The Organizing Committee Sochi-2014 has named Torchbearers

Alexei Nemov will carry the Olympic flame torch "Sochi-2014". Photo: RIA Novosti

Alexander, Sergei and Alexei Ivanov, Petrov, Kuznetsov — these are the most common among the torchbearers "Sochi-2014" names.

The world's first woman cosmonaut and Hero of the Soviet Union Valentina Tereshkova, the four-time Olympic champion gymnast Alexei Nemov, a three-time winner of the competitions of the Games in synchronized swimmers Maria Kiseleva, bronze medalist of the Paralympics in London Alexei Chuvashev, Honored Coach of Russia in gymnastics Hope Nabokov, honored teacher RF Gildagart Bott, a cardiovascular surgeon Maksim Strakhov, a popular blogger Sergei

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Alien visitor

A few years ago I heard a story about a military pensioner amazing event. It is so vividly etched in the memory of the officer, he narrated about him as if the accident had happened the day before. This is not surprising, since the conversation with the aliens do not happen every day. So, all underwritten events actually took place.

In the sixties, Alex T. served in Northern Kazakhstan, while his battalion carried out his mission to protect the hotel, where the first Soviet cosmonauts, many of which our hero

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The legend of the Russian sky — Alex Maresiev

I have three brothers. So here they are smartBut I was younger, pilots went!A. Maresiev

1916 year presented the Russian Union of the coming man of legend — Alexei Maresyeva. The boy was born into a large family, the last and had rather weak health. Alexei suffered from malaria, and often in his own words was more like a Chinese than the Russian boy. His mother brought up sons alone, because his father, returning from the war, suddenly died of his wounds. He was a trench soldiers during the First World War. Moderate income mom and her strong-willed

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From Salei would testify against Pochobut

Society Grodnenets Alex Salei, against whom a criminal case, is now outside Belarus. He told our radio that in the near future is not going to return, prefers to wait until the "changes related to political prisoners."

Wanted him to get evidence against the journalist Andrzej Poczobut, which is now is in the detention center of Grodno prison on charges of insulting and slandering about the identity of the president, said Alexei Salei, who is an employee of the publication «Magazyn Polski na uchodzstwie".

Alexei Salei said: "6 January, I was summoned to the KGB in connection with the

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Filmed at the Plaza? Can pornography?

Society Grodnenets Alex Salei, the employee magazine "Magazyn Polski na uchodzstwie", wanted. Earlier this year, he was summoned to the KGB about his stay in the Square in Minsk on December 19 2010, then conducted house searches. The site of the Grodno regional police department has information, "the Department of Internal Affairs of the Leninsky district of Hrodna sought Aleksei Salei, accused of having committed an offense under paragraph 2 of Article 343 of the Criminal Code of Belarus "Production and distribution of pornographic materials or objects with pornographic images of minors."

A colleague Alexei Salei, a former editor of

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Monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War is set in Krasnogorsk (Moscow region).

April 17 in Krasnogorsk, under construction in the neighborhood "Emerald Hills" charitable foundation "Remembrance" has established the Star of Victory — a 3.5-meter obelisk dedicated to the legendary Battle of Moscow. Initiated the creation of the monument was Alexei Leonov — cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fund.

Made by the Saint Petersburg plant "Renaissance" monument arrived in Krasnogorsk and was installed on the front of the house Volokolamsk Highway 1 along the boulevard Cosmonauts. The obelisk is dedicated to the Battle of Moscow and is set in the very

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The mystery of the ancient casket

October 23, 2011 16:07

Empress Elizaveta

Part of the correspondence was given by Empress Elizabeth after the death of Alexei Ohotnikova his brother. Others papers were it so securely hidden in the Women's Bureau that "surfaced" on the light only after almost two centuries.

At night, May 3, 1826 the Empress died. Doing her last will, the maid of honor Thiessen immediately went to the capital. I met her at the gates of Moscow adjutant, seated in the carriage, and brought to the Winter Palace, where the office expected Tsar Nicholas Pavlovich and his mother — the Dowager

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Gala concert at Poklonnaya Hill on May 9 watch online

In the 68-day anniversary of the Victory starts at 20:00 broadcasting with Poklonnaya mountain where the gala concert.Young artists will perform songs of the war years. Are participating in the concert: Stas Peha, Alexey Chumakov Alexey Goman Julia Kovalchuk, Dmitry Warlock, Ruslan Alehno, Julia Savicheva, Alexander Oleshko Marina Devyatova, Mark Tishman, a group of "New Gems" and others. During the broadcast, assumed direct inclusion in the Tver area, and at 22:00 on the air — a solemn salute.

Concerts, Music and Dance

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Metinvest updates on mining equipment CGOK

As part of the continuous improvement and modernization of Metinvest completes mining fleet at the Central GOK. In Artem CGOK career was put into operation a modern 10-cc excavator EKG-10.

Metinvest updates on mining equipment CGOK

At the launch ceremony was attended by CEO of Metinvest CGOK Paul Tymoshenko and the chief engineer of the plant Alexei Fedotov. Turning to the labor collective career, Paul Tymoshenko said Petrovsky region and Artemovsy quarry in particular, plays a significant role in the stable and efficient operation of the enterprise.— Artemovskii quarry is a strategic raw material bases of the Central Plant.

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Comprehensive training in the desert successfully completed (photos)

At the Baikonur Cosmodrome successfully completed training on the practical working out of action crews of astronauts after landing in a desert area

Three conditional crew, which included test-cosmonauts Sergei Prokop'ev Roscosmos, Ivan Wagner, Sergei Kud-crickets, Denis Matveev, Nikolai Tikhonov, the candidates for test-cosmonauts Alexei Khomenchuk, Andrey Babkin, as well as instructors, Vladimir Korshunov and Alexei Shoroshim alternately around the clock during the seven days were training in an environment where the temperature ranged from +42? C during the day to +26? C at night.

All stages of the training took place under the supervision of experienced

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