The fact that alcoholism is an illness — known to all. In the past, tried to treat alcoholics in all sorts of LTP (medical-labor dispensaries) were sent to live at the "one hundred and first kilometer," but this approach is, obviously, could not bring the expected results.

This was followed by anti-alcohol campaign at the state level, however, the authorities of various countries have repeatedly tried to fight the massive alcoholism its citizens restrictive methods. And in some countries (eg Finland) "prohibition" continues to this day.

However, almost all peoples have established traditions, "rituals" and the rules

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Alcoholism can not be cured, but it can be managed

Alcoholism … Perhaps no single word is not related so much variety of problems as this. And what about rare disease occurs as myths, stereotypes, rumors, how about the addiction to alcohol. What is the nature of alcohol dependence, the person gets to the networks, can he get out of yourself and how you can help him? Is it possible to cure for alcoholism? On this and many other things we are talking with the General Director of the Clinic "AlkoMed" narcologists Maxim Borovkov Alexandrovich.

— What's the biggest misconception about alcoholism?

Rather, the attitude towards him as a

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Alcoholism: disease or lack of discipline?

It so happened thatnarcologists and the population is not quite identical views on alcohol and alcohol dependence. The former believe alcoholism is a progressive disease severe enough to severe complications and high mortality, and second, many of them relatives of alcoholics, according to their attachment to alcohol banal promiscuity.

Most interesting is that both sides are right. And each in his own. Alcoholism is twofold, it has a place as a painful pathological process and, to put it mildly, an unhealthy lifestyle in general.

On the evidence of the painful nature of alcoholism simple enough. Enough to see

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As children become alcoholics because of drinking parents

Alcoholism parents kill their children

Drunkenness parents never goes in vain for the younger generation. Naive assumption that the children, seeing the behavior of parents who do not repeat their mistakes, it is unlikely. In 87% of children and adolescents repeat the fate of dependent adults.

In general, the causes of child alcoholism formally there are four. They are:

1. The desire to express themselves and assert themselves in the eyes of the public, as well as direct dependence on the society in which the child turns.

2. The need to hide from the problems.

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How to help the drinker relative

How to help a person quit drinking?

Conscious behavior of the alcoholic becomes a dream, not only his family, but the drinker. Many alcoholics — smart, knowledgeable people who drink, not because of their low social status, or a meager intellect, and as a result very different, unconscious of their own reasons.

Any alcoholic needs to adopt and support. It has long been proven that alcoholism is cultivated on a deep emotional dissatisfaction, lack of love and faith in himself, unwilling to live. That is why the first thing a person can help the drinker — not

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Folk remedies in the fight against alcoholism

Russian folk medicine, based more on the traditions and beliefs than on scientific observations and facts in regard to the treatment of alcoholism is based on the ancient principle: simila similibus curantur (like cures like). Thus, to recover from alcoholism, it was necessary … to drink. But not just any vodka, and a special vodka infusion, the recipe handed down from generation to generation and was considered certainly effective, unlike the hundreds of other similar, but inefficient.

The reason is clear — it is impossible to recover from addiction to alcohol, alcohol is the most consuming. Whether it

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Why quit drinking chronic alcoholics

What could be the motivation for a person to begin treatment? What methods can really help a person quit drinking?

Reasons for chronic alcoholics drink throwing

Alcoholism is a disease of the body mistakenly believe. In fact, the disease is more in-depth features, and the roots of addiction are not due to physical and psychological dependence, and social disorder in humans.

Conscious attitude to life and understanding of the causes of your depression, losses, disappointments and helped individuals to do away with the harmful addiction.

From a scientific point of view, a comprehensive treatment of

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Belarus cut a million men

Society Excessive consumption of alcohol undermines the demographic situation in the world in general and in particular in Belarus.

This opinion is the BelaPAN, expressed the chairman of the Belarusian public association "sobriety-Optimalist" Valentin Tolkachov at a press conference in Minsk on August 5.

"In globally for every 100 girls born 105-107 boys — said the pusher. — But over time, mostly in Christian countries, where it is cultivated using alcohol, the number of men decreases. We were recently in Lepel (Vitebsk region) with 10 thousand. pensioners only 2 thousand — men. Relatively speaking, rounded to the 9

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Hidden alcoholism

No such thing as a "hidden alcoholism", in medicine there. But often, non-medical workers, psychologists and ordinary people use this expression in relation to people who are prone to alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and for various reasons, do their best to hide their addiction to alcohol.

Who are the "hidden" alcoholics?

These people tend to use alcohol or not strong in diluted form, such as coffee and brandy. Alcohol intake is low doses and more frequently throughout the day. In my defense, the patient can often hear — "I drink a little bit, to be on our toes

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Or are you addicted to alcohol?

Society Great social issue of our time, alcoholism, some called the disease, while others — a bad habit, and others — a powerful psychological dependence. All these definitions are correct. Although in itself alcoholism rarely brings a man to death, many of the experts compares the magnitude of the problems with cancer or tuberculosis.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), which were announced in May in Geneva, from the effects of alcohol die every year 2.5 million people, including 320,000 young people aged 15-29 years. It is believed that alcoholism — the eighth leading risk factor for death

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