With Photoshop CS versions moving to a subscription-only fees package, now could be the time to consider alternative image-editing software. Here are 12 of the best contenders…


While Adobe Photoshop has long been the benchmark that all other image-editing software is judged by, it’s always been one of the most expensive applications on the market. That fact has been exacerbated in recent weeks with the announcement from Adobe that it intends to restructure its business model and the way it sells its flagship products.

In essence, Adobe has signalled its intention to license its industry-standard Creative


C-17 alternatives

FOLLOWING A REQUEST from the US Air Force for a non-developmental airlift aircraft (NDAA) to supplement the C-17A, which may now be purchased in much lower numbers than planned, 11 companies have put forward proposals. The USAF has been asked to collect information on potential NDAA aircraft and an NDAA system programme office has been established to assess the most cost-effective alternatives.

Options offered include a wide range of both new and used aircraft. As expected, Boeing has offered its 747-400F, McDonnell Douglas the MD-11, and Lockheed a new production version of the C-5 Galaxy. McDonnell Douglas has also suggested

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The world economy is concerned water reserves

About 60% of the world's leading companies have already set these targets are the costs of water, which they intend to comply with its use.

Acute water shortages in the near future is a matter of growing concern for businesses, according to a global survey recently published in all newspapers.

Studies show that more than half of the 147 large firms expect problems associated with water scarcity in the next 1-5 years.

This suggests that 60% of firms have set clear targets and measures for the rational use of water.

Data predict that things will obstoyat much worse as the

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