UNDER canopy

More than 900 parachute jumps made Colonel Alexei Dmitriev. There will be more, because the stop, he did not intend to. What motivates officer persistently endearing heaven?

Alex was born and raised in a military town Novonezhino. Father flew by helicopter, but he was so strict that did not allow his son to come to the airport. But the father’s colleagues willingly showed the boy rotorcraft. In addition, of course, it captures the spirit of happiness. Alyosha dreamed air flights. They seemed unattainable.

He would wait for that time when he could join the parachute section. High sky overhead

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Movement For Freedom is suing the Ministry of Justice

Referee Valery Samolyuk will consider the complaint, signed by Yuri Hubarevich of Birch, Alex Kavalets from Minsk and Andrew Kusyalchuk of Grodno. They and other founders of the organization require the abolition of the Ministry of Justice decision, as they believe that it is "baseless, unlawful and violates the legitimate rights and interests of citizens." Alexei Kavalets states that the complaint they provide numerous examples bespadstavnastsi negative decision of the Ministry:"Totally tricky wordplay. And less. Nor are there those violations, those Fri, through which can be would not register a company. For example, they write in your charter says that

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Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanusheuski again in the temporary detention

Now, during the trial, which began in the half 5th evening, Alex Januszewski and Ales Pushkin asked lawyers. Besides, Ales Pushkin claimed that the Court held in Belarusian and announced that he would hunger strike until his demands are not met.The Tribunal decided to meet their demands. In considering cases Alexei Yanushevski and Ales Pushkin adjourned until tomorrow morning.For the second night in a row must held in temporary detention. They even arranged there on September 9, after being detained for bard festival "Orsha Battle-2007", which, despite the ban policemen held last weekend.Orsha trial detainees in the bard festival, 10.09.2007

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The Vitebsk region began plein air art dedicated to Joseph Drozdovich

Today’s plein air in the Vitebsk region — the fifteenth. Once a year, artists from all over the country gather in Hiermanavičy, where, under the auspices of the cultural and educational center Jazeps Drozdovich inspiring landscape that once captivated their illustrious predecessor.With the naming of Joseph Drozdovich first related places Sharkovshchina and deepest. And members of the plein air, as noted by one of them, Alex Marochkin want for 6 days to visit all of these small towns and huge:"In the program there first — Visit the tomb of Joseph is not far from Lipljan Drozdovich also traveled to places

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Alexei Shidlovskii — from arrest under arrest

By court order, July 24 Alex and Paul neprelichno expressed in the address police officers. They were detained July 24 in the center of Minsk during the opposition putting up flyers. July 25 Tribunal over them was postponed to August 8. But on the same day Shydlouski was delivered to the court and convicted on charges of hooliganism small, which, in the police, was carried out on July 25. Now Alexei arrest term ended, he was taken under police escort to the court and got another 5 days, at the moment is for July 24.• From the bullpen came in

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In Vilnius found a collection of ancient Belarusian musician

In an interview, the BelaPAN Frolov noted that special interest are the numerous symphonies and serenades era of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. "Before This time adopted assume that these genres have appeared in Belarus only in the XX century. Names of professional creators of this raschudesnye, highly music were lost in the maelstrom of history for 150 years and now vorachivayutsya our musical culture. Dominique Adamovich, Jan Sokolowski, Jan Chamarovsky composers Zaryashevsky Markevich, Plashina, P., Rutkowski, Chuprinsky also anonymous creators — maestro era of early classicism and romanticism, adorned musical horizon Belarus at the end of XVIII — first half of

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Archaeologists have dug up the 12th century Minsk

Courtyard by Cyril and Methodius Street, 8. There had previously been a monastic brewery and stables. Archaeologists have unearthed until the third part of the total area. Later they will go specifically to the area of the monastery, on the street Cyril and Methodius, 6. Archaeologist Yuri Kolosovsky reads:"As a result of these excavations we apparently failed to find that building, which is the beginning of the monastery. Preserved part of the floor of this building. Preserved foundation stove belonging to the 17th century."On this terrain authorities want to build a cultural and entertainment center. And while there will be

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Zhytkavichy: found a child wandering in the woods a week

Policemen and rescuers forester seven days found a missing child, but without result.Yesterday, during the second half of a day or the police called the villagers Polchyn, which is near the Pripyat River, 30 kilometers from Zhitkovichi. He said that his home is a missing child.Alexey out of the woods with great hands. The villagers realized that this is the young man, which reported to the police. He invited the child in house, and called the Zhytkavichy.Child revealed that he lost his way. Spent the night in the woods, eating blueberries. At one point in the dark came to some

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Hearings on extremism will begin in October

The judge’s questions Alexander Sitko responded UCP member Vladimir Larin, journalist Andrzej Pisalnik, student kalinovets Alexei Trubkin and unemployed from Ivie district Dmitry Corrosive.Human rights activist Valery Shchukin, students Kalinouski Eugene Skrabutan, Dmitry boy, also Yuri Martinovic and Haretskithe tribunal were not.A.Sitsko said in early October figuratny all cases receive the agenda for the hearing.In all due at different times were confiscated publications and digital media. KGB extremist suspects temper and wants to see it led tribunal.In Grodno passes "process 5" Today in October Grodno district tribunal called journalist Andrei Pisalnik, activist of the United civilian party Vladimir Larin, two

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Presentation ended with Night ABC

Reporter: "Presentation" ABC Night "takes place in an atmosphere neprymusovay: placed tables, hall resembles a true cabaret. Triumph is one of the compilers of" Night ABC "Alexei Znatkevich:"Please, all of you, for all the people!"Presenter Alexei ZnatkevichVera Burlak (Jeti) — nachytvala poem for the first marketing video "ABC Night" with the baby in her arms, came to the presentation with her son Constantine, and read new poems written on behalf of the kids, and my mother, preparing to give birth:"From the series" 10 children "," Recently. "Stick out of the tower, as if nails with turnover thin boards. Usvoyu I

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