The man knows how to adapt to different circumstances, with the change of our lives are changing and we are. Changes taking place in helping us survive, no matter what conditions we might have got. However, some of the events, especially stretched in time, can cause serious mental disorder known as "Post-traumatic syndrome" (PTS).

Speaking of PTSD, we mean that a person has experienced one or more traumatic events that profoundly affected his psyche. These events are so very different from all previous experience, or caused such severe suffering that people have responded to violent backlash. Sanity in such

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Defense Ministry to send 5.7 billion rubles for the insurance of military

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced a tender for the provision of municipal services of mandatory insurance in 2013, the life and health of soldiers and people, called for military training, the maximum value of the government contract is almost 5.7 billion, to the materials posted on the portal of public procurement.

According to project documents, the size of insurance amount in case of death of the soldier is 2 million rubles, the planned amount of insurance payments — 2.15 billion. The median number of insurance claims for the year — 1,076 thousand cases.

The total planned amount of

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Who instigated the massacre in October 93rd

With the events of October 1993 was already 17 years old. Then the constitutional crisis — the conflict between the two branches of the Russian-name power (21 September — 4 October) escalated into armed clashes in the streets of Moscow, which led to huge in a human casualties, according to various estimates killed up to 2,000 people, hard numbers can not call anybody. As no one can say who instigated the massacre in the streets of the capital. After so many years, no one has suffered a criminal punishment for the actions of those days.

The crisis began with the

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From the point of view of science — Secrets of pyrotechnics watch online

From the standpoint of science "- is an exciting series that will say to you all about the most pressing issues of favorite and scientific topics of our time. Each episode is based on the latest scientific and technological progress and the views of leading researchers, easily accessible language say about the greatest mysteries on our planet and beyond. Everything from historical facts to the supernatural events of natural disturbances to global catastrophes. you can not just get the detailed answers scientists, and with today's effects seem to be on the scene. Welcome to the world of knowledge and

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Lukashenka: Mr. Nekljaev — in custody

Society The day after the election Lukashenko is traditionally held the first press conference. Two and a half hours, he answered questions. Naturally, it was not so much about the elections and the future of the country, but about the bloody events in Independence Square.

This event is more like NOT press conference, and another speech to a large audience. And to fill a large concert hall of the Palace of the Republic, people were brought by bus from across the region and the capital city of Minsk. To get to the building had to defend most of all,

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Hunt for cruisers Kaiser watch online

Military-sea English fleet in 1914, suffered a crushing defeat from a strong German fleet at the Battle of Coronel, claimed the lives of 1,700 British seamen. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill claimed ferocious revenge. In the end, the British sank the whole German squadron, were killed during the fighting in 2200 the German sailors. Only two vessels escaped the bitter fate — Dresden and Emden. But Churchill was adamant, he proclaimed the reward for the capture of cruisers, the surviving ships subjected to massive persecution. In the middle of the icy fjords of Patagonia and the tropical waters of

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The war of religions — available method merits of policy objectives

Interfaith issues at all times became one of the causes of hard confrontation between civilizations. Fighting faiths often reaches the mass bloodshed that nearly sank into chaos entire nations for long years. What has been the inter-religious conflict now, and who cultivate it profitably to achieve their goals? On this and it will be in the material.

Of course, now that the main centers of religious confrontation are the Middle East and Western Europe. In the first case, the echoes of the Crusades or, as it is read at the moment, the newest era of the Crusades, virtually swept

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