A. Marochkin: It’s a pity that the museum is locked in Golshany

On November 10, a meeting of the political council of the United Democratic Forces, which will discuss the difficulties of the opposition for making configurations in the electoral law. One of the favorites SLM Viktor Kornienko said, "Freedom."

"In the Sun coalition subjects bring their proposals regarding the composition of the Group. How will people? Will depend continued. If the 500-700 people that emphasizes the seriousness of the goals of political parties, then we will continue . "November 10 will be held Tribunal over five activists of the Young Front, who were detained on November 7 after a protest near

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Favourite Gomel RNE branch sentenced to 6 months

Question branch of "Russian national unity" constructive chauvinist organization. Yakovchuk against and 1 st Gomel resident was initiated criminal case. Gamelskaya the right KGB reports that Yakovchuk, prosecutor received a warning about illegal activities, this activity is not finished, and especially continued doing pleasant agitation, distributing printed materials, imported from the Russian Federation, tried to draw in the organization inhabitants of Gomel.The case against colleague Misha Yakovchuk Separated creation, as he hides from prosecution and declared wanted, "Interfax".Earlier on the same article of the Criminal Code for an unregistered company public associations activists were convicted of "Partnership" and "Junior Front.

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Mogilev: Christina Shatsikava complaint to KGB officials not satisfied

Christina Shatsikava vinyl KGB officers and police officers in the kidnapping and forced into a psychiatric clinic supplies.His complaint against the officers of the KGB social activist filed a prosecutor’s office to find out who directly, or they are police officers took her to the clinic.According to the decree prosecutors KGB Grybayla yes Alexandrov acting in accordance with the criminal procedure legislation.As it should from the case, these employees did order the Minsk KGB investigator Grahovski, investigating the case against members "Junior Front"Fedoruk and Korbuna. The resolution noted that Alexandrov delivered public activist from Minsk to Mogilev and Grybayla interrogated

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Dashkevich returned to the sawmill site

Dmitry Dashkevich or returned upon return of the Minsk prison clinic on sawmill area where he had previously worked, and where he began to have problems with junk back? More than a week of political prisoner had no information about it. Now youth activist Artur Finkevich received notice of the property of others from friends."In particular, he writes nothing. Writes that everything is fine, running back there, where he worked. This he so decided. Maybe he already does not carry these languid logs, and does something else. Maybe for it’s better. "At the very Artur Finkevich things go without much

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Sought Freedom to Dashkevich! — Go on questioning

On the night of the sixteenth to the seventeenth April Tatiana Mace yes Maxim Azarov two and a half hours spent in the Lenin council Interior. They were detained and accused of distributing leaflets "Freedom to Dashkevich."Youth activists do not hide the fact that they were sticking specifically those flyers. With all of this notice how the detention occurred. The police did not beheld one who pasted leaflets. They stopped all who arouses suspicion and examined their personal belongings. Tatyana Bulanov and Maxim Azarov refused to make demands police and were taken to the police station. There’s personal belongings youth

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Hitherto not clear where the UCP activist Denis Denisov

Denisov: "Everything is ready: toothpaste, warm clothes, sweets, biscuits, sugar, tea. His lenses because very bad eyesight, then you need to pass the solution! But no one reads! Generally nobody wants to talk to me, I written complaint and the prosecutor’s office in the Gomel and Vitebsk prosecutor. What he was detained? Did he offender, unless he killed someone? But me no one reads, in general are not willing to give any infy! "Friends and relatives imply that Denisov was arrested the criminal case that indicted him Vitebsk prosecutors. The case was initiated after, in Vitebsk presented himself youth movement

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Grodno: mercury did not prevent the presentation

Half an hour before the presentation to the office several policemen came and Emergency Situations Ministry and asked what there getting ready for action. Recently the UCP members received from MOE requirement to perform the necessary actions for fire safety. According to this prescription, the room may be less than 15 people.At a time when the police appeared UCP office, on the road from Minsk to Grodno twice detained a minibus with representatives of the democratic organizations that went to the presentation. Middle of the detainees were director Valery Mazynsky bard Andrew Plesanov, youth activist Franak Vyachorka bards Daria Kadamskaya

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Mogilev search from a public

In both disabled activists mobiles. Doors in the center of the room was blocked KGB. Four of them carried out a search.The correspondent of "Liberty" reports that the personal public center on Chkalov Street 16 gather lots of passers-by and people who need to meet a public activists.

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Mogilev commemorates Holocaust victims

A dozen activists came to the river on whose banks Dubrovenka almost seven shesdesyat years ago Nazis formed a ghetto. To a symbolic space activists laid flowers wreath and lit candles memory.Now in urban Jewish Sunday school too had read about the Holocaust. Talk about the ideology of tolerance and formation of the enemy in the form of Nazi Germany.Clear information about how many Jews remained in the ghetto no. It is understood that during the Nazi occupation of Mogilev were shot about 10 thousand people.Currently on the site is private sector ghetto, next — a new bridge over the

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Aleh Korban judged 20 minutes

All day journalists were waiting for Oleg Korban brought to Metropolitan Tribunal. I recall activist detained at midday on Saturday, January 19. Journalists did not rule out that the process will take, taking into account the time police rally businessmen. But at the end of a day or Tribunal over Oleg Korban place — enough for 20 minutes. Activist was sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest for "foul language in a public place." This place — the entrance to the jail in Akrestsin. Oleg Korban came to clink January 19 to convey products to friends who were arrested recently.

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