Amnesty International: Belarus — the sole executioner

Amnesty International report on the situation in this area in the CIS bears the title "Commonwealth of independent states: Belarus — the sole executioner."Organization calls the death penalty "more fierce, merciless and degrading form of punishment that is irreversible and from which can affect innocent." Nobody has substantiated that the death penalty lowers crime.In recent two years abolished the death penalty in four countries: Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda and the Philippines. On present day the death penalty de jure or de facto abolished in 133 countries. In 64 countries this penalty is still preserved."Belarus is the last country in the CIS,

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Amnesty in Turkmenistan has not justified the hopes of human rights defenders

On days of Turkmen TV shows like that released prisoners swear on the Koran to abandon criminal activity:Released: "I swear on the holy Quran, the holy bread and holy Ruhnama, I never repeat the sin again."Released: "I swear, I never repeat such in the future. Our president said that we will no longer be considered offenders and offer us jobs. We over grateful to him. "On Actually, As reported by the inhabitants of Turkmenistan us about missed one in particular is not fussing and jobs do not offer. Such amnesties under Niyazov became commonplace — they are often held once

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Will Belarus amnesty?

Then freed from punishment first war veterans, liquidators "Chernobyl"; minors, pregnant ladies, the elderly, people with disabilities. Persons who have committed serious crimes, not exempt from punishment.According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov, as a result of the last amnesty locations imprisonment 3882 came convicted of correctional institutions open — 4807 people.Such an amnesty declared in 2004 and was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus.In This year in throughout the year amnesty open a discussion more than once. About her a couple of times said Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov.But in the spring

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Will izymatelstvo for ladies over criminality?

The highest percentage of statistical abuse ladies in Europe raises the question of the recognition of domestic violence» and criminal crime. The purpose of the Council of Europe campaign — to provide support to victims and create new methods to combat domestic violence and».Once a year in the world of "personal reasons" clog 5 thousand ladiesAccording to experts of the Council of Europe, the organization leaders in solving problems Human Rights should the cessation of violence against the ladies through pamatsnenne liable for acts violently. The purpose — domestic violence described as criminal sin, to provide assistance to victims, including

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Action Amnesty International in Warsaw in defense Kozulin

The action began in Warsaw from sticking-up on the sidewalk of a street in the center of Warsaw Special labels representing the inhuman conditions of detention of political prisoners in various countries.Immediately activists "Amnesty International" encouraged passers to write a letter of Governors Zimbabwe, China, Vietnam and Belarus with a demand to release certain political prisoner — in Belarus is Alexander Kozulin."Such actions with one side remind Poles and international society that these countries, in including and Belarus, have the problem of political prisoners. In-2, we want to show how many people are protesting against it. In Belarus, none of

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On amnesty in Belarus will have to wait

Minister explained to the cause of the delay as follows: "The administration is no consensus on the definition of certain categories of people who may fall under the amnesty." What categories of the administration is not clear — the minister did not elaborate.Previously, on the basis of unofficial sources reported that the amnesty will be timed to July 3 — the official municipal prazdnichka Republic of Belarus.

Gazeta Wyborcza: Lukashenko prepares amnesty

By Gazety Wyborczej, Ministry Interior Belarus has already prepared a draft of the respective law, considering that "House of Representatives will before the parliamentary recess, or until June 29. " "Amnesty can be girth as enemy number one Alexander Lukashenko — Ayalyaksandar Kozulin … Prison gates will unfold July 3 — day in the country, which is celebrated on the anniversary of the liberation of Minsk in 1944, which is slightly surprising because usually amnesty in Belarus made after round anniversaries "- writes Polish weekly.The newspaper notes that asking about the "release of political prisoners" in the officials does not

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Prague: the Belarusian embassy to seek their freedom Malady

Januszewski: "Today the Belarusian embassy in Prague in the campaign, organized by the Czech organization" Free Belarus "," Amnesty International "and the Czech branch" Junior Front . "There are people who oppose illegal and 193 of the Penal Code against political repression in Belarus. Action is timed to trial of Malady, which began today in Minsk. "Drakakhrust: "How many people are on this action?"Januszewski: "At the moment there about about 10 people. People always fit. Vechercom projector is here, which will indicate the Belarusian embassy films and videos about Belarus."Drakakhrust: "Was there any reaction to the embassy on your share?"Januszewski

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Amnesty International: authorities want to deprive the opposition online

Presenting the annual report the organization, she noted that non-democratic regimes in every way try to deprive the opposition online. As an example, Irene Khan led Belarus Egipet, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.According to her, "government these states using internationally recognized IT-companies are kept under control chats, blogs removed, restrict the ability of search engines block sites. ""This aggressive violation of personal rights, because each person has the right to and retrieve the information they need and do it without any precautions and interventions "- convinced the secretary general," the International Amnesty "Irene Khan.

Last visit to England Milinkevich

During a visit to the British Parliament Alexander Milinkevich held talks with the control commission Foreign Affairs ruling party leybaryskay Eric Joyce. Politicians discussed support applets civilian society in Belarus, the situation with the media are independent and political repression in the country. One of the main topics was the cooperation between the EU and Belarus on the criteria put up by the European Commission."I turned to the Emperor Eric Joyce requested to become an ambassador Democratic Forces Belarus in England. He often visited our country and knows the situation from within. Very fundamentally, so Belarusian topic did not disappear

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