How insecure ladies alcoholism?

If the number of male alcoholics increases by an average of 5 to 6% per year, the ladies — 11%. Exclusively in the capital registered is about 5 thousand ladies, the vast majority — up to 30 years. We give faster is the destruction of personality According to the views of Dr. Brain Minsk City Drug Dependency Clinic Sergei Milk, the ladies frisky personality is destroyed: "Female body adapted to the least impact due to the specific hormonal levels, due to the fact that women’s structure is rather fragile in comparison with men. And because such a devastating impact. Treated

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Gene therapy as a likely means of healing alcoholism

Amalia Zapag Institute of Chile in Santiago nedavneshnem meeting of the Society of Gene Therapy said the results of its own experience. Laboratory rats that were initially trained to habits, drank 50 percent less after, as he introduced a virus that destroys responsible for the assimilation of alcohol gene. This gene is called "aldehyde dehyrdogenase" (ALDH). The researchers found people, in any form of this gene mutavanaya have less opportunity to become a drunkard. Chilean Institute researchers have developed more than 70 generations of rats, patients with alcoholism. Specifically, they preferred in research papers since they were born with a

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That Belarus is considered vodka?

Uncle Valera — Popular face in the center of Minsk. By As the last, among those who often resting on benches in parks and gardens. Once a day, uncle Valera sails away to passers-by to make jokes and poems for yourself on alcohol.Unlike true of vodka from the fake or "Polonia", my companion reads as follows:"Nobody distinguish until enjoy them. Palen more thrashing in the nose. Transition in grandmother started selling" Polonia "vodka. We drink all that glows except acetone."According to the director of "The Belarusian drink" ("belp") Sergei Dayneko, Belarus state standard very directly mean that drink vodka considered:"Vodka

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Alcohol dissipate 12 times more than vegetables

"Narodnaya Volya"." Echelons of power. "Not so long ago Alexander Lukashenko appropriated chairman of the Belarusian sports society "Dynamo" Yuri Borodicha rank of major general. In official circles forhad read about, that Borodicha Lately waiting for another purpose: they say, in such positions do not receive the rank of general. Borodicha can translate or to the Security Council, or to appoint the chairman of the Customs Committee."Narodnaya Volya" recalls that Yuri Boroditš in April 1995 ruled beating deputies who conducted a hunger strike in the hall Supreme Council. Slutsky "Info-chickens» er". "Criminal cases — for misreporting." Solely Luban area based

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The fact that alcoholism is an illness — known to all. In the past, tried to treat alcoholics in all sorts of LTP (medical-labor dispensaries) were sent to live at the "one hundred and first kilometer," but this approach is, obviously, could not bring the expected results.

This was followed by anti-alcohol campaign at the state level, however, the authorities of various countries have repeatedly tried to fight the massive alcoholism its citizens restrictive methods. And in some countries (eg Finland) "prohibition" continues to this day.

However, almost all peoples have established traditions, "rituals" and the rules

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Alcohol and impotence

The terrible truth about impotence sounds improbable, but problem male impotence facing each drinker. Most of the drug alcohol men do not even think about the fact that there may be a problem. While these problems do not affect them. Usually impotence overtakes a man of 35-40 years, if not sooner. Many until faced with a similar ailment, just do not want to admit or even to believe that this all possible. Most listen to the advice of doctors, but believes that everything will cost. Especially in the early use of alcohol on the contrary a stimulant, increases

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Alcoholism can not be cured, but it can be managed

Alcoholism … Perhaps no single word is not related so much variety of problems as this. And what about rare disease occurs as myths, stereotypes, rumors, how about the addiction to alcohol. What is the nature of alcohol dependence, the person gets to the networks, can he get out of yourself and how you can help him? Is it possible to cure for alcoholism? On this and many other things we are talking with the General Director of the Clinic "AlkoMed" narcologists Maxim Borovkov Alexandrovich.

— What's the biggest misconception about alcoholism?

Rather, the attitude towards him as a

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Alcohol — it is dark …

Every month thousands of people interested in Yandex how to buy alcohol at night. And this despite the fact that most of the fans in the dark lay the collar by means of web-search is not in use. However, if desired, despite the relatively recent legal bans, booze can be found without the help of the internet. That is to say, the touch …

The ban on alcohol at night has given rise to no less dark ways of manifestation of domestic business savvy. New restrictions have pushed unscrupulous businessmen to use every possible loophole to circumvent

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Alcohol and Depression: Is there a way out of the vicious circle?

At least once in their lives, each a state of depression, apathy, a feeling of depression and hopelessness. Someone is a state passes quickly, in others it develops into a real illness — depression. In such cases, of course, need expert help, but most people are still trying to solve the problem on its own, which often leads only to the development of the disease.

One of the harmful treatments for depression is the use of alcohol. Under the influence of alcohol, people forget about all the problems, feel more confident, look at life through different eyes.

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Alcohol and male potency

The fact that alcohol adversely affect the potency, people have known for a long time. Among the physicians of the ancient world was spread the phrase: "The wine excites a desire, but makes it impossible to carry it out." It is well known that alcohol is a poison and destructive to all the organs and systems of the human body. And the man reproductive system — is no exception. Many people think that because of the stronger sex does not have to bear the child, the alcohol has no effect on their intimate health, however, it is a serious

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