Anal fissure

What is it?

Anal fissure (fissure) — damage to the rectal mucosa at the site of the anal sphincter. In 90% of cases crack Located on the rear wall of the anal canal.

This is one of the most common proctologic disease is more common in men with different sexual orientations.

Why did this happen?

Anal fissure Damage results from anal mucosa with constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, proctitis, as well as injury of the intestinal wall during anal sex, and the passage of stool to foreign bodies (e.g., seeds).

What's going on?

The main symptoms of anal fissure:

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Anal fissure: a danger signal

Cracks even smaller sizes can transform lives, especially sit-down, into a nightmare. Discomfort, burning, itching, pain, bleeding? Need to be treated!

Anal fissure — suddenly appearing violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane in the form of anal fissures or ulcers.

Among the diseases of the colon on the prevalence, it ranks third behind hemorrhoids and colitis is more common in women. Can be combined with hemorrhoids (for internal hemorrhoids prolapse), which have to be taken into account in the course of treatment.

The most common causes of anal fissure is constipation, and

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