Triumph tiger explorer

Like most modern Triumphs, the defining characteristic of the Explorer is its character-rich inline-triple powerplant. This latest-generation, 1215cc triple, a version of which also powers the Trophy SE sport-tourer, seems tailor-made for adventure touring, producing a claimed 135 horsepower and 89 lb.-ft. of torque. Ride-by-wire throttle activation permits multi-mode traction control—including a setting that allows a slight amount of wheel spin for off-road use—though, unlike many of the other bikes, these settings are not easy to change on the fly.

With a claimed curb weight of 570 pounds, the Explorer is no lightweight, and the inline-triple raises the center of

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One of the greatest reliefs in the world is to come back home after a hard day’s work, kick off your shoes and laze around on a cosy chair. Muji’s Highback Reclining chair gives you not only comfort but the support you need. Lie back as the cushion, made of fluffy feathers with urethane chips for added strength, gently hugs your body all the way up to your neck. The chair comes with a lever that allows you to adjust its backrest to

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Ammunition Awaited

Samsung announced the NX300 in the annual Samsung Forum held this year in Hyderabad. The camera uses an APS-C size sensor, and boasts advanced features such as NFC and Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, the camera was provided to us only for a short time, inadequate for an in-depth understanding of some features.

Design and Build Quality

The NX300 is beautifully crafted with a metal top and sturdy engineering plastic body. The camera has a well-contoured hand grip and an ergonomic thumb rest. A faux leather lining completes the design, which offers better grip. The lens mount and tripod receptacle are metal. The

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The Su-25 has an all-weather

Modernization of aircraft, the third in its history, based on the analysis of armed clashes in Chechnya and Georgia. So in Chechnya, the main loss of the Su-25 aircraft were due to the inability to fly in the mountains, and the complexity of management in a rapidly menyayusheysya weather. In Georgia, the losses were caused by the lack of technical equipment of the aircraft, the lack of electronic warfare countermeasures, and the old system of arms control.

The new element base allows you to place an improved navigation and sighting system on such a small plane as the

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Shop for the production of sandwich panels has opened in the village Belorechenskoye Irkutsk region.

Not on the profile, but necessary. Today in the town Belorechenskoye earned a new shop. This is the first production, which opened in Usolsk area over the past few years.

The room is small, but the benefit is huge.

— Did frames barns, and now began to make the panel. This allows us to build at least three to four years in the barn. A thousand cows, — says CEO of CX "Belorechenskoye" Gabriel Frantenko. The first panel is sent to build a farm in Bielsko. There are orders from other areas. Attends the opening

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Cement, who quickly grasped not only in summer but also in winter, developed in Khabarovsk

Anyone who is involved in construction work, whether on a construction site of a large object, or on the construction site of your own home or garage, know how sometimes need quick-setting cement. Especially this material is needed in an emergency or extreme situations, when there is no possibility to use the traditional technology of concreting.

In Khabarovsk PNU (Pacific State University) developed a new method for quick-setting cement, comprising adding to cement an active mineral supplements. As such an additive is a mixture of fine sand and curing accelerator (accelerator taken as potash and sodium fluoride

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Spetsstroy first branch in Udmurtia, Russia introduced a laser system for cutting metal

In accordance with the plan of FSUE "GUSST number 8 at Spetsstroy Russia" to introduce new technology to the enterprise the laser machine for cutting metal produced by "Telara."


Installation, located on a site for the production of metal fire doors shop number 4 branches "UPP number 821", allows cutting metal with a laser beam at any given program path. Control is equipped with a remote computer. In the operation of the device is ensured not only high performance and quality while cutting metal sheets up to 10 mm for

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Scientists have invented a new MEPhI drone May beetle

Young engineers of the National Research Nuclear University MEPI created a unique unmanned aerial vehicle — quadrocopter "May-bug."

The main difference between "May Bug" from ordinary UAVs is that this quadrocopter made taking into account the principles of radiation-resistant hardware, which allows for work in the nuclear power plants in the aftermath of emergencies. To achieve this protection specialists MiFi had literally from scratch to design all the electronics, plumbing board, select material for the body and even wear "Beetle" on x-ray. Chips were exposed alternately to the active mode to a dose of 240 krad with

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Smart Dome Camera

Members of multi-surveillance systems almost always encounter some problems with the recognition of a person caught in a field of view of the cameras.

A large number of fixed cameras with wide viewing angle allows to fix the event itself, but to recognize something almost impossible, and the use of cameras with a small angle significantly reduces the field of view and entails installing even more cameras, leading to a rise in the cost of CCTV in whole.

Slightly better things at sites where there is a dome camera, it is very much depends on the individual: how often he

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Tube bending machines ugs-6/1A

Tube bending machine UGS-6/1A MEM-3101-№ 1A allows bending labor-intensive operations with different types of profiles. Bending shaped tube by means of a special roller, whereby processing technology as automated. Machine MMP-3101-№ 1A operates in manual and automatic modes. A special electronic control system ensures uninterrupted operation of the machine. Dynamic braking ensures durability and comfort while bending shaped tube. This system allows the foot pedal or remote control to stop the main drive. Additional equipment industrial equipment allows the bending operation of various operational levels. Thus, due to its technical characteristics, pipe bending machines CSD-6 may be mounted on

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