Strategy. First look: an attack on Ithaca.

"Demo version of the add-on" — It sounds scary. Downright Right turn Shiva the outrage of the masses and screams "Zazhralis!". If logically continue the teachings of the guru PeZhe of the second order, that will be available soon "First Look" Demo versions of add-ons to the demo version of addons demo versions …

Nevertheless, the topic of more than worthy of respect, because the Red Odyssey — this is nothing like I eg boron additional missions for the action / strategy number two for the year 98th in the version Game.EXE — suffering and legendary Battlezone. Just lay on

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Daft Punk.

At the beginning of the 90 iron gates and grating mainstream reluctantly parted, and managed to slip through the crack formed several prominent electronic commands. The gate is shut at the same moment. Many years have passed, and that last year’s profile magazine Mixmag polls — what, in your opinion, the best e-team? Daft Punk comes second, ahead of Chemical Brothers and losing The Prodigy. The situation is anecdotal — dance music, youth, by definition, is represented in the mainstream of the characters before last decade. But it is the inertia of big-show business. Cater to the

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Bedbugs on the transistor

EARLY science fiction died Anatoly Dnieper was also a master of political pamphlets. Published works selected from the archive of the writer, refers to this genre. «Bedbugs on transistors», written 15 years ago, unfortunately, is not obsolete.

Jukes screaming at full throat:

— Is that the way the flies fly? Is flies fly so?

He called the projectionist, whispered something in his ear, and then said:

— Let these fools look again.

Projectionist drew the curtains, and in a moment on the screen appeared a terrible monster. Under the picture was going fine print explanation.

— Hey, Richelieu, read

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Stray and needy IN THE MIDDLE AGES


When it comes to the Middle Ages, is usually remembered kings, knights, crusades, castles and magnificent cathedrals. But it is rather a grand facade. Most people with great difficulty, earns his bread throughout life. ‘Frequent war reserves full devastation, desolation and famine in the Middle Ages were commonplace. And nobody, not even The sovereign lords, was not immune from having to join the ranks of vagrants, beggars and wanderers internally.


What is this song because of the bend in the road? Step aside, Miss respected people, they go to the holy places. Pay attention

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Andrew Lenitsky

A young, talented singer, who blew up the Internet with their creativity. Yes, we are talking about Andrew Lenitsky. To his credit has a lot of songs that are very popular among users of social networks. The number of subscribers of Andrei in the social network «Vkontakte» dostigaet435 thousand!

Andrew, tell me, how did you start playing music?

This is a very long story, but I’ll briefly. When I studied at the Lyceum at HNADU after 9th grade, we had a small circle of artistic activities in which I was dragged by force and forced teachers to sing, but

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The fact that alcoholism is an illness — known to all. In the past, tried to treat alcoholics in all sorts of LTP (medical-labor dispensaries) were sent to live at the "one hundred and first kilometer," but this approach is, obviously, could not bring the expected results.

This was followed by anti-alcohol campaign at the state level, however, the authorities of various countries have repeatedly tried to fight the massive alcoholism its citizens restrictive methods. And in some countries (eg Finland) "prohibition" continues to this day.

However, almost all peoples have established traditions, "rituals" and the rules

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Flu and Pregnancy

Of course pregnancynot the best time to disease. But rarely see a woman who for the first nine months was never sick. Therefore, if you feel that the nose is running, and the tickle in the throat, do not panic. Maybe it's just a cold, which does not present any particular risk for the unborn child. Worse, if you picked up a viral disease, which is called flu.

What is influenza?

Flu symptoms are known to all — a high fever, weakness, runny nose, cough, and headache. Influenza is caused entirely by a particular virus belonging to the

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Why do we have in front of the army of the Eurasian Union — or chaos

When some citizens rhetorically asked, what do we have for this country, if she does not have problems? — These citizens to focus not just behold the trivial. Well, or get information from the Internet media came from the 90's, which until now await the liberal color revolutions and real tasks performed by the state, do not notice the principle.

And we should talk just about completed and the future prospects of this very fact.

In it, in fact, the main objectives of the country for a couple of years already are the restoration of military capabilities and the

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The last fight of General Riper

Iranian boats in the Gulf of Hormuz


July 9, 1943 began fierce fighting near the railway station Ponyri. In an effort to break the defense of Russian troops, the Germans made a strong impact on this group of strategically fundamental area of northern facades of the Kursk Bulge. By the evening of "Ferdinand" of 654 units sPzJgAbt supported "Tigers" of the 505 th Tank Battalion, languid and 216 Squadron assault weapons "Brummber" overran the first line of defense, and Russian troops broke through to the farm "on May 1." Then the Germans came under heavy artillery

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Paid Internet trolls in the service of Israel

To say that the only political forces in Russia have resorted to the so-referred to as "paid trolls" or, more correctly, paid spice to conduct discussions on the Web — it's the same thing as to believe that only in Russia are stealing forest, stroll to rallies and dismembered women . As it is sad to admit, all of us invented a long time ago and there around the world. Anyway, in those countries where a high fraction of Internet users.

Often they resort to this or other political forces in the campaign, but often similar inventory and are

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