A. Marachkin: an image of suffering and crying

Now Alexei Marochkin evening came to Kurapaty forest together with his son Igor. They removed the board with the chapel, which was damaged by vandals attached image of God Kurapaty mother and her place stuck latest reproduction. Sovereign Marochkin said that confiscates creased image icon for the museum vandalism.The original icon of Our Lady Moms Kurapaty all innocently shot, written by the artist about 5 years ago, Reddish is in the church. Reproduction of restoration at the chapel in Kurapaty Forest sovereign Marochkin has been doing for the 3rd time. "For the third time, we are passionate about, to somehow

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Burned church that paint Pushkin

Society A fire in a church in the village of Beaver Krupsk Minsk region occurred on the night of 16 to 17 February. Cause of the fire vysvyatlyayutstsa.

"It is clear that the flame was very strong, as in the Church burned everything: icons, frescoes, altar — told the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" artist Ales Pushkin. — In the morning I went to the church to see if you can salvage something out of church icons. However, all burned to the ground. It is still unknown what caused the fire in the church — or a case or arson. "


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