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W H Smith Exclusive video — Castle Communications.

Narrated by Michael Aspel. Running time approximately 82 minutes, £12.99.

A RATHER DIFFERENT title from the usual for me, but interesting and informative none the less. The video describes the history of airborne troops in the British Army, from their inception in 1940 (on Churchill’s instructions) to the present day. It is an officially sanctioned production with an introduction by the Parachute Regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief, HRH the Prince of Wales, and the narration, by Michael Aspel, is excellent throughout.

The British Army came rather late into paratroops with the

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On a Friday morning in August, my wife, my dog, and I took off from Princeton, New Jersey, in my Cessna 172M. We were headed 50 minutes north to Cherry Ridge Airport in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, from which we would have a short drive to our vacation home in the Poconos. I added a quart of oil; did a thorough preflight, found nothing out of the ordinary; and runup was normal. We took off, requested flight following from New York Approach, and looked forward to the weekend.

About two-thirds of the way to our destination, the engine sound suddenly

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Atlas ACE crash-landing

THE ATLAS ACE Turboprop trainer prototype ZU-AHE lost pitch altitude control during a test flight to evaluate a new avionics installation on February 14 at 1705hrs local time. Pilot Bob Masson carried out controllability tests at altitude, and found that sufficient control via power and flap adjustments was available to attempt a landing at Jan Smuts Airport. Crew ejection was considered as a last option — it was decided instead to make a wheels-up landing owing to concerns about the controllability of the aircraft during landing gear extension. A belly landing was also considered safer at the required high approach

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27,000 Feet in an RV-7

Taking a kit plane to the top


ON APRIL 26, 2011, I attempted to climb to 27,000 feet in my Van’s RV-7 Top Secret. My goal wasn’t just to set a record, but also to research new technologies that optimize aircraft performance. The story goes back a ways.

My sons David and Kyle, along with my good friend Mark, helped unload my quick-build kit in October 2007. I wanted my RV to exceed Van’s performance numbers, so my goals were to increase horsepower, minimize drag, and keep weight to a minimum. Thanks to

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Top 10 fastest military aircraft

1. The MiG-25 3.2m Russian single-seat supersonic high-altitude interceptor, designed by the Mikoyan design bureau — Gurevich. The famous plane on which a plurality of global high scores, including a speed record, but as things like that in the USSR largely kept silent about. According to the general designer R.A.Belyakova, MiG exceeding Mach 3 reduced the airframe, but does not result in damage to the aircraft or engine. familiar with the words of the pilots, the plane did not once overcame the threshold of 3.5 M, but officially recorded record itself was not. The MiG-25 6 ​​September 1976 was

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Gesture and with the content-Olympian

Medyyalnaya hypocrisyEverywhere in the world smells like politics even parfumeryi. Unfortunately. And what can we talk about the world such acts as the Olympic Games.When the world wandered torch lit in Greece to light the Olympic fire at the Beijing National Stadium on August 8, it was accompanied by a pack of police. Demonstrators tried to interfere with the Olympic flame relay in Paris and London, protesting against the violation of human rights by China in Tibet. Before the Olympic Games in Beijing and Tibet problem has become the focus of world attention. I am for the fact that it

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The flight, which lasted for half a century



The flight, which lasted for half a century 18.11.03, the


In late 1996, many magazines, specializing in coverage of the incredible events that bypassed sensational material, which first appeared in the weekly newspaper "The Independent Worthing ': UK defense spotted an object approaching from the Pas-de-Calais to the English coast at low altitude. At the request of the pilot did not respond. Then the radar of his "lost."

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Russian satellite observes fires in Syria

Syria burns. Above it is now clear sky, black smoke rises from the many kilometers altitude, and become visible even from space.


Animation for October 10: 3 mb.

Weather satellite Elektro-L is located in geostationary orbit at an altitude of 36 thousand kilometers and takes the Earth every 30 minutes with a resolution of 1 km per pixel. This allows us to observe the developments in the dynamics. The orange color in the picture — it’s green spaces, and they look orange because of the use of light in the chamber satellite near-infrared filter instead

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Russian helicopter set a world record for altitude

The latest Russian Mi-38 in the FIFA World Helicopter Championships set a new world record for altitude, told reporters Monday’s press secretary holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Roman Kirillov. Fourteenth World Cup Helicopter Championships was held from 22 to 26 August at the airport "Drakino" in the Moscow suburbs. It was attended by athletes from 11 countries (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the UK, Germany, China, Poland, Ukraine, France, Switzerland and Russia). "In the championship of the new passenger transport helicopter Mi-38, one of the latest Russian developments, overcame a height of 8600 meters and set a new world altitude record

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Russian Mi-38 reached a record altitude — 8,800 meters

The latest Russian Mi-38 in the course of the certification of production tests reached a record altitude — 8 thousand 800 meters.

Told Itar-Tass reported during the festive opening ceremony of the memorial complex of the helicopter Mi-8.

"None of this world-class helicopter / take-off mass of 15.6 tons / did not achieve these results," — said the representative of the Moscow Helicopter Plant named after NM.

The helicopter was equipped with engines by "Pratt & Whitney Canada." Version of the Mi-38 with domestic engines is on the stage of transfer machines for flight tests.

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