Rattlestick kicks off its new season with «The Hill Town Plays», a five-play cycle by Lucy Thurber, which follows a woman’s life from her abusive, impoverished childhood in a small Massachusetts town to a successful writing career.


Earlier this year, Bobby McFerrin released the album «Spirityouall», a rootsy collection of spirituals, originals, and a Bob Dylan cover. Bobby’s show at Summer Stage is a family affair; it includes his daughter Madison, a singer.


MOMA owns masterpieces by Matisse and Picasso, but the first painting to enter its collection, in 1930, was by an


The South American way

COLOMBIA HAS FREQUENTLY been in the international press headlines during the last year with the war against the drug-barons and guerrillas. The newly elected president, Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, was sworn in on August 8, 1990 and immediately proposed sweeping new measures to fight the country’s drug-barons. They call themselves The Extraditables and declared total and absolute war on the government and all those who have pursued and prosecuted them. Cocaine traffickers have since killed hundreds of people during the year-old drug war.

The Colombian government is also at war’ with the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia). ELN (Ejercito de

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The music man

Hidden behind a barbershop in a particularly nondescript part of Los Angeles’ Korea town district sits a small, equally unremarkable looking building. We call it the Death star,” says Stacy Jones, gesturing at the unit through a rain-splattered windshield. We’re sitting in his car because inside the studio, which the American Hi-Fi frontman has owned for the past decade, French garage- rock girls Plastiscines are recording vocal takes for their third album, which Jones is producing. “Normally I’d say we could just do the interview outside, but this weather….» He nods toward the ominous skies above, which have darkened following

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The Economist August 3rd 2013

The world this week


A military judge found Bra­dley Manning, an American soldier, guilty of violating the Espionage Act for releasing hundreds of thousands of classified documents to Wild-Leaks in 2010, though not of «aiding the enemy». Mr Man­ning could be sentenced to 136 years behind bars for his role in the largest leak in American military history.

The Obama administration declassified a number of docu­ments connected with its electronic-surveillance programmes, in the «interest of increased transparency». The move was eclipsed by the Guardian, a British newspaper, which published secret docu­ments providing more detail about xKeyscore, a system which

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Born of anarchist bombers and gangsters, the early FBI was a crack team of ‘Commie hunters’ and counter-spies bending the law to protect the USA

It was late-summer of 1901 and the eyes of the world were on Buffalo, NY, the eighth-largest city in the United States at the time. Buffalo was hosting the Pan-American Exposition, where electric light was still a novelty and the first X-ray machine was on display. On 5 September, US President William McKinley toured the exposition and gave a speech on the glories of progress and human genius. It was the last speech he’d ever

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Once upon a dive

Let me start with a warning and a bit of good advice. The warning is: NEVER tell Charles Dills the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was a better ground attack airplane than the North American A-36 Apache. The good advice is to go to Charles’ web site at and there get an intensive, extensive understanding of what the term “the greatest generation» really means. It is his life story, well written and filled with details of his comrades in arms and of a life in America that we may never see again.

Ground pounders compared

Dills is quick to react to

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Таrell Alvin McCraney’s ninety-minute drama (a Manhattan Theatre Club production, directed by Trip Cullman) is set in a prep school attended by boys of color. The headmaster (Chuck Cooper) demands that Pham’s identify the culprit, but Pharus won’t betray him. More soap Opera and the only thing that brings all the boys together is song: the prefab drama of gospel music. McCraney, who is thirty-two, is still building his career, but it is being built, increasingly, on his weakest work, which capitalizes on his apparent difference (McCraney is black and gay) but doesn’t anything of his soul as

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Baker’s dozen

In the TV series adaptation of the structure on a literal level, and at the stage of an idea or concept of the phenomenon is not surprising. Even if a big Hollywood movie has never been shy of borrowing, then why not do it on small screens? Especially if the rights of creators are protected, and to adapt the working team of serious writers. Thus, in recent years, the American channels «moved» respected by critics and loved by audiences «Murder», «At Home Among Strangers,» and many others. And what we have? After the breakthrough of television «Iron Curtain» on national

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Japan. Misawa Air Base. Part One. The American Forces

For the past 45 years, USAF units have been based in Japan. Robert Francies visits Misawa, a base on the ‘cutting edge’ of the Pacific defence theatre.

NEARLY 50 YEARS ago young pilots took to the skies in wooden gliders above Misawa Air Base in northern Japan — they were practising for their single suicidal Kamikaze mission to sink American warships. Today, two mighty Japanese and American air wings share that same base in friendship and co-operation. Misawa has come a long way since the dark days of the 1940s.

The base is situated about 400 miles (640km) north of

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The concept of the white-picket-fenced American Dream has become a myth since the home-foreclosure crisis. Five teams of designers have investigated the crisis and they propose that it has created new opportunities for developing housing. The resulting exhibition presents visions for the future that encourage us to rethink both physical and financial architecture.

Smart Living

NETVIGATOR’s Home Networking Consultancy Service helps a Hong Kong couple build the home of their dreams covers everything from design through to installation.

The service includes consultancy, checking cable and WiFi coverage, drawing up a layout, on-site measurement, recommending equipment , installation and three after-sales


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