Their customs. Issue number 3 (February 1-15)

February 3. The U.S. administration has increased the list of suspects in connection with the terrorists to 21 thousand Everyone entered into the black list of forbidden to board airplanes.

February 3. In Sweden, were arrested for the brutal murder of opposite-sex maniacs fell in love and start a family. Now she is a vampire and her lover, cannibal live together in the same cell psychiatric hospital special treatment.

February 5. Sundy Times of London magazine has estimated that the food and drinks for President Nicolas Sarkozy, France's budget cost of 15 thousand euros daily.

February 7. In England,

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In the Stavropol region appeared crop circles. Video


31.05.11.Versy as always in such cases, three — aliens, unknown aircraft terrestrial origin, or because farmers attract tourists. But this time there are witnesses.

Five perfect circle — diameter from 6 to 17 meters. Four of them — almost in line. Stalks of wheat gently laid clockwise. The edges of the circles are smooth, and even intricate patterns on the sides. Nothing like the chaotic patterns found in the neighboring Krasnodar region last week — their antics credited wind. Here, obviously someone has worked with the mind.

Agronomist Nicholas Tselik said — the usual wind is not able

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In the Ural River might meteorite fell. Video


27.01.12.Neveroyatno but true — superhuman size lumps found in the Ural River by local residents. Eyewitnesses say that it is nothing other than the antics of aliens. How else to explain that the huge blocks of ice, like children's toys scattered in a radius of 20 meters.

Paul Singilevtsev, Rubezhinskogo forest ranger:

— I walked over there, I saw, I think here the trees, poles lie from afar it seems logs. And when he came — ice. This I have not seen in my life for 50 years the first time.

Hunter, not a little frightened, immediately called

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Alien invasion. Documentary


In sci-fi thriller "War of the Worlds" Humans are a fierce struggle for survival in the battle against alien invaders. All that the viewer sees on the screen, including attacks entire armadas of space aliens — only the fruit of the film's vivid imagination. But whether this scenario become a reality, if you try to imagine that the exact sciences is realistic can assume that development.

In our film "Invasion of the Aliens" some of the most famous American scientists have come together to explore all the implications of possible contact with extraterrestrial intelligence people for modern humanity.

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Why aliens arrive on Earth

For what purpose extraterrestrial monsters arrive on Earth? Why are they there and they forgot — these issues concern everyone. On this subject we have talked to ufologist Gennady Miktoevym. That's what we told the ufologist.

"Yes, it is a fact — the aliens visiting Earth. Recently dramatically increased their presence. Usually they appear in places of war, natural disasters and natural calamities. During the war in Libya were hundreds of signals about UFO sightings in the Libyan sky, but it was impossible to do anything: UFO subtly, they simply dissolve in the air.

One of the reasons for

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Flash on Jupiter — the asteroid or alien craft?

September 23, 2012 13:25

September 10, 2012 by American astronomers had seen the flash on Jupiter. Jupiter, being the largest planet of the solar system, not for the first time becomes a chain mail neprobivnoy land, protecting our planet from collisions with meteors and asteroids.

Comet, meteor or small asteroid it was — Astronomers say they can not, because of the gas at the surface of the planet was detected impact scar. The flash was visible from the ground and fixed the telescope, but did not leave any traces on the planet itself. That's what confuses most astrophysicists who

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Scientists again warned of imminent contact with aliens

July 30, 2012 2:05

We have so many times over the past decade have heard all sorts of grand statements that contact with aliens is not far off that expectation of this contact has become a kind of a waiting-in-law Tiffany's arrival, he does not expect it especially, but knows that she sooner or later appear. And so it is always on the alert!

And modern scholars who are so "brought" his statements and forecasts themselves the same as start, literally, "runs" on the government, saying that why not prepare for the meeting the guests!

In particular, a certain Susan

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UFO over the islands of Hawaii


12.04.11.V skies over Hawaii seen unidentified flying objects, akin to the fact that "hover" over the "Fukushima 1". In Hawaii luminous objects "interested" military base the U.S. military. Despite the fact that information on UFOs leaked just now, the lights are recorded on April 8. Altogether, there were five areas exuding glow. The object of curiosity UFO chose Pacific base Makua.

As noted, the object moves erratically, changing the intensity of the emitted light. Sometimes they are divided, and sometimes joining in a single group. Total time sightings were only a few minutes, after which mysterious objects with

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The old woman was about to die, but it was stolen by aliens …

September 11, 2012 13:59

Chuchkovskogo resident district, which was lost in the forest, 87. She left for mushrooms September 8, Saturday. As reported by alarmed neighbors, my grandmother went with his two watchdog. Neighbors and told the head of the village administration Nazarovka odnoselchanki the loss.

While the old lady could not find any police or MES orders.

Seems strange that the way home still have not found the dog. But after talking with the head of canine special forces (KOCH) Maria Rodionova, like, everything fell into place. — Unfortunately, from these dogs should not wait for help — she

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Medvedev: How many aliens among us — I will not tell, because it can cause panic …

December 9, 2012 5:30

Premier Medvedev decided to follow the Prime Minister of Australia, and the question of the presence of aliens on Earth, said: "How many of us — I will not tell, because it might cause a panic." As well, Mr. Medvedev told a secret book that presidents and film "Men in Black" is — "documentaries." Most interesting is that stupid laugh at this point only REN TV journalist, and the prime minister behaved very seriously.

Can of prime ministers began, some epidemic of stupid jokes? Or? In my opinion, the prime ministers of all

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