Reduce noise

Learn to bring out detail in low-tight photos

Digital noise is the grain that can sometimes appear in photos and reduce their quality. It’s a particular problem when shooting in low light. Increasing your ISO to make the sensor more sensitive to light and brighten up the shot can help to create a well-exposed image, but it also has the side effect of creating digital noise. However, this also depends on the camera. You could brighten up your shots by using a slower shutter speed or wider aperture instead, but if this isn’t possible, editing software can help save the

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McDonnell F-4 PHANTOM

— Spirit in the Skies by Jon Lake; World Air Power Journal, 232pp, colour, £19.95, hardback.

TAKE A BOW, Jon Lake. Why? It’s possible to spend any amount of money on aircraft books, many of which are of excellent quality. But this new volume on the Phantom must represent the best value £19.95 ever bought. Between the sturdy covers are a hefty 650 photographs, some beautiful illustrations and no fewer than a quarter of a million words, all of which is a massive amount of material for the price.

But we’re not just talking quantity here, because the quality is

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Looking for antimatter

“All About Space” talks to Jim Bickford of Draper Laboratory, Massachusetts, who found a belt of antimatter naturally occurring around Earth in one of our planet’s Van Allen radiation belts.

Scientists have spent billions building colliders that make a few micrograms of antimatter, yet you’ve found it around the Earth. How does it get there?

Antimatter forms when atomic particles travelling near the speed of light collide with one another and convert their energy of motion into matter. If they are travelling fast enough, a process called pair production creates a regular particle and its antiparticle by converting the kinetic

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EkoNiva building complex in Voronezh region

February 8 in the Voronezh region opened the first stage of the new breeding complex, LLC "EcoNivaAgro." Commissioned the barn for 460 head, the maternity unit at 100 skotomest, dairy unit milking parlor, "Carousel", with a capacity 240 birds per hour and cooling equipment for 25 tons («GEA Farm Technologies»). 1500 heifers imported Holstein-Friesian breed from Austria, Germany and Hungary. New complex with. Kolybelka Liskisky area planned to be operational in full in December of this year. The complex will include three barn for the dairy herd by 460 head each, the dry garden, a dairy unit, maternity ward with

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Udmurtia school received new buses

Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Udmurtia Andrey Kuznetsov solemnly handed over the keys to new school buses representatives of 8 districts and cities of the country. Purchased for school buses on the 28-seat fully comply with the requirements of GOST. In the educational institutions of the republic transportation of children to a place of study carried out 444 school buses. Of them meet the requirements of GOST — 294 bus, which is 61% of the total.

In order to address the issue of replacement of buses that do not meet state standards, December

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Officer fined 300 million

The court in the Ryazan region declared head of the district administration and the head of the urban settlement guilty of attempted bribe-taking and complicity in it. Officials sentenced to fines of 300 million and 38 million rubles respectively.

According to the investigation, in the spring of 2010 the head of Klepikovsky region Ryazan Region Oleg Arhipochkin agreed with the representative of one of the few companies on the alienation of municipal land for a bribe of 6.5 million rubles. When the transfer of the bribe of three million rubles on 3 June of that

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Photo: road and rail routes Adler mounted by 98%

At construction sites combined railway and road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service" is completing the installation bridge spans. Provided project from 104,800 tons in the presently mounted about 102,400 tonnes of steel (98%).

The construction of railway bridges has been completed, a first test drive the new line took place on 8 December this year. Major efforts are now focused on the construction of three road bridges, their spans are planned to mount by March of

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Togliatti received 102 new buses

January 3 Samara Region Governor Nikolai Merkushin Togliatti handed 102 new buses.

102 new low-floor buses "MAZ-206067" and "MAZ-103465" acquired under the modernization of the public transport fleet Togliatti and designed for the transport of employees, "AvtoVAZ" to the workplace. The grant in the amount of 185 million rubles for the purchase was provided by the regional government to address the governor. Buses purchased under the lease agreement entered into with the mayor's office the "Savings Bank". A line of credit in the amount of 464 million rubles provided the Samara branch of "Savings Bank". The remaining payments

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The thorny path to production-RA

If you come up with something, patented, received its first grant from Skolkovo and are trying to produce, which means that you are on the path to success. However, this does not mean that all the most complex behind and relax.  

There was the middle of summer 2013. It's time to assess what is done in the framework of the project and what remains to be done. The long-awaited grant next level remains a dream and it's for the whole year resurfacing documents filed in Skolkovo, and endless examinations and inspections of anonymous experts.


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Su-35s suffer the operational use until the end of the year

The latest Russian multi-role fighter Su-35s will soon be tested by the application of air weapons (TSA) to be placed on board the aircraft of this type reported in the military-industrial complex.

"Trials on the combat use of the Su-35s have not been performed, but they will be launched in the current year", — said the source.

According to him, for installation on the fighter is designed large range of promising TSA. "The tests of their use in combat will be conducted after the completion of state joint tests (ICG) upon receipt of these weapons on the flight test,"

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