How many planes did the Americans lost in Vietnam???

Upon request PELEGRIM gathered information about losses of Russian and American aircraft during the Vietnam War. Vouch for the accuracy of one hundred percent of all the data I can not, but many of their logic is absolutely justified. Necessary information found only in Wikipedia, which in turn refers to the South American almanac Vietnam War Almanac. I can say only one thing — how to not lie. But if I’m wrong, you can point to any specific inconsistencies in the figures. And to begin with I wish to quote from the journal «War in the Air,» in which

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The truth of Afghan war

It has been 10 years since the entry of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The main reason for the start of large-scale military operations was to find Osama bin Laden, whom the United States called terrorist number one in the world, and led him Al-Qaeda poses a risk of global society. In warfare and military units involved member states of the NATO alliance. War did not bring the desired result, and all searching for Bin Laden were inconclusive. For 10 years in Afghanistan, killing 2.5 thousand NATO troops and, according to preliminary estimates only, more than 15 thousand peaceful inhabitants. This

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Why do we have in front of the army of the Eurasian Union — or chaos

When some citizens rhetorically asked, what do we have for this country, if she does not have problems? — These citizens to focus not just behold the trivial. Well, or get information from the Internet media came from the 90's, which until now await the liberal color revolutions and real tasks performed by the state, do not notice the principle.

And we should talk just about completed and the future prospects of this very fact.

In it, in fact, the main objectives of the country for a couple of years already are the restoration of military capabilities and the

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Why we lost the war Cool

Many believe that in 1980 Russian Alliance from a technical point of view, behind the United States. Cool but we lost the war not because of technological backwardness. It's clear that our technicians have been much steeper technical professionals a possible opponent. Our technique was also no worse, and in some ways even better than in Western countries. Maybe we lost it because of economic backwardness? The same is not true. Gorbachev referred to the last years of stagnation under Brezhnev period. But in fact the sluggish economy was not here, but in Them.

If in 1980-84, the USSR

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After a long silence on the day of anger and spoke Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

In Iran, convinced that a successful special operation to eliminate the Yankees ringleader international terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda" Osama bin Laden — a fiction. Initially, the head of the Ministry of disk imaging (which in combination makes the function of Intelligence and Security), Heidar Moslehi said he has documented evidence that "terrorist number one" is not destroyed in Pakistan, and died from the disease, and is ready to prove it almost on a terrible trial. And now he and the Persian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced whole the world of the next American scam. As if Osama bin Laden in advance to

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Its time to get out of SShAshki

One reader, who returned to Russia after long years of living in the United States, he turned to me with a request to tell you that after all prompted him to abandon the "American Dream" and move to the continued residence in our largest, but moderate country.

I think that should give the name of the creator of the subsequent lines in secret.

Initially, the creator contacted me before the New Year, and we agreed that for 2-weeks, he will prepare a publication for the blog to what to say about what prompted him to return to Russia. But,

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Under the code Puffin

It creates the impression that the Union of Russian Navy unwittingly followed the rule "less ship — The greater the benefit from it. " Specifically, this was the guard ship Project 1135 under the code "Thunderbird". Moderate patrol displacement of 3000 tons more than once adequately protected the interests of the Soviet Union to the sea. This is perhaps our only class of warships, participated in direct confrontation with South American Navy in a setting close to the fighting.

"Thunderbirds" were created for a wide range of tasks to ensure the air defense and anti-submarine naval forces in the

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Under attack, The Two Towers: the U.S. and Israel

U.S. long been a staple zateyschikom wars, revolutions, various conflicts in Latin America, Africa, Eurasia. And Israel, a lot of "blood drunk" at their own Arab neighbors. But now it seems that they themselves have a sip completely "charms" of the revolution, war on its territory. For example, in Israel began "Tent Revolution", and the U.S. are facing the problem of economic default, threatening to call the latest wave of the global crisis, plus a large city naikrupneyshy powers — New-york ready to own your own "March of Dissent".


President of the American "empire of evil" Barack Obama

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Letter Ponomarev and Alexeeva from Obama with love …

Sudden continued dissatisfaction with the received history of those expressed by some representatives of Russian NGOs about not so long ago adopted law on NGOs. Recall now those non-profit organizations that conduct business in the area and the Russian Federation on this very activity receiving funding from abroad, will have to accept the status of a "foreign agents." Such a legal term which used in different countries around the world, not hit the spot the representatives of many Russian NGOs, who are used to conduct active in hosing down their feces all actions of the Russian authorities at the expense

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Letter last prisoner of war from the U.S.: I have shamefully Yankees

In the United States issued a letter of "the last South American prisoner of war" Bowie Bergdalya, 26-year-old soldier from Idaho captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2009. In the journal Roling Stone saw the light of excerpts from the last letter Bergdalya. It appeared shortly before his own captivity, the fighter had not far patriotic feelings.

Thus, in a letter dated June 27, 2009, sent shortly before the boy was captured, Bergdal wrote that he was disappointed in the war and that he was "shameful" be a Yankee. "The future is very fine, so waste it on heresy

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