Reviled and plainclothes state pride

If you ask a sexually mature, mature citizen, who was an ethnic Pharaoh Tutankhamun, you can run into a scandalous answers. It would seem that no one there is the question of what nationality was the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin of the planet? But it turns out, if you ask in Russian, then surely someone else will tell you that he was Russian. Although it is not a nationality, but only citizenship.

In the schools of Kazakhstan third year sold more than 40 thousand copies walks textbook British language for the fifth grade, where written in English question — who

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Never mind the Russian military analysts

Information and Analytics "Century" published an article entitled "Libya: unknown war of the last generation," accompanied by the subtitle: "A sensational version of the Russian military analysts"

I will not dwell on the fact that virtually all of the testimony of these same military analysts discusses the past six months a number of notable Russian bloggers. This article, besides summarizing technologies NATO aggression against Libya, so to speak of the isolation of "dryness", has, in my opinion, another fascinating and very important conclusion: Our homeland and China are parties to defeat vsepolnotsennymi Libya.

I suspect that I will immediately objected,

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Hazing in the army as a

How to recognize the "Father"?

This is not difficult, because the outer view and the manner of 'old' provide the best business card. Their 'distinguishing features': rastegnut hook on collar shirt or coat, forage cap (cap, hat) famously pushed to the back of the head, the hair is longer than the statutory rate; badge belt is curved, and he was hanging from the waist down. Well, mug, natural, cheeky and grinning (I'm talking, of course, only the harmful and disgusting 'grandfathers' because the last sign to the usual 'repeaters' does not apply.) And if someone ran into the dining room

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