How to kill America? Tips Yankees

The ex-governor of Colorado Richard D. Lamm said the stunning speech on how to kill America.

He said, "If you believe that America is very complacent, very well, very rich — let's kill America. This do easy. There was a history of such a civilization that survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee saw all the majestic civilization flourished and sunset, and that "an autopsy of history would have to show that all the majestic civilization committed suicide."

"But the question is how they make it," — said Lamm. "Do America bilingual or multilingual, 2-state cultures. History proves that no

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Conspiracy scientific inquisitors

Scientists have for years trying to solve the drinking water problem in Russia. With enormous reserves of fresh water, its quality in water supply is poor. Clean water in the country is almost there. All spring RAS Commission on pseudoscience persistently urged journalists that invented Viktor Petrik filters for water purification are not working. The editors have documents that contain correspondence member of the Commission on Pseudoscience RAS Academician Aleksandrov Sheveleva American journalist and Lebedev. For a million dollars, they developed a plan for "exposure" Petrik. "I see the next steps in exposing Petrick so. I write with the Russian-American

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Cards, which can not be

Previously it was thought that the October 12, 1492 America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Sailor took her to India in search of the "Western way" in which, and sends his expedition.

However, found that the first explorers from Europe, appeared off the coast of America, and 500 years before Columbus, were the Scandinavian Vikings from Greenland — Erik Red and his son Leif Eiriksson.

In 1004 Leif first landed on the coast of North America, on the peninsula of Labrador and Newfoundland.

These and other events are reflected in the famous Icelandic sagas. So, in the "Saga of

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The mystery of ancient civilizations — White Gods

About Mystery White gods of antiquity, steeped in traditions and legends, they are mentioned in the earliest written records of their image is in many places of the world. For many ancient peoples White Gods were mentors and teachers, they hold the light and knowledge, they created a civilization. Who were the white-skinned men with beards (so basically depict and describe the white gods), which emerged, and what motivated these people? From time immemorial, some of them came otryvchatye information.

In Egypt, China, South and Central America, in different historical periods and under different names, they suddenly appear and

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Top 20 natural disasters in 2012

Suppose that in 2012 had not yet come to an end, but in the history of the world will remain as a year in which there was a decent amount of powerful and even record the strength of natural disasters. In 2012, the people faced with super-storms like Hurricane Sandy, and with an epic drought, fires lasting a month. After all this, it is hoped that the end of the year will be smooth and quiet. 1. Storm Derech

June Derech storm was one of the most destructive storm systems in modern history. This amazing natural phenomenon

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Roshydromet: summer heat — the main disaster-2010 in the Northern Hemisphere

The heat of the summer in Russia was the largest natural disaster caused by meteorological factors, in the northern hemisphere for the whole of 2010, said on Friday Roshydromet. "Abnormal heat, steady summer of last year in Central Russia and held for more than 50 days, caused a massive fire and destruction of the environment over a wide area of the Central and Volga federal districts," — said the agency. The second largest natural disaster in 2010 — the most powerful in 80 years floods in Pakistan caused by downpours. It claimed the lives of several thousand people. Floods due

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2011 has already become a U.S. record number of disasters

According to statistics, in the United States last year was so much natural disasters, it was a real record. About 700 people were killed by hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and forest fires in the U.S. alone. Authorities say that the damage exceeded $ 25 billion, and the year is not over, and that America is waiting on, no one can say. Climate scientists are sounding the alarm, but one voice insists that this has never happened.

This year set a record for the highest possible temperature (sometimes it reached up to 55 degrees) and the precipitation brought by the

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The origin of the American Indians and the Hyperborean theory

The objective of our topic — trace some views on the origin of the American Indians. This question troubled for some reason, many scientists do not even had to do with American Studies. To clarify the origin of the Indians, we should first seek the assistance of anthropology, ethnography, and mythology. Basically, the version of the origin of the Indians are built on the basis of these disciplines, and each of the theorists choose the one that is closer to him.

One of the most interesting theories represent the views of the anthropologist, linguist and symbolist Dr. Hermann Wirth.

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The phenomenon of insight


When you read about the amazing insights cases — it's hard to say it — dreams, hallucinations, or clairvoyance. An analysis of what is happening here is useless — there were no witnesses and could not be, the people themselves who have experienced it, can not explain anything.

They are only able to tell. Sometimes the talk after the event occurred, and then the story can be seen as a memory error (at best) or a deliberate lie. The examples I provide here exclude such explanations.

During the American Revolution, President

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In Chile, found mine age 12,000 years


Archaeologists found in Chile, the production of iron oxide, which is 12,000 years old — the oldest evidence of organized mining operations in North and South America, said "Kompyulenta" referring to an article in the journal Current Anthropology.

A team of researchers led by Diego Salazar of the University of Chile found the 40-meter trench near the coastal town of Taltal in the north of the country. She dug Uentelauken representatives of culture — the first settlers in the region. Iron oxide was they wanted as a

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