V. Levonevsky Alexander Kozulin worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize

Alexander Kozulin is a fighter for freedom Belarusian people, because this is worthy of merit, according to Valery Levonevsky. In addition, he believes that the procedure for the nomination of a political prisoner has to attract the attention of international community to the dilemma of political prisoners in Belarus and to promote the release of Alexander Kozulin. Sam Valery Levonevsky two years was imprisoned on charges of public insult of the president of the country. But the content of the court followed authorities businessmen feared a mass rally held in Grodno May 1 2004, to the organization which was involved

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Published a book on Alexander Kozulin — Detainee President

The presentation of the book about his father Olga Kozulin came after a visit to the Consulate Office in Belarus, which is transmitted through a complaint to the UN Committee on Human Rights."We talk about that in the beginning it was a politically motivated decision, based on which my father planted on 5 and a half years. We demand that the UN Committee on Human Rights will be given priority saw this complaint., We demand that it immediately released. And the third — we demand to fill the moral damage — 2 million euros, "- said Olga Kozulin.According to Olga

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Health Alexander Kozulin was no better

"He drinks medicine doctors examine him, because he feels still not well, although two months increment weight 2 pounds, "- said the lawyer relatives of Alexander Kozulin. According to Dmitry Harachka Alexander Kozulin approved filing complaints to the Commission on Human Rights United Nations concerning the violation of his rights. The lawyer says that the Attorney General’s Office of Belarus holds more than a month with no response against the verdict, which Last year Metropolitan Tribunal ruled Kazulina Minsk.

Ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to 5.5 years imprisonment on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots.

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Video from the action

They say Alexander Milinkevich and Alexander Kozulin After half an hour after the start of the action on the square set up two tentsJoined the action with her grandson Alexander KozulinSays the young protestorInhabitant clarifies its role in protestsUdlnitsa shares: "The role of the actress is no longer doing — no monitor, no vote is not walkin ‘Large flag on October SquareParticipants of the rally chanting "Long live Belarus!"

Sound slogans "We have one road — Belarus for God," "Long live Belarus!" Tags: elections, campaign, protest

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Mogilev plan to hold pickets recently Euro march

Request signed Free Trade Union activists Yury Novikov and Sergey Fomin. Middle of the applicants — heads of the regional organization BPF Gregory Kastusyou city organization Joint civilian Party Sergey Streltsov, also chairman of the regional organizing committee of the Party of Freedom and Progress Alexander Silkou.Applicants are going to picket at 4 sites, three of which are in the center of town and one in the designated local authorities location. Each picket planned role of up to 10 people.BACKGROUND picket for Alyaksandr Kozulin, dated to 500 days in detention opposition politician local authority not allowed.Mogilev will seek the release

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A.Milinkevich appealed to the Prosecutor General in defense Kozulin

Alexander Milinkevich said:"I am one hundred percent support the legitimate demands defenders Kozulin and I think that you should make a supervisory protest, which eventually will be released Kozulin in the prescribed manner. Complaint defenders Kozulin actually exhausting internal avenues of appeal provided by the Belarusian legislation. National legal authority more have the ability to impartially to see the criminal case in the supervisory procedure and correct languishing judicial and investigative errors. Revision criminal case against Alexander Kozulin will be not only the judicial-legal, and moral and ethical value, a step that demonstrates the goodwill of the Belarusian authorities. "According

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I. Rinkevich: Verdict Kozulin remains illegal

With the entry into force of the sentence Alexander Kozulin was the year in which the party tried to challenge Kozulin sentence in higher courts, but without result. Belarusian Themis believes that Kozulin guilty of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots that evidence of this is pretty, in fact come to an end. Previous lawyer Kozulin Igor Rynkevich thinks differently: "Protecting Alexander Kozulin hitherto considers verdict unreasonable and illegal, as well as the appeal decision, which took on 19 September. Remind you that if any of the 1st issue of the arbitrators have not appeared. At the same time

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Ira Kozulin fights cancer and helps others

Statistics show that cases of breast cancer in Belarus annually grows about three thousand women. This sad figure said Ira Kozulin, wife of the well-known opposition leader, former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin.But not for political reasons Ira joined a public campaign to support cancer patients ladies. Here’s a couple of years this problem As for her personally. Ira knows about chemotherapy may be associated methods of treatment of cancer in different countries.She notes that more fundamental psychological assistance unhealthy ladies:"This government does not. It is only concerned with healing. Once a lady with such a diagnosis are discharged from the

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Followers of the democratic forces are demanding the release A.Kozulin

According to the lawyer Igor Rinkevich, in his letters Vintsuk Vyachorka, Anatoly Lebedko, Sergei Kalyakin and Anatol Lyaukovich supported the demands of the supervisory lawyer’s complaints about the release of Alexander Kozulin. In the supervisory appeal, which is focused to the Prosecutor General, protesting the measures taken in the case of judicial decisions and policy requirement to complete the creation of the criminal case for lack of incriminating him atrocities.The Social Democrats have called democratic society bring letters to the prosecutor calling for the release of Alexander Kozulin.• A plan to release Alyaksandr Kozulin, 09.09.2007

In the center of Warsaw held a picket in support of Alexander Kozulin

"Due to the fact that we are in a democratic country, they will not have any permission from the authorities on such actions, we come to the very center of Warsaw, to express solidarity and to remind Poles that in Belarus there are political prisoners in our country must be returned to democracy "- said Igor Krishton.The picket participants held white-red-white flags, large portrait of Alexander Kozulin and banners reading "Dictator in jail", "Freedom for Kazulin", "Belarus to Europe — Lukashenko to The Hague."

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