Brest to load Savushkin product — birch sap

"You come to the warehouse, and they say to you politely that box" Tuborg "will only take two boxes when a rubbish — says businessman Vladimir Krasenkow. — The kiosk has become inspect, there is a" fund products. "I ask, which means "fund products.""And what for you — well, do not need? That is such a product" — is responsible businessman Krasenkow."More tactfully offer birch sap in addition to" Savushkin product "- says businessman personal Maisyuk. — Usually goes usual dictates."Leading special municipal government trade Alla Okolotovich explains, so act on the Brest Regional Executive Committee decision of 17 January

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Summer House of Writers

• Sergei Zakonnikau, Pavel Morozov, Nikolai Kupreev

• Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk Galina Dubenetsky Alla Semenova

• Vladimir Orlov, Lera Catfish Michas Tychina

• Olga Ipatova Anatoly Sidorevich Severin Kwiatkowski

• Neil Gilevich, Boris, Anna Kislitsyna

• Radim Haretski Marika Martysevich Alla Semenova

• "Yanka Bryl in the works, and in dealing with people had ravnenne eternity"

• The sacred fire, Olga Gapeeva Ales Beetle

• Peter Minarzhik and Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk

• Andrei Karelin, Yuri Patsyupa Anatoly Sidorevich

• "What have you for my Pimen? Figure Pimen Panchenko at the turn of ages"

Why not shop in Minsk Belarusian cabbage?

Ordinary supermarket in the capital district Uruchcha. In contrast, almost 100 meters — indoor market "Dmitriev Fair": store must compete with commercial structure. Because the prices here are not the highest. But also grow. I talk with the deputy director Alla Ivanovna. Reporter: "I remember, it seems, it is not so long ago, the most a cheap bread" May "cost 700 rubles. Currently — 1100. How often do you draw new tags? "Alla: "On dyarzhpastavshchykov products, socially important products — the inflation rate, once a month. A as for commercial structures — prices not depend on us. " Socially important

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The Tribunal did not see insults Zhaleznichenka

Alla says Zhaleznichenka:"The Tribunal rejected — it has become ordinary. Believe that everything was confirmed: Corresponding distorted facts, hurt my son. Unfortunately, we have in court is very difficult to achieve anything. Tribunal took into account only the outlook for some reason the part that is comes out and blames offends. " Alla Zhaleznichenka through tribunal tried to refute the information about the offspring Dmitry filed February 9, "Gomel truth" in an article signed Yu.Charot "I do not want to fighters wish to" democrats. "Namely, it said that from Dmitriy "you can expect anything" that "inductee cunning: it is clear

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Dmitry Zhaleznichenka. Portrait on Freedom.

The purpose — to prove its right to study. Dmitry recognizes police custody on charges of dirty warfare, punishing eight days of arrest and expulsion from the institute on the basis of administrative conviction. As a young man protests against the forcible conscription, where Dmitry sent under escort, without making medical examination. And Dmitry refused to sign a military card, written in Russian, and claimed to restore it to the part where orders are given the Belarusian language. Dmitry Zhaleznichenka — BPF members, active public figure Gomel. And he honors, GPA study is 9.3 out of 10 possible.Small one-bedroom apartment

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Defense Ministry: Unit Zhaleznichenka ended hunger strike

"He was brought to a military unit for the upcoming service. Doctors have decided that he is fit for service in the army. Zhaleznichenka ended hunger strike", — said Vyacheslav Ramenchyk.Mom former student Alla Zhaleznichenka said her son brought Zhlobin still evening on January 29. "He called, said that everything is fine with him" — says Alla Zhaleznichenka.January 29 Dmitry Zhaleznichenka read journalist "Radio Liberty"That he promised to explore for 2-days." It is not clear where they are in a hurry? "- Surprised fighter haste physicians who appointed him for a day a few X-ray surveys. This was the fifth

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Dmitry Zhaleznichenka continues hunger strike

Twenty Zhaleznichenka was hastily drafted into the army on January 25. In autumn 2007, A-student expelled from Gomel Zhaleznichenka Municipal Institute F. Skaryna but Tribunal first this year returned it to the student’s rights. Soon whereupon rector of the Institute signed an order expelling the student again.Dmitry Zhaleznichenka not yet had time to execute documents on the charges, he was summoned to the military commissariat. January 25 Dmitry escorted Zhlobin part in railway troops. On the second day of stay in the army Dmitry Zhaleznichenka could call friends. "To me there are treated as offspring defense minister" — conveyed drafted

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Pleban: Guys always frighten us. Bones rack up and run for us.

Village Pleban razleglasya sides Staravilenski tract between Radoshkovichi and reddish. Attention travelers, who are moving to the old one goodies, Pleban lures his church. Even fifteen years back the temple stood roofless ruins reddish. It seemed that these ruins years five hundredth Although essentially the church of the Holy Virgin Mary and not two hundred, but its mysteries, it can compete with Notre Damme. Now the temple has a roof. And even whitewashed walls. On the way to the station I was talking to a young lady. Olga — the last woman who forever left Pleban. The village currently survives

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Invisible lodger




This mysterious thing happened recently in Kursk. Late in the evening Alla sat at the TV. Near dozing cat Maximilian. Her husband and two children — 6 and 11 years — were in another room. Suddenly she heard a distinct rustling Alla Vietnamese straw that hung on

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Sinkhole in Krasnoyarsk. Video

Karst holes

1.06.11.V Krasnoyarsk can walk only on the asphalt. This convinced Vetluzhanki resident. While walking out from under her feet literally left the earth. The woman fell into a deep hole, but managed to catch hold of his hand curb. This is what saved her.

Alla Chumataeva, resident Vetluzhanki, "Maybe I would have searched for later. Who knows where it goes next, fossa. I do not know. Rhinestones, I have suffered, of course, good. "

How can you not be frightened when the ground went from under my feet, said Alla. Resident Vetluzhanki just walking along the path.

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