Alviyskaya theory

November 18, 2012 2:57

Terminology: Elves = kvendi — born humanoid creatures inhuman nature, have conditionally independent existence in the second world (Arda) and being present in the primary world (Earth), only in the form of Quenya.

From Alva related only linguistically, due to confusion, unwittingly created profiles. Tolkien, incorrectly used the term "elves" to translate the word "kvendi" into English. Alva — the human race, which is characterized by the following racial traits: asthenic physique, pointed shape of the ears and significantly increased compared to the average human life span. The area of the original settlement —

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Golden Ruler of Sipan

In the village of Huaca Rajada, in February 1987, it was found left and plundered burial. Tomb belonged to the Moche archaeological culture, which is revered as the god of Ayia PAEK headship, and worshiped the sea and the moon. It lay prince, who lived in the III century, and all his court entourage. This finding is comparable with the excavation of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in Egipte.Sam prince was buried together with his concubines and other subordinates sacrificed after his death. In his right hand he held a golden scepter, and on the

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Earthly history of the peoples of the ancient world

Vsevolod Ivanov. Exodus from Hyperborea

History of the Earth — is a complex and sometimes tragic chronicle of the many events that the destinies of nations and civilizations. We have heard the echoes of some of the events in ancient times, in the form of myths, legends and stories. From ancient times, the pyramids were destroyed structures, strange stones, ancient burial mounds … living witnesses of those times is not, nor is there any significant information sources. There are a large number of modern scientific and literary works, which are put forward various theories and views

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