Sony Alpha NEX-3N

Pocket Friendly

Sony’s latest mirrorless not only breaks size barriers, it is also quite inexpensive.

The Sony Alpha NEX-3N is an update of the NEX-F3, which was an update of the NEX-C3, which was an update of the NEX-3. Confused? You are not alone. But painful naming conventions aside, Sony’s entry-level mirrorless camera has definitely come a long way.


In fact, it is in this fourth generation that the entry-level NEX seems to seriously come of age. Not necessarily in terms of features—even the older models have been feature packed—but in a design philosophy that truly identifies its target

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Exploring the stars

Could we travel to this distant neighbour and what problems would we encounter on the way?

Although Proxima Centauri is sometimes referred to as Alpha Centauri C, we aren’t yet sure how it fits in with Alpha A and B. The stars in the binary system orbit around a common centre of gravity, and range from being 1.67 billion kilometres (1 billion miles) to 5.3 billion kilometres (3.3 billion miles) apart due to the eccentricity of their orbit. They’re relatively similar and Sun-like.

By contrast, Proxima is smaller, redder, weaker and much further from the other two stars. Visually it

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Alpha Centres of Excellence

Get to know the full Sony Digital Imaging product range, plus a selection of lenses and accessories at your Alpha Centre of Excellence

We popped along to the Sony Centre in Carlisle and spoke to Grier Fisher about what it means to be a Sony Alpha Centre of Excellence.

Crier explains that as an Alpha centre of Excellence they are able to demonstrate the full range of Alpha and NEX cameras, enabling customers to experience them hands on1h when choosing the best camera to suit their requirements. As well as this they also stock the full range of lenses and

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Listen to your

Back in 2005, the Ministry of disk imaging decided that three-quarters of the radio sound Belarusian musician. State radio also cheap FM-station ("World", "Radius") obediently complied with the order. Commercial stations also had to obey, but began to find some way, for example, Belarusian performers put NIGHT MODE. And the Ministry of disk imaging decided to reiterate the quota. Managing "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan convinced that he had no problems with the radio performance of the new orders will not be; "Realistically we prepared Belarusian music library for a long time before making a decision about it must develop Belarusian culture.

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In a three-star system discovered an Earth-sized planet

In a three-star system discovered planets the size of Earth Facts

Astronomers have found the closest to us and the smallest known exoplanet. She was found in the Alpha Centauri system, located 4.3 light years from our solar system and it is our nearest star system. The structure of this system consists of two Sun-like stars, and another distant faint red star.

Discovered exoplanet called Alpha Centauri Bb behalf star around which it revolves. Weight of the world is very similar to the mass of the Earth, but the life on it in a number of possible because

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Owners of Beeline captured the largest Sotovik Turkey


"Alfa Group", one of the largest shareholders of "VimpelCom", has made the Caribbean Court of recognition of their rights to a controlling stake in Turkey’s largest mobile operator Turkcell. The court ordered the Turkish Cukurova to transfer the shares in Turkcell as the repayment of $ 1.45 billion

The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court upheld an appeal belonging to "Alfa Group" offshore Alfa Telecom Turkey on the judgment of the BVI, failed last year, the Russians claim against the Turkish group Cukurova (in the person of offshore Cukurova Finance International). According to the information included in

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Sochi has opened a factory for the production of mineral water

June 29 opening of the new urban enterprise — Alpha. In fact, this re incarnation of the old plant, known popularly as the "Lenkombinat" that when the Soviet Union was producing tomato sauce, beverages, and other conservation. It is located in Zavokzalni area.

Extract water from a clean source. The new factory "Alpha" production — and that 3 large shops — organized in such a way that the loading and molds for the future bottle and spilling water control automation. Water "Timeless Spring" has its roots in the famous still all over the Soviet Union and the sources of their

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Soldiers of Alpha won the world championship of police and military snipers

The team of legendary fighters of the "Alpha" perfectly performed at the 11th World Championships of police and military snipers in Budapest, said Wednesday the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"In the Russian rifles brand Orsis alfovtsy took first place in the team and get the gold and silver in the individual event," — wrote Rogozin his Facebook page.

"Police & Military Sniper World Cup — a prestigious international tournament is held every year in Hungary. This year there were 17 countries and 73 participants, "- he stressed.

"I sincerely congratulate you and am proud of our hands

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Near the solar system discovered objects of unknown origin


MOSCOW, March 4 — RIA Novosti. In the neighborhood of the solar system discovered several objects of unknown origin — the sources of cosmic rays, which are "fired" our planet protons, alpha particles and nuclei of heavier elements, says the Russian-Italian project "Pamela" in an article published in the journal Science.

The "Pamela" (PAMELA — Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics, "scientific instruments to search for antimatter and the study of light nuclei Astrophysics") was launched in June 2006, when on board the Russian satellite "Resource-DK1" designed to photographing the Earth, in orbit went cpektrometr

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Listening to the International Space Station (ISS), Alpha

Author: Upline

1.Kratkaya information.

The idea of the International Space Station (ISS), "Alpha" originated in the early 90's. August 15, 1995 company "Boeing", the head of NASA contractor on the program, "Alpha", and the State Research and Production Space Center of MV Khrunichev (GKNPTSH) signed a contract worth $ 190 million, provides for the construction and placing into orbit the nucleus of the future space station. The project involved the European Space Agency (ESA), Canada and Japan. Total internal volume of the station after assembly in orbit will be 1,217 cubic meters, weight — 377 tons, of which

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