The prophecies of the Magi

Executed again by Knyazhev lyutu decree, From the ashes will rise to fight, and fight lead. And the faithful twice returned did not flinch once. Strong and beautiful, and live forever Tales.

To learn how to fight for the land and lived violently. How in the mist night campfire feasted. But the gray crows circling above us again, And the bright stars in the darkness without a trace burned.

Seven thousand years ago on the territory of modern Russia there was a state, which bore the name Iriy (Arius Yary, Vyry). Our planet was called by the ancient

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Interesting facts: The alien from Alexis Kyshtym

February 13, 2012 13:29

In the Chelyabinsk region identified one of the most mysterious creatures in the history of mankind. It is a mysterious humanoid, known worldwide under the name "Alexis". And unlike many of the mystical mysteries — this is not speculation, based solely on the testimony of witnesses, and the undeniable, documented footage and medical reports is a fact. The story is long, and therefore present it briefly without any details.

Strange humanoid creature found in 1996 in a village near Kyshtym. First discovered humanoid local crazy. "Walking" at night in the cemetery, she saw the lonely churchyard

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