA Novosti the Flight information.

On Thursday in the second half of the day because of the Tomsk airport smog does not accept and does not send the planes. So, all Moscow flights on Friday were sent to the nearby airports in Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk where passengers and air terminals were delivered by bus. In addition to capital flight to the alternate airport in Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk)

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Flights from Moscow to Tomsk takes Novosibirsk airport

Flights from Moscow to Tomsk airport work could have paralyzed from forest fires, on Friday takes Novosibirsk alternate airport "Tolmachevo", told RIA Novosti the "Tolmachevo" Irina Shavshina.

"Flight number 1530 of" Aeroflot ", which was to take passengers from Moscow to Tomsk, has already landed in Novosibirsk. Expect the arrival of two more flight" Moscow-Tomsk "- № 439 and № 153" — said Shavshina.

Novosibirsk and Tomsk deliver passengers on buses.

In addition, on Friday The plane № 131 "Surgut-Tomsk" inability to land in Tomsk, Novosibirsk also sat on the alternate airport.

At present, the "Tolmachevo" expected to arrive

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Airport security

Security is a very important criterion for the use of public transport. No matter whether the subway, airplane, trolley and so on. — Safety should always be maintained at the proper level. As the average user that does not have its own helicopter (bus, airplane), I certainly know that somehow this security is provided. But how? What tools and methods used in this case? Stumbled on a very interesting material published by respected twower, I'm with the consent of the author decided to put this post here, so that everyone interested can find out how to ensure their protection, unbeknownst

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