Januszewski was given three days, although there were — 10

Since Alexei repeated violation — role in the unauthorized action — that, under the law of its had arrest for more than 10 days. Alexei himself saw our correspondent that his sentence proves that the order from the top is more important existing legislation. About the structure of the House of Justice youth activists posted large white-red-white flag. Police detained a minor lady. Palazhanka Anastasia, Anastasia and Anton Loikaw Rusin got three days of arrest. Palazhanka judged referee Mike Homa, Anton Rusin — Valentine Zinkevich referee.Given the fact that the convicts had already spent three days behind bars in jail

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V.Gorbaciov: I avenge strikes company markets

According to the source, the other day he vorachivalsya train from Ukraine "Kyiv-Gomel" together with her daughter Anastasia, and her friends Pokhabov Nicholas, who is chairman of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian trade union of electronic industry. "At the station Terehovo Belarusian customs officers began a search of our things — says Viktor Gorbachev, — some of them videotaped. Train was detained for half an hour. At the same time I was told, thereozhenniki make orders of superiors, they say, he povinet that "climb in politics, organized a strike in the markets on October 2."Victor Gorbachev proves that during

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Title Belarus — is sacred offends public opinion

An activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko received the decision of the court Nesvizh that she, along with Artem Dubski of Asipovichy must pay 931 rubles a thousand fine for inscription on the wall of the building: "Belarus — is sacred." Another 300 thousand members of the Young must pay as compensation for the harm caused by the real. August 25 employees Nesvizh police detained activists of "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko, Artsyom Dubski, Alexander Zhukov and Anastasia Palazhanka. Detainees in police drew up reports in which the police wrote that the word "Belarus — is sacred" idea

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Brest tribunal saw business journalist

Anastasia Myaleshka performing an editorial job, attended the presentation on August 19, Paul Sevyarinets book "Letters from the forest." Law enforcement authorities considered it an unauthorized meeting. On 14 participants were drawn, seven appeared before the tribunal. Yury Bakur Eugene Belasin, Vyacheslav Kruglov, Sergey and Vasily Bathhouse Vavrenyuk were fined from 60 000 to 100 000 rubles.Magazine journalist "Shade" Love Pronevich, also as Myaleshka Anastasia, was present at the presentation of the book on an editorial assignment, the court issued a warning. Now came the turn to the correspondent of "Brest Courier". Anastasia Myaleshka shares his impressions with Radio Liberty:

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Supporters of the detainees held a picket in front of the courthouse

Who judged the Young About 20 people formed a human chain and held white-red-white flag, Portraits of the Young, who now will be judged and a banner "Freedom to political prisoners". A couple of minutes later, they shouted "Freedom for political prisoners." In the Tribunal Leninsky district, which is in the House of Justice came to the detained activists, representatives of the French Embassy, human rights. Midst of recognizable people — Siuchyk, Ales Makaev Dashkevich.The Tribunal has not yet begun. Recall that in the court of Lenin district of Minsk now be judged youth activists detained on November 7 about

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Night Siege September 4

Now Soligorsk and passed Nyasvizh Trials activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Azarko. They blamed on criminal charges "in the role of an unregistered organization". Tribunal fined Anastasia Azarko to 1 million 240 thousand rubles, Ivan Shyla issued a warning.Oh, so guests are responding to this newspaper "Nasha Niva": Lis: "Shame country that judges young for her eyes … Thank God that this is not a white-red-white flag. "Liusterka: "repeating! Succession of generations of political prisoners and their executioners: Ernest Sabila Nyasvizh met with Anastasia Young Front Azarko, granddaughter of prisoners of the Gulag Alexander

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Anastasia Azarko: Whatever the verdict, I will continue my activities

Calm Nesvizha old, friendly people on the streets, crowned with flowers … All this contrasted with the atmosphere around Nesvizhsky Court, which is now guarded 10s policemen and civil guys. And in the adjacent building of the local police were still several 10-s commandos.So the morning began Tribunal over activist "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko. Lady accused of participating in an unregistered organization, she faces up to 2 years imprisonment.However, the prosecutor Igor Paholchik decided to confine fine — asked for Anastasia Azarko fine 500 basis variables is more than 7 thousands of dollars.Damu such a prospect not scared as the

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In Nyasvizh now judged youth activist Anastasia Azarko (photos)

A minute later start hearing In a break Anastasia Azarko met Paul Seviarynets and activists Together with mum Zoe Azarko who refused to testify against her daughter In court Anastasia parted with flowers donated by associates Everywhere around the court were policemen. In the courtyard of the police station was still ready Nesvizha bus with commandos

Anastasia Azarko fined 1,240 thousand rubles

Nesvizhski Tribunal ruled activist "Junior Front"Anastasia Azarko guilty of activity on behalf of unregistered organization. Tribunal fined her 40 basic units — is 1,240,000 rubles.

Paul came to support Seviarynets Anastasia Azarko

The court adjourned. To support Nastya came to the process several 10-s activists. They do not exclude that the sentence will be imposed now. Process leads referee Maria Dunaeva.Anastasia blame activities on behalf of an unregistered organization.• Goes Tribunal over activist "Junior Front"Anastasia Azarko, 4.09.2007 • Soligorsk and Shults: Tribunal over Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Azarko, 4.09.2007 • Photo: detention in court in Soligorsk, 4.09.2007 • New criminal cases against the Young, 8.08.2007

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