In the winery opened a modern diagnostic center

Modern municipal advisory-diagnostic center in the winery opened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman.

This ambitious project was initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, and implemented jointly with the Vinnitsa City Council and the Charity Fund Poroshenko. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, chairman of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Mykola Gigha and Vinnytsia Mayor Vladimir Groisman.

In total, the creation of the Center has invested over two million dollars


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In the TyumenNIIgiprogaze experienced a unique setting for APG processing

At the pilot plant "TyumenNIIgiprogaz" successfully passed the test of a unique set nadfakelnoy UT-1 for utilization of associated petroleum gas. It was developed by a research institute of ecology and natural resource management in conjunction with the center dekontamaterialov TyumGASU. As the North-Press, the installation allows utilization of associated gas to produce heat energy that can be directed at different targets. For example, for heating of residential and industrial buildings, structures, and address environmental concerns. Analogues such facility exists.

As the author of the design, the center's director dekontamaterialov TyumGASU Victor Ryadinsky, gas flaring has a few

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Bryansk Engineering Plant has shipped the first bonnet-type locomotives for Russian Railways

Two first shunting locomotive TEM TMH production Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, is part of TransMashHolding) went to the home depot Likhobory Moscow railway. Shunting locomotive TEM TMH with electric transmission changeable DC — a joint project carried out with the participation of CZ LOKO (Czech Republic).


Diesel is designed on the basis of vehicle-diesel TEM18DM and released a number of features. Power of the locomotive, depending on the installed diesel varies from 970 to 1455 kW. The layout of the locomotive type bonnet and a large area of glass cockpit allows you to

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Arkhangelsk in the historical project

In the capital of Pomerania launched an innovative project "Virtual History".

This project allows for the screens of mobile phones or tablets to see how the city's historical landmarks looked many years ago. To do this, just need to download the app Historypin. Free service is available for smartphones based on operating system, iOS or Android.

Arkhangelsk was another Russian city, which is available to the project. It was created with the support of the Arkhangelsk regional museum. Among the attractions of the capital of Pomerania, which can be seen in the photo a century

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Amphibious ship Le Corsaire


Small boats, amphibious hovercraft (AMSVP) "Le Corsaire" developed by JSC "Transekologiya," a resident of the Khanty-Mansiysk "High Technology", and focused on the private consumer, namely tourists, fishermen and hunters, as a personal support vehicle.

The main advantage of the ship is the cross-country and the possibility to operate all year round in the rivers, lakes, in wetlands, grass, virgin snow, rugged terrain with steep climbs to 25 degrees, especially in demand this form of transport in the off-season when other land transport modes, are limited in use, and river transport is not available.


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Almetyevsk clinic received the latest medical equipment

August 8 a ceremonial launch of the new equipment in Gause "Almetyevsk city hospital № 3". In a solemn ceremony date equipment presented the assembled dignitaries. The resulting equipment will as accurately diagnose the disease and prescribe effective treatments, improve accessibility and enhance the quality of the provision of out-patient care. Gause "Almetyevsk city hospital № 3" — is a modern medical facility, the pride of the city's health. In 2009, the clinic celebrated its 15th anniversary. Polyclinic number 3 is a seven-storey building has a planned capacity of 850 visits per shift, serves a population of more than 48,000

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Azerbaijan purchased Ukrainian anti-tank systems with remote launcher

Azerbaijan purchased from Ukraine 3 anti-tank missile complex with a unique remote launcher. Purchased ATGM "Scythian" Ukrainian-Belarusian anti-missile system, developed by the Kiev CB "Ray" and the Minsk Group "Peleng".


In ATRA "Skif" semi-automatic guidance system used by a laser beam. Target detection and guidance is provided by optical and infrared scopes that allows shooting in difficult weather conditions.

ATRA feature is the ability to missile guidance to the target from the closed position and shelters. Another distinctive feature of the complex is the trajectory of a missile: after starting it

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AZ Chaika-Service produced autohydraulic on KAMAZ-65115

Automobile Factory "Chaika-Service" issued autohydraulic Russian-Italian production with a combined telescopic tower Socage DA-26 on the basis of KAMAZ-65115. Features: height AGP — 28 m, flight — 15.5 m, Capacity bassinet — 250 kg. The hoist is equipped with electrical cradle, allowing the operator to work on power lines and communication with voltages up to 1000V with no blackouts in the absence of precipitation. Combined telescopic boom allows for vertical lift with a pantograph, followed by a horizontal boom extension or the desired angle. This design feature is common to all models of the series DA. Knee aerial

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Carport Jarenergo added a new technique

As part of the investment program in 2011, the branch of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Energo" made the purchase and transport of special equipment by 52.8 million rubles. At the moment the fleet Yaroslavl power engineers has 651 units.

Among the recent acquisitions of the branch bent aerial platform height of 28 meters on the basis of the car Ural universal ETSU-150 excavator, backhoe loader AMKODOR, tractors and cars GAZ — 33081 "Eger-2." In addition, last year the fleet Jarenergo added a mobile workshop on the chassis Ural-4320. Its equipment includes a compressor, drill press, crane and other technical

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Sleepbox designed for hotels, dormitories


It provides a minimum of functions, equipped only with electrical outlets and lighting. His has Ventilation equipment, and flexible ducting connected to the general dilution ventilation system. The case is made of laminated moisture-resistant MDF(Instead of plywood), which is sheathed frame of timber


Sleepbox has a bunk bed. The concept of the hostel is as follows: placing a large area without walls filled sleepboxami instead of building separate facilities-rooms. This allows you to save on construction and finishing works and significantly reduce the time spent on the construction of


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