In Belarus, even prayers should be sanctioned

Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Gulak notes that his organization is working closely with Amnesty International, the data exchange. "Certainly, Amnesty International does not relay our idea. This is an independent organization with bolshennymi traditions and independent approaches. But what they do is done in collaboration with state organizations, including the BHC."According to Gulak, currently one of the most important goals in the International Amnesty Belarus — to achieve the abolition of the death penalty:"We have no other way than to abolish the death penalty, as it is wildness in today’s world. This is not asking for

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Amnesty ended. When to expect next?

On the results of the amnesty Radio Liberty said Deputy Head of Execution of Punishment Interior Ministry Yuri Barankau. By him, released are more than two thousand people. Yuri Barankau convinced — premature at will these people not aggravate the crime situation in the country. "Since the amnesty applied only to those who had imprisoned breaches regime has made no serious sin and compensated crippled. For always implementation of the amnesty nor 1st sonorous crime amnesty did not. " Since 2000, has already held four amnesty. That’s a lot, or, conversely, not enough? In the colonies, and the clink of

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A. Kim arranged to quarantine Bobruisk colony

May 26 in Belarus over the amnesty, which began first year. For this time, according to the press service of the Ministry Interior, from prison to freedom came early for more than 2 thousand prisoners. Amnesty came at a time when freedom came, and some of the political prisoners. Namely, the last deputy Andrei Klimov, a favorite "Junior Front"Dashkevich. However, they were released under an amnesty is not, and after reviewing the cases. But then the number of political prisoners began to increase again in April before Alexander Kozulin added activist Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich businessman who had been

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Kudinov: I do not believe in capital amnesty in Belarusian

Belarus amid the global financial crisis should be very use leverage municipal regulation of the economy — noted Alexander Lukashenko. For a few days earlier the chairman of the National Bank Piotr Prokopovich said that in accordance with the decision of the municipal individuals, including non-residents will be able to organize deposits in Belarusian banks not only in unlimited amounts, and without the income statement in full compliance with furtive contributions .Past Director of the Belarusian Stock Exchange, the former head of the commercial bank "European" Valery Radial currently engaged in business in Poland, where several years ago he was

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The death penalty in the world

Belarus is the only country in Europe where up This time executed death sentences. With all this in Belarus continue to pass new death sentences: in 2007 four people were sentenced to death. According to a brand new report, the human rights organization "Amnesty International", in the past year more than 1,250 people in 24 countries death were executed.

Source: Amnesty InternationalAccording to the "Amnesty International", 88% of all executions in the world occur in 5 countries: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the United States. The greatest number of executions per capita — in Saudi Arabia, followed by this

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Amnesty International condemned the beating on Freedom day

"Amnesty International" condemned, as it is said in a statement, "excessive use of force" against participants in a peaceful demonstration on March 25 2008 in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. According to eyewitnesses — human rights activists and journalists — police beating people with batons and kicking, were arrested more than 100 people, 76 people were convicted. Was beaten and detained journalist "Nasha Niva"Andrei Liankevich beaten two Lithuanian TV journalists."Amnesty International" requests immediately release all those who have been imprisoned for the peaceful expression of their views."Amnesty International" urged the Belarusian authorities to respect

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Do people believe in the Belarusian capital amnesty?

The document must be provided municipal guarantees on all deposits, regardless of their size, also taking deposits "with no returns, with full respect for the contributions of Enigma." Can be called such steps amnesty of capital? How strong confidence in the banking system of Belarus? These questions are answered Economist Mike ZaleskiTsigankov"How do you assess the impending document How it is consistent with the trends observed in the banking sector in many countries because of the crisis? Currently, many countries are taking documents that to a certain extent guaranteed deposits from the public. But it seems only in Belarus are

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End quote: 01.03. — 07.03.2008

"They’re here already cornered avert their eyes, that they require almost sorry for neargumentavanyya detention and clarify that receive orders to prosecute the" top ".Alexander Milinkevich favorite unregistered movement "For Freedom" — how it 6 times during the 2-day police detained during his trip to Brest."Putin does not want to be president of the union and do not like the idea of union. Deeply alien to him, all Russian, all the union, despite not that from time to time he applies to opportunistic pro-Soviet rhetoric and nostalgic drool over the USSR, but in fact he anti-Soviet.I believe that the free

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Night Siege — March 3

On presidential elections defeated in Russia Dmitry Medvedev. On forums portal appeared branch "RF’s new president." She collected these comments:"How to live" Federal Government "? What changes will be in Russia? Waiting for answers. Welcome only healthy thoughts.""President in Russia such as. Changing the type and age, the name of the spouse (+ other stuff) should be no misleading. Everything remains as it was.""God … The new president … And for you cares? All older brother peep over the fence? Let them understand who is there at their will prevail."Living in a society magazine by_politics was this entry: "Our

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Amnesty International urges release Zdzvizhkou

January 18, was sentenced to Sdvizhkou Three years bullpen for "inciting racial, national, and religious hatred."According to the "Amnesty International", Sdvizhkou a "prisoner of conscience", and reprinted them from the Internet in the newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad — "normal exercise of freedom of self-determination." As pointed out in its own appeal, this international human rights organization, the sentence against journalist even acted management unite Muslims Belarus."Amnesty International" calls upon the inhabitants of the various countries in the world, who care about the fate of Belarusian journalist, send him letters of support, particularly in Minsk remand, also send a

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