Stash your stuff in these stylishly engineered bags from Thule.

These are the pogiest’s pieces of man-bag we’ve seen in a while. And we can’t just say “bag” because Cosmopolitan and Preview magazine already own the rights to the word and any discussion of it.

This is a man-bag, and Thule (pronounced “thu-la,” or “tool,” whichever feels better on your tongue), the Swedish brand best known for their car racks, has launched a line of lifestyle bags that defines urban swag. Manly (can’t emphasize this enough), neutral- colored, and obviously winning big in the tibay department, this new line of

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NATO & USAF Sentry changes

AS A RESULT of the decreasing world threat, the USAF has cut back overseas deployment of its 552nd ACW Boeing E-3B/C Sentries at forward operating bases. The single Sentry of the 960th ACS at Keflavik, Iceland and one of the three stationed with the 961st ACS at Okinawa, Japan, will return to the USA and join one of the 552nd’s four squadrons at Tinker AFB, Oklahomo. Approximately 234 personnel will also return home.

A long-awaited contract to upgrade NATOs fleet of 17 E-3A Sentries is finally expected to be awarded in May to Boeing Defense and Space Group. The first

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Unfortunately for me, Kawasaki recently noticed a rather conspicuous absence from its press feet, and has asked for the ZX-14R back. This bike has been a riot on a daily basis and has consistently delivered, regardless of what I’ve asked it to do. Our time together hasn’t ended on bad terms, nor have I had my fill of the ’14, either. In fact, I’ve already started shopping for softly crashed examples in hopes of purchasing one for a more significant project. It’s not surprising that there are few to choose from. This isn’t a bike folks tend to flip—not literally,

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Australia to purchase F-111Gs

AUSTRALIA HAS FORMALLY requested Congressional approval through the US DoD for purchase of 15 surplus USAF F-111G aircraft as part of a $110 million sale which includes 12 spare engines and logistics support. Four of the aircraft have already been moved to McClellan AFB, California, for preparation, but the remainder are still in USAF service in the training role with the 27th FW/428th FTS at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. The F-111G is now being supplanted by the F-111E in the training role, making all 30 examples of the variant, a conversion of the FB111A, redundant.

The aircraft will join 18

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Yakut scientists have developed a new type of bread

Scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University developed a biologically rich bread on the basis of reindeer moss (lichen), which has received the name "Polar".The newest sort of bread specialists have developed a small innovative company NEFU "Mechano biotechnology", together with the Yakut college of consumer technology.

"We developed the bread is a functional product that is rich in dietary supplement based on powdered moss. This bread will be extremely useful to children, athletes, the elderly, and people who work with difficult working conditions "- scientists report.At the moment the company has already received all the necessary documents for the

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Commemorative changes in Neftekamsk


Neftekamsk celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding. However, the celebrations, which have already reached the city and its guests have a great final work carried out on the eve of the anniversary.

Without exaggeration, the ones who did not look quite a while here, can not find Neftekamsk. Its inhabitants are under the city government has done much to surprise and please everyone who came to the feast. Repaired highways and street lighting, broken new green avenues. One of them — Youth — under the Komsomol prospectus,

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Trans-Baikal school received new buses

Today, 25 September, in Chita on Lenin Square solemn transfer of school buses to educational institutions regions Trans-Baikal region. Total received 38 cars

School of Trans-Baikal region received 38 new buses PAZ acquired by funds from the federal budget as part of a package of measures to modernize the general education. Earlier in the school districts have already passed vehicles for transportation of school children."We already had a bus, but old. Now that's got a new one, will take children to school and to the competition. In total, our school has 192 children, "- said the director general school usharbayskoy

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Garment factories of Ukraine sew clothes brands

Skill Ukrainian tailors have already appreciated the British company New Look, Marks &Spencer, Next, Laura Ashley and Top Shop, Spanish Zara, Dutch Mexx, German Triumph, American BCBG, based in the U.S. and has become an international Esprit, as well as a number of other brands that are place orders in Ukraine under the scheme of raw material.

Everything comes from abroad — from fabric and thread to tags, price tags and packaging. Domestic factories carry out the order and sent to Europe and the United States have already finished products.  

Suits for Hugo Boss manufactures

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Everyone is laughing at "the first Russian iPhone" — MTS 945 smartphone (aka ZTE 945). This case shows a lack of strategic thinking in the majority of Internet plankton, and the presence thereof in our government. So now we can speak with confidence — the government has committed a brilliant strategic feint ears, to promote GLONASS to the consumer market. And the trick was completely successful.

I already wrote that support for GLONASS is already present in a variety of devices manufacturers. Just confirmed it and the company Qualcomm.

The government recognized that an obstacle to the promotion

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For two engine 5th generation

Article 117 (AL-41F1) Photo

Deputy General Director of JSC "NPO Saturn" in R &D and R &D — General Designer Victor CHEPKIN I reveal the secret and say that we in fact, already has two engine 5th generation. The second, which is now conventionally called the "Type 30", already tested in flight the fighter "T-50". In the future, he probably will give the name of "AL-…". According to its parameters it by 15-25 per cent increase "117th".

By the way, 117S, in principle, also very close to the engine of the fifth generation. And by the way, Victor Chepkin,

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