SHAH: Psychotronics IN ACTION

The first issue of Rock City we already wrote about the Moscow thrashers, calling themselves the Shah. Since then, enough time has passed to again talk with Antonio Garcia and find out what happened to a group of the above-mentioned period of time. Moreover, the group at the moment is really stabilized and any problems in this respect is not expected.

So, as we said Shah composition stabilized, and we can finally announce the names of participants, without using type definitions "young guy, etc. The core group has remained unchanged: guitarist / vocalist Anton Garcia and drummer Andrew Sazonov. Plus,

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Trophies Daiwa, or in the summer with Delta Jerk

End of June beginning of July — time to put it mildly, not the trophy to the Volga delta. But that is no reason not to catch? Especially in this time and in this place I have not exactly had. So I attended the regular annual festival «Trophies Daiwa», which this time took place on the basis of «The Lost World» (Ting-Tour).

The tournament has a tournament

And though all friendly, and the purpose was not, but it’s still a bit «competitiveness» in the air. Himself made a tacit bet from the series «VS jerk everything else *. In order

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Becoming a hero

The rich resources of the planet and the Rubicon 2159 exist only in the fantasy of Sierra, create a game Captives: Hero for Hire.

But soon the problems of fictional game creators a small colony of earthlings will become available to the entire gaming world. And they believe that the colony was attacked by hordes of aliens (or maybe it was the unseen locals?) And all "our" urgently needs to be rescued.

In order to crank such an operation, you have to identify with the main character of the game, some Daak Ransem, which, frankly, is not going to become

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Word editor.

I somehow think that all the good things happening to us in the summer. When a lot of sun and heat, our protective crust diminishes, and we become more open and emotional. Summer — a meeting with friends, traveling, weddings, long walks on the beach or in the woods … Why am I? Oh, you just want as long as possible to stay in a comfortable, relaxed, enjoy the photos of brides in our magazine, and not to think about the long frosty winter and the introduction of the euro. The bride, by the way, we are dazzling («Wedding with

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Leopards in Moscow zoo have always lived. There are several subspecies of these magnificent predators. Today, the number on the cat’s old territory you can see Amur leopard — the only snow leopard and the rarest of all the big cats.

This animal survived only in Southern Primorye, and despite a number of security measures taken, scientists are still arguing about whether the future of the Far Eastern leopard. Included in the Red Book of the IUCN and Russian as a subspecies, which is under threat of total extinction. Currently, the zoo leopards live longer than in the wild. All


Unwanted child

In practice known psychic and healer Anatoly Ledeneva there are many amazing cases.

I love to travel around the country, conduct reception in different regions of Russia. From each trip back though tired, but with a special charge of energy, which is inherent in a particular city. You know, even the smell of all its completely unique — it’s true. But the main thing, of course, I meet a lot of people. They come to me with their troubles, problems and pain. Each case is like another. And when it is possible to help restore a person’s life to normal,

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Not a substitute for, but it helps

THEME judges expert in hunting dog is so clear that talk about it at length just is not necessary. Ekspertiznye assessment exterior dogs judgments of judges on their field work — it is the basis on which the entire breeding.

Therefore, the judges, the experts rightly high demands perfect knowledge of the characteristics of each breed, its history, its status at present and, most importantly, a proper understanding of the direction in which the development of the breed should go.

However, some professional knowledge have not created any of the judge or of the expert.

A real judge and

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At the edge of time

The history of humanity is inextricably linked to wars. For centuries, weapons (cold) has played a huge role in people’s lives. It gave an opportunity to defend against enemies, to produce food for hunting.

Since ancient times, respect for weapons was reflected in the custom of decorating it. Decorated weapon was of more ceremonial and symbolic character. Lavishly decorated swords, daggers always been the privilege of kings, priests and military leaders. It was a religious thing.

Nowadays, when the functional significance of bladed weapons largely lost its aesthetic, artistic content continues to excite people, forcing more closely to peer

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Slowly but surely

Series creator Mitchell Hurwitz many years fans fed with promises to continue a family history Blutt as a feature film, but in the end everything turned out even better. Video rental service Netflix, decided recently to produce their own projects, agreed with the studio for the production of 12 episodes of the show. Writers and actors seize the opportunity and filmed material even 5 hours, and finally the fourth season of the show will consist of as many as 15 full-fledged series.

And it’s worth a little step back and look back at the series itself, trying to understand

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Space around.

Probably, you know, dear reader, that our magazine cautiously bypasses the interesting genre that western journalists call "Sports". It is an old tradition, and we are not going to break it. But we have cunning. Using our maniacal love for all 3D-Accelerated and licensed Star Wars, firm LucasAnts, showing very unsportsmanlike talents could foist our edition purely a sports game Shadows ° F the Empire.

Who would have thought that a demo version of the game is so insidious? After three episodes is quite nice, we were expecting a dozen equally original and fun stages. But, having spent a

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