Ukrainian airports have ambulifty

All airports in the host cities of Euro 2012 with modern ambuliftami. The Deputy Chairman of the National Agency for the preparation and holding of Euro 2012 and the implementation of infrastructure projects Valery Zhaldak.

"One ambuliftu received airports Kharkiv, Lviv and Donetsk. Also optional, the second ambulift granted Borispol airport, as it will serve more passengers," — said Zhaldak. According to him, now ambulifty tested and tested, they will earn closer to the championship.

In Western Europe, about 50% of people with special needs do not take an active part in public life in Ukraine this percentage is,

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GLONASS systems in 2012 were equipped with the 14 airports


GLONASS systems in 2012 were equipped with 14 Russian airports, Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov at the extended meeting of the Ministry of Transport.  "14 airports are equipped with ground-based augmentation GLONASS for aircraft approach to landing," — he said, also noting that the total number of installed stations reached 52 units.

The materials for the meeting said, in the framework of the federal target program "Maintenance, development and use of the GLONASS system for 2012-2020." supplied equipment 11 local control and correction stations LCCS-A-2000 (GBAS) for the establishment and operation of aircraft using RNAV in

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Fog suspended the activities of international airports in China

Fog suspended the activities of international airports in China Weather and Climate

Because of reduced visibility caused by dense fog and smog in the city of Urumqi, the capital of the autonomous region of Xinjiang Yugur in northwest China, was suspended the activities of the international airport. Denied boarding 25 aircraft arriving from Beijing Airport, Dalian and Chengdu. As a result, the pilots had to make a forced landing at the airports of the neighboring towns.

62 flights, which were to leave the airport in Urumqi, had not been allowed to take off on schedule, they canceled due

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North China snowfall paralyzed

North China snowfall paralyzed Weather and Climate

As expected weather forecasters, the northern part of China was almost completely paralyzed by heavy snowfall. To clear the roads from 80-cm layer of snow and to deliver food and water caught in a snowstorm away from civilization, the drivers, the number of which is close to a thousand, even soldiers are called units.

As more heavy snowfall is expected in the north of China, in particular vulnerability is all modes of transportation and air, and rail, and even more vehicles. "Orange" code of danger remains relevant for the entire northern

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In Samara put aircraft with lasers

In the Samara airport Kurumoch tested innovative aircraft landing systems. Aircraft sent to the runway lasers. Precision landing — fifty centimeters.


The three laser beams — one glide and two coursework — just have to get on the airplane landing strip. These rays are clearly visible in the fog, and in the pouring rain, and in a blizzard.

"We sat down on a dark airfield. There remained only the lights that are designated lane. High intensity lights, and the rest — all turned down. On laser glide path all clear, perfectly clear. The sensitivity is

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Gazprom Neft-Aero is 10 times increased refueling abroad group

companies "Volga-Dnepr"

"Gazprom Neft-Aero" for the first time will fill the aircraft to airlines, 17 new airports located in countries with a growing turnover: India, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, Serbia and Cyprus.

"Gazprom Neft-Aero" and the group of companies "Volga-Dnepr" signed an agreement on gas stations cargo flights to 26 foreign airports.

The contract is for one year and involves a tenfold increase in the volume of gas stations airlines "Volga-Dnepr" and AirBridgeCargo, belonging to the group "Volga-Dnepr", a foreign network "Neft-Aero", which currently stands at more than 100 airports. Total

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Aeroflot plans to create loukostera

Aviagiganty Russia"Aeroflot"announced plans to establish a budget airline whose flights can be launched as early as next year.

It is assumed that the ticket will be 20-40% lower. To create such a company right now, "Aeroflot" prevents prevailing Russian legislation. For the introduction of loukostera in Russia need to be amended to the Air Code: allow carriers to sell non-refundable ticket, charging for baggage, cancellation of the mandatory food for the passengers during the flight and the employment of foreign pilots. Also, "Aeroflot" offers airports to reduce the time between arrival and departure of aircraft. Russian carrier

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Russian airports have been certified ISAGO

This month, two Russian airport were subject to the audit of the International Air Transport Association for a match of industrial activity and the quality of ground handling safety standards of the organization. It’s Sheremetyevo International Airport and the International Airport Ufa (of "MAU"). Both airports have received from the audit certificate ISAGO. It should otmtit that the Ufa airport received a certificate even a little earlier. What airport Sheremetyevo — June 4, while Sheremetyevo — June 18. This suggests that the development of air transport is carried out not only in the capital and in the regions.

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500 million passengers Domodedovo Airport

May 21, 2013 at Moscow‘s Domodedovo airport was a momentous event — the number has reached 500 million air travelers have chosen Domodedovo all the time it works! Automatic systems have recorded half-billion passenger airport at 14:05 Moscow time.

"Hero of the day" became a German citizen, Mr. Christophe Mardt, departing flights by Air Berlin Moscow-Munich. Upon learning the news, he shared his impressions with the media: "I have a Russian joint business with a Russian partner, fly to Moscow every two weeks, this time had to fly from Moscow to Munich four days ago, but

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Results of the Donetsk airport for 3 months in 2013

In the first three months of this year, Donetsk International Airport named after Prokofiev carried 197,071 passengers, an increase of 7% over last year’s figures. The share of passengers served by international flights, is 73%. Overall, from January to March 3890 was served flights. The growth rate of this indicator compared to the previous year is more than 13% It is worth noting that the growth rate traffic has been achieved despite the adverse weather conditions, bound in winter, many European airports. April 23 opening ceremony of Flight largest low-cost carrier Wizz Air Kutaisi — Donetsk, and in July

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