Big three to set join forces

On 18 June the world’s three largest container shipping companies announced that, from the second quarter of 2014, they would be joining forces in an operational alliance under the name P3 network. In a surprise announcement, Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) & CMA CGM stated that they will deploy 255 owned or chartered vessels on 29 loops on three major trade lanes, Europe-Asia, transpacific and transatlantic, offering a combined capacity of 2,600,00 TEU.

Maersk, who made the first move by approaching its two biggest rivals about the operational alliance, will contribute 42 per cent of the capacity in the

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Allied observers saw no violations

About this they said at a press conference. Namely, the Russian State Duma deputy Oleg Zholobov skaazv that he personally drove 25 polling stations and "everywhere all goes according to Belarusian law." State Duma deputy Alexei Razuvaev expressed the hope that Belarusians now elect worthy deputies, and they finish it, that didand their predecessors — construction Allied countries. Sovereign Razuvaev expressed hope that with all this specifically be Belarusian and Russian parliaments eventually held a referendum and allied building Allied countries is completed.

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In the House of Writers Nina Matyas, Vyacheslav Ragoysha Anna Kislitsyna

LITPRATSESNina Matyas: "We have established another award named after Vladimir Kolesnikov," September 17, a day of the 85th anniversary of Vladimir Kolesnik, Brest branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers uganaravala own two friends newest literary prize named after famous countryman. Its establishment was a response to the decision of the local authorities to prevent its role in the official competition of the name of the famous writer of those writers who are not in power made the Writers’ Union. On these and other cases Brest writers Valentine Aksak states with chairman of department of the Union of Belarusian Writers,

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Lithuania will host a festival of poetry and the arts with the role of Belarusian painters

As said Head of the Belarusian delegation, chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich, creative organizer of the action the Lithuanian Writers Alliance with the support of the Lithuanian government. By him, the role of the festival for the first time invited both Union of Belarusian Writers, registered in Minsk and Vilnius.Not counting the Belarusian, Lithuanian poets and painters in the charting shares perceive the role Polish writers and masters of fine art. Any country sends a delegation to the festival of 5 poets and painters 5. Belarus to go to Nida writers Tatiana Sapach, Boris, Oleg and

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UPB headed by A. Borys not against negotiations with the authorities

Participants agreed not to renounce to negotiate with the authorities, but will expect certain proposals with them. At the meeting came from Minsk Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland salting. Henryk Litwin He encouraged members of the socio-cultural organization to agree to such negotiations. The other day in the Polish media reported that the decision conflict with the Union of Poles could be useful for improving relations between Poland and Belarus. Reporter:"Angelica, say you read a press release in which 23 participants voted Head Council. It said that you agree to negotiate with the authorities. But later continued controversy. Than

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Literary Belarus otolstel

In a brand new release article SBP chairman Ales Pashkevich anniversaries to Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas Ales Rybak polemical notes the existence of 2-Writers’ Unions, excerpt from the speech of the head editor of the magazine "The verb" Boris Petrovich before editors literary magazines in the suburban "Peredelkino" verses Gregory Baradulin conversation with the poet and monk sacred fire and stuff.About "Literary Belarus" says creator second room Chairman of the Brest branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers Nina Matyas:"We ssumavalisya at its gazette: on paper, for the area where we could be printed. Currently, all writers are so

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PKB activity may be suspended

Ministry asks to stop the party’s activities, which considers itself the political opposition. Current legislation allows for such a possibility of up to 6 months. Ministry of Justice blames PCB systematic violation of the law. First — Party’s role in the development of the Union of Left parties, whose founding congress was held outside Belarus (Chernigov), also supply the Ministry "wrong disk imaging on personal strength of the party". Help. PKB — "The Party of Communists Belarusian" created in 1991. Favourite Party Sergei Kalyakin was managing the election headquarters of former presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich. • "Alliance of leftist forces"

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Alliance of Belarusian Writers outstanding literary Belarus

"Literary Belarus". Cultural and public project organization "Belarusian Writers Alliance." Issue 1 "- as indicated by a new edition, which is located on the eight pages of the newspaper" New Era "."Literary Belarus" — is the embodiment of dreams already davneshney Union of Belarusian Writers have their own organ, in which can be bestsenzurna will contain all the information about the activities of the organization and work of her friends, said project manager URS chairman Ales Pashkevich.Previous edition in 2002, the Alliance of Belarusian Writers power against the will of the selected. In particular, the loss of sensitive weekly "Art

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Grodno in the museum Bykova met admirers of his work

One of the creators of the exhibition Alex Demidovich said that prepared the first issue of the newsletter dedicated to national writer of Belarus.For soon there are new exhibits, native Bykov transferred some of his belongings — a printer, a tunic, a diplomat.Not so long ago the head of the official Writers’ Union Nikolai Cherginets when I was in Grodno, a local newspaper reporter said that the alliance, which he heads, can support the initiative to open a museum Bykov.Managing public museum Nikolai Melnikov believes that this demonstrates the willingness of the Union of Writers of Belarus intercept public initiative.

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About Ossetia and Abkhazia did not know too much …

Man: "Well, I know about South Ossetia and Abkhazia? Only geographically where they are. How they live there — I do not know. Well, that can give them joining this union — do not know." Man: "Many times I rested in those parts. Ordinary people live there, by the way I never could distinguish them, whoever Georgians, Abkhazians or asetyn. People like people. I think they currently seek out support and protection in the Russian Federation." Man: "I have no idea. Remember that they were part of the Union of Georgia. And at the moment everyone decides for himself." Reporter:

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