We are preparing for the «1C: Expert»

Become a «1C: Expert» — means learning to think in several other categories, to understand and «feel» of systemic mechanisms work platform 1C. What you need, we try to understand.


A properly configured workstation — 50% success rate. Using only printed (and electronic, of course) sources, you can prepare for the exam, «1C: Expert,» and even pass it, especially if you have access to the knowledge base on technology issues [2]. But it is in fact you do not have that expertise, which implies a given certificate.

Expert on technology issues — is primarily a man capable inside

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Rosselhoznadzor: the Belarusian products is no guarantee of safety

This conclusion is contained in the message Rosselkhoznadzor vserasprostranennom on the results of the October visit to Belarus professionals of this department, reports RIA Novosti. According to experts Rosselkhoznadzor appropriate services Belarus "will not be able to react quickly and correctly in the case of products that do not meet safety requirements." Recall Our homeland that 1 November 2008 To prohibit the importation of dairy products and poultry meat from 20 Belarusian companies.

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Europe has forgotten about European Belarus

Society Lucas reading

The other day on our site was published translation of the article "What the West is wrong about Belarus?" International Editor Economist Edward Lucas. This text is concerned spawned debate on our site.

We invited experts from around the world to take part in this debate and express their opinions about how an article by Mr. Lucas, as well as about the problem, which he formulates. Paul Govbl, an American analyst and expert on national issues of post-Soviet space.

Edward Lucas is quite correct to assume that the West was wrong about Belarus for the past 20

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Repression of the defense industry of the USSR

Part I

From the creator: This article — though little attempt to understand the history of pre-war repression in the Soviet defense industry. Even now, as part of special services are open archives, this topic is huge, virtually untouched formation. The information is very uneventful and collect it hard because immediately warn — clear statistics on the extent of repression in the "defense industry" and their impact on the production of military equipment and weapons is not here. There are quite sketchy data and common but far from complete picture. Because every reader has the right to evaluate the collected

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