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Theatre shaggy litsedeev.

As Finns taught Europe to receive mutual pleasure of communicating with wildlife.

I talked a lot about Alaska, about how it is designed for the business vision of the bears, but it turned out — no need to fly around the planet in order to marvel at the Bruins. At 750 kilometers from St. Petersburg, exactly at the Finnish-Russian border, enterprising Finns ply unprecedented thing in these places — photo safari on large carnivores: bears, wolves, wolverines.


The initiator of the fishery became Lassi Rautiainen, a person already legendary, lively classic nature photography, created a fair amount of

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Hello! My name is Paul and I’m an indie developer.

I used to read all sorts of analytics, there is a lot of graphs about how much is now activated Android devices as iOS, as the rising markets and falling share. Unfortunately, interest and abstract figures are rarely allowed to accurately grasp what is really going on inside.

Most of all, I’m not one encounter such a problem, so I decided to share a «live» the statistics of one of my games, has become quite popular on iOS and Android. Immediately say, that we are about the game entirely in Russian, respectively, play it only Russian-speaking users. For those

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Why I do not like the Dagestani

Many people think that I do not love their own countrymen, Dagestan. And that, in a certain extent, true. Dislike extends far at all, but the vast majority, and so have their premises, which can be connected in three global features state mentality:

Excessive clan of mandatory and need to have a "connection." Predisposition to a cheap Ponte. I do not think it is genetic, faster, resulting from the first, burdened with 2 decades of mayhem — first of thieves, and now Cop.The desire and love for bribery and "Podmazov" anything and everything, if not in terms of foreign currency,

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Top 10 helicopters versions Military Channel

For the first time appeared on the battlefield during the Korean War, helicopters radically changed military strategy. Now rotorcraft confidently take its place in the arsenal of modern armies and civilian services, performing tasks for transporting people and cargo, fire support, participate in search and rescue and reconnaissance missions. To earn the right to be called the best, the machine had to show everything that they are capable of. In the most terrible weather criteria uploaded «eyeballs», under enemy fire, and at the limit of their own abilities. We offer you 10 of the best helicopters in the world

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Tunguska meteorite still muddies the water

And flies where a joke or whether god, or a demon With mosquito ringing hell mixed coniferous paradise My paper airplane unpaid special flight "Boguchani — Vanavara — Arrow — Kezhma — Mutoray." Marina Abdulmenova

We are on the way to the centennial of one of the most mysterious accidents that have happened in the history of the earth. June 30 marks the '94 of the fall in the vicinity of Krasnoyarsk Tunguska meteorite. Immediately necessary to make a reservation: most researchers meteorite, this phenomenon can never be, so they say vaguely — Tunguska event. That is to

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The expert Ruslan Pukhov said what arms will get Russian army weapons program there for 2020, and that could derail plans

— Ruslan Nikolaevich, the way we look at waste of defense against other states?

— At the moment, our homeland, according to the Stockholm Institute research problems of the world (SIPRI), in its military expenditure ranked fifth in the world — after the U.S., China, France and England. Behind us are Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, India and Italy.

But it is fundamentally clear that on the fifth place we came out exclusively in 2010, and before that were significantly lower. For example, all 90 years to finance the army Our home was listed on the 19-20th places in the world

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