United States: time to reap the fruits of

You ever wonder why, in recent years, things are going so badly for the United States? Our economy is falling apart, we are faced with is the heat, the drought, with an endless string of natural disasters, the infrastructure of our cities is crumbling, we are involved in an increasing number of wars and conflicts, American life is filled with anxieties and fears, and the number of people who are overweight, Today more than ever before.

So why do so many bad things going on in America? Why do we lead the world in such a large number of

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James Holmes is not alone — 20 more evidence that America is full of maniacs

The United States, as a house, which from the outside still looks beautiful but completely rotted and fell apart from the inside. Rotted the very foundations of our society, its no more holding back. James Holmes — this is only an echo of the emerging problems in the country. And this is not an isolated symptom. The terrible truth is that our society has degenerated and plays monsters like James Holmes on a regular basis.

USA are leading on a number of the most horrific events. This is child abuse, divorce, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, crime, etc. Traditional institutions

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This is America …

To the mother who refused to give her an absolutely normal child psychiatric medications, they sent riot police with armored vehicles

This may shed some light on why Ron Paul wants to stop the compulsory enforcement pichkanie our schoolchildren psychiatric medication therapy! A caring and competent mother from Michigan State refused to give his daughter is a normal service to a child that violently forced her to take psychiatric drugs. The reaction of the authorities of the state — the police special forces supported by armored vehicles. The confrontation lasted the whole day. Who needed to send special forces to

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Sergei Yesenin of the U.S.

Anyone who knows America in New York and Chicago, he knows the only holiday or, so to speak, exhibition America.

New York and Chicago is nothing like achievements in production art. The farther inland, to California, the impression of awkwardness disappears: the sight of fleeing plains with sparse forests and (alas, terribly like a Russian!) Small wooden villages blacks. Cities are similar to the European ones, with the only difference being that if Europe is clean, then everyone in America is upturned and piled haphazardly, as is the case with buildings. Country all builds and builds.

Black people are

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The famous American preacher likened the United States to Sodom and Gomorrah

The famous Baptist preacher from the U.S. 93-year-old Billy Graham published online letter to the nation, which states that his country is increasingly moving away from God.

He begins his letter with the words of his now deceased wife Ruth, who several years ago said, "If the Lord does not punish America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah" — cities of the Old Testament were destroyed by God for the perseverance of the inhabitants of the sin, according to the portal "Interfax-Religion."

"Millions of babies have been killed in the womb, and our country, it seems,

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Russian Putin’s gambit.

Russian Putin's gambit. Soon the world as we know it — will go to Ashes

What is a gambit in chess? I guess now it knows almost every one of the books or films of Boris Akunin Turkish Gambit. It is a tactic to win the game when you need to give something small. And it looks like GDP GM decided on this combination.


So. If it is short. U.S. by hook or by crook tried to ignite war in the Middle East. And

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Yan Jin: Letters from America (early 2000s)

As soon as the West was finally breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of Russia and its decreasing global influence — it is understood that relax early. The American press with a nostalgic longing recalls still very recent past — of Yeltsin's yard, which consciously or not so pleased with the views of the West. During the recent past, that is — almost all of the nineties, when Russia was under the "robber" yoke almost always inadequate Yeltsin systematically robbed her, but mercilessly.

Robbed her of robbery tycoons, called "oligarchs", plus leading eltsintsy: from the family and

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The level of social inequality in the United States is the highest among developed countries

America likes to think of itself as a land of equal opportunity, and many perceive it in the same light. But while we can all cite examples of Americans who have ascended to the top of yourself, in fact you need to focus on the statistics: how much a person's chances in life depend on the income and education of his parents?

At present, these numbers show that the American dream is a myth. In the United States today have less opportunities than in Europe, for that matter, of any other industrialized country for which such statistics are

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Global drought will soon become normal on the planet

Global drought will soon become normal in the world Scientists have shown

Despite the fact that the drought being experienced in North America this year, far from the scale of the 1930s, scientists do not hesitate to say that being in a state of drought has become customary for the status of the world's breadbasket. Of drought conditions in the U.S. was in 1956, for 63% of the southern states faced a lack of moisture during August.

Specialists in full are concerned that in this case, the negative effects of natural disasters on the region's economy will not

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Americas Descent into poverty

The United States destroyed economically, socially, politically, legally, constitutionally and environmentally. A country that exists today — now not even the shell to that in which I was born. In this article I will talk about the economic collapse of America. In the following I want to consider other aspects of American collapse.

In economic terms, America is sinking into poverty. As said Peter Edelman, "low-paid jobs become a pandemic." Today, the "free and democratic" America, "the world's sole superpower," a quarter of the workforce is employed in jobs with pay less than 22,000 dollars, and it's — the

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