Amnesty International: Belarus — the sole executioner

Amnesty International report on the situation in this area in the CIS bears the title "Commonwealth of independent states: Belarus — the sole executioner."Organization calls the death penalty "more fierce, merciless and degrading form of punishment that is irreversible and from which can affect innocent." Nobody has substantiated that the death penalty lowers crime.In recent two years abolished the death penalty in four countries: Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda and the Philippines. On present day the death penalty de jure or de facto abolished in 133 countries. In 64 countries this penalty is still preserved."Belarus is the last country in the CIS,

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Prague: the Belarusian embassy to seek their freedom Malady

Januszewski: "Today the Belarusian embassy in Prague in the campaign, organized by the Czech organization" Free Belarus "," Amnesty International "and the Czech branch" Junior Front . "There are people who oppose illegal and 193 of the Penal Code against political repression in Belarus. Action is timed to trial of Malady, which began today in Minsk. "Drakakhrust: "How many people are on this action?"Januszewski: "At the moment there about about 10 people. People always fit. Vechercom projector is here, which will indicate the Belarusian embassy films and videos about Belarus."Drakakhrust: "Was there any reaction to the embassy on your share?"Januszewski

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That gives the status of prisoner of conscience?

That gives the status of prisoner of conscience who is "Amnesty International" awards for political prisoners? First advantage is that until such prisoner draws attention defenders of peace, and through it the politicians, that increases the chances of premature release. Second — a person with such status is easier to get asylum in democratic countries, when it will turn. But these are in themselves political prisoners in exceptional cases. Belarusian human rights activist Catherine Sadovskaya on the days of the colony came from Gomel, and previously was declared "the International Amnesty" prisoner of conscience."No, you know, I’m not going to

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Last visit to England Milinkevich

During a visit to the British Parliament Alexander Milinkevich held talks with the control commission Foreign Affairs ruling party leybaryskay Eric Joyce. Politicians discussed support applets civilian society in Belarus, the situation with the media are independent and political repression in the country. One of the main topics was the cooperation between the EU and Belarus on the criteria put up by the European Commission."I turned to the Emperor Eric Joyce requested to become an ambassador Democratic Forces Belarus in England. He often visited our country and knows the situation from within. Very fundamentally, so Belarusian topic did not disappear

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Amnesty International: Belarusian instrument of waging war in Sudan

The document refers to a message Belarusian government, whereby Belarus in 2003 sold to Sudan 9 infantry fighting vehicles, 39 armored patrol vehicles razvedna and 32 guns. This technique, for disk imaging "Amnesty International", can be used in Darfur.UN Security Council embargo on the supply of arms to non-state actors in Sudan operates with 2004.

Write letters to the British defense Dashkevycha

In all these letters — a portrait of the Belarusian youth activist Dmitry Dashkevich and call immediately release him from prison. Letter to the address Minister Naumov looks like cardboard origami crane, second-in-the address of President Lukashenko has four pages and more like a greeting card. On it were written the following words:"Mr. President, I am a representative of the United Kingdom of» I wish to express my concern about the fate of the prisoner of conscience Dmitry Dashkevich, who punished only for being peacefully defended its right to freedom of beliefs and assembly. I urge you todo, in your

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Amnesty International urges Lukashenko Projects

"Amnesty International" calls Alexander Lukashenko send letters demanding immediately release Dmitry Dashkevich.

Dmitry Dashkevich was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, under the Criminal Code, "Activities on behalf of an unregistered organization".Dashkevich is serving his sentence in a colony with a reinforced rezhyvu in Shklou.

Amnesty International against Article 193-1

According to "the International Amnesty" to register a company in Belarus is very hard, and as a result article 193-1 is used to persecute activists civilian society, first youth activists.  "Amnesty International" recalls the young activist, Zmitser Dashkevichconvicted under this article, spent over a year in the slammer."Amnesty International" calls on everyone to join

Amnesty International Company for freedom of speech in Belarus

International human rights organization Amnesty International is launching a new campaign for the abolition of step article 193-1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, whereby civilian activists critical attitude to the authorities can be fined or sentenced to imprisonment for a term up to two years.Article 193-1 acting on December 2005, respectively presidential decree. Since then, a series of public activists were warned, fined, and prisoners that violates their constitutional right to freedom of expression, association and assembly, the report says Amnesty International.Amnesty International campaigned for the liberation of Dmitry Dashkevich, 1st of the favorites of the

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Amnesty International: release Kozulin — good news

Dasledchytsa "Amnesty International" in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova Heather McGill said that Alyaksandr Kozulin — and it is a pleasant little sudden news. Let me remind you, this is a popular international organization declared sovereign Kozulin prisoner of conscience and fought for his immediate release.

, We hope that this positive attitude towards Human Rights will continuesmiling.

"We are here litsezreem very positive developments in the human rights situation in Belarus. Was previously released four more political prisoners. And, we hope that this positive attitude to human Rights will last. But we still have some trouble relating to human rights

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