Showing the way ahead.

September may herald the beginning of autumn, but it’s also red-hot when it comes to seeing the latest products and trends in an exhibition packed month.

As memories of heatwaves begin to fade and people return to work after their August holidays, September once again presents us with the opportunity to see where the market is heading for the coming year, with a plethora of exhibitions.

From The Flooring Show to Decorex and The Bed Show to Design junction via Long Point and Super brands (all of which are previewed in this issue) the calendar is full of must-visit events.

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Alice Syndrome: Migraine.

Headache — drink a pill. Excellent advice for those it helps! And if not, and repeated attacks, overtaking at the wrong time? Let’s try to win a migraine.

Personal experience: the head may ache monstrous

Strong, long, painful … This I had to learn to twelve years. That’s when we went to the south, and the pain enveloped me in the train. My mother in a panic looking for drugs and did not know how to help. But a neighbor in the compartment, looked at my pale green face, quickly delivered the diagnosis: «Migraine. Give pain medication, make tea and

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COMEDY Virginia esters She is beautiful, intelligent, moreover, it has a wonderful taste and style to its 38 years has the perfect resume. In short, he has achieved all of it the dream of every girl! But to take the chair of the youth chief editor of a glossy magazine, these qualities is not enough, as Alice Lantes (Ether) suggests its leadership. It’s simple: it is too flawless to the young audience of the magazine that prefers spontaneous antics, provocative style and experimenting in bed. But does Alice give up halfway to his dream? Of course not! And in so



Всего-то пару номеров назад мы рассказывали вам о неожиданном, но желанном возвращении одной из самых уважаемых команд подзабытого, но все еще ценимого в народе стиля грандж — Soundgarden. Кстати, стоит, наверное, отметить, что реинкарнация гранджа началась не с новой работы Криса Корнелла и Ко, а несколько ранее, в 2011-м, когда был выпушен «посмертный» альбом еще одной культовой американской команды Screaming Trees, носящий название ‘Last Words: The Final Recordings’; альбом, записанный еще в 1999-м, и много лет, пылившийся на полке после того, как группа распалась. Весьма вероятно, что именно этот релиз стал отправной точкой новой волны популярности гранджа, которая, в первую

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Alice Cooper


Превратив «отстойную» мелодию с «тупым» текстом в язвительное высмеивание американской политики, могучий сатирический гимн Элиса Купера обрел такого поклонника, как Джон Леннон.

Elected — одна из самых знаменитых и блестящих песен Эллиса Купера, типично эффектный гимн от главного шоумена рока и пример едкой политической сатиры. Он также стал успешным хитом, забравшись в Т0П-30 в Штатах и в Топ-5 в Великобритании в 1972 году. И что самое главное для автора, являющегося поклонником Beatles, Джон Леннон назвал Elected «отличной записью». Неплохо для песни, которая в своей оригинальной инкарнации (дебютный сингл Купера) провалилась, и была, по признанию самого певца, ≪отстоем≫, а ее

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The reality in the U.S. worse than any horror movie

In the city of Joliet in Illinois four teenagers killed two guys for sex with their corpses.

As the The Daily Mail, One of the killers Josh Miner remembered that his girlfriend — 18-year-old Alice Massaro — once told him that she wanted to have sex with a dead man. He invited her to embody sexual fantasy, but first she refused. Several days later, Alice changed her mind and agreed to have sex with the dead.

Then her lover, along with a friend — 19-year-old son of a police officer Adam Lendermanom — decided to kill

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In Russia developed human hand exoskeleton

Expert magazine continues to delight us with interesting news:


In Russia created an exoskeleton that can be controlled by thought

Aleksey Chebotarev

The company "Neyrobotiks" from Zelenograd developed and launches an exoskeleton (external prosthesis) human hand. The company entered the robotics market with its own products two years ago. And in that time has created not only a stimulant brush, but other unique products, including bioprosthetic hands and anthropomorphic robots.

In Russia created an exoskeleton that can be controlled by thought

In Russia created

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In Zelenograd create anthropomorphic robots

In Zelenograd, work continues on the creation of anthropomorphic robots.

In July, the company "Neyrobotiks"Presented to the public a robot named Alice. Externally, the girl-robot like a mannequin with a silicone mask on her face, she moves with the stand on wheels.

On the Web site published a few videos that demonstrate its capabilities: on the records of Alice dancing in the arms of a young man, walks in Zelenograd Prefecture and shows with human emotions through facial expressions. Externally, the girl-robot like a mannequin with a silicone mask on her face, she moves with the

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Forest fire or a tornado?

Forest fire or a tornado? Natural disasters

Local scouts from Alice Springs, Australia, witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon, it is extremely dangerous to human life and the natural environment as a whole. The phenomenon is a combination of fire and tornado, and an English-speaking half of the continent's population has already acquired a peculiar name «firenado».

Pillar of fire by the fire with the wind rose to a height of 30 meters above the ground. The fiery crater formed by the strong air flow in the path of a forest fire. A pillar of fire by the minute

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Continues to evolution? watch online

Alice Roberts tries to find an answer to one of the major issues of our time — whether lasts evolution person. There is no doubt that we — the product of long-term evolution. Question in fact, whether we could, using the services of modern technology and medicine, to avoid the consequences of the struggle for survival. Alice acquainted with the latest genetic research work, studies the remains of the ancient people, explore how people manage to adapt to the harsh climatic conditions in order to understand whether the last evolution and where it may lead us.

Science, scientific

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