Warriors of the world. Amazon

September 4, 2012 21:59

The legend of the Amazons come from antiquity. Were there in fact Amazon, or is it a fairy tale? Is it possible today to find evidence that the Amazon is not fiction. Historians believe that the lands of the Caucasus was one of the habitats of female warriors. Numerous monuments of prehistoric and primitive cultures found on the territory of Azerbaijan. It also found the jaw of primitive man and several graves of women with shields and armor. Azerbaijani scientists — historians and archaeologists tell about the laws and customs of the tribe of Amazons …

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Police rescued from poachers 211 Red Parrot in Paraguay

Paraguayan police arrested four kidnappers rare parrots and rescued 211 birds reported on Wednesday night by the Associated Press.

Birds species Amazona aestiva — sinelobye Amazons — in the Red Book, which, however, does not prevent many fans of these beautiful birds to keep them as pets. Well feathered Amazonian forest dwellers threaten local people who destroy the birds for the looting of orchards and maize plantations. In addition, the Paraguayans like to eat tender meat of these parrots.

Seized from poachers Amazon law enforcement agencies sent to the local national park. According to the staff of the park, many

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