Mon to Freedom

Morning 6:10 * "Prague accent." The election results in Ukraine and their impact on Situation in Belarus discussions are chairman of the United civilian party Anatoly Lebedko and chief editor of the magazine Arche Valery Bulgakov6:35 * "Call" Freedom "- weekly review calls our listeners.6:45 * "Free Studio". Guest Misha Scoble — poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk which on Wednesday celebrates its 50th anniversary.7:00 * Morning Live.Evening18:03 * Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world. 18:33 * "Prague accent." The election results in Ukraine and their impact on the situation in Belarus discussions are civilian head of the United Party Anatoly

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Announced fundraising for the monument Anatolia Sysuev

Competition to create a monument Anatolia Sysuev who put on his grave in his native village Goroshkov announced first this year.Says a close friend of the poet and the coordinator of the competition vice-chairman Union of Belarusian Writers Edward Akulin:"If we have summed up the contest, then unanimously elected outline of the draft proposed by the Belarusian young architect Hanicke Loikaw, as it is more consistent with the concept of the monument. Related Anatolia wished the base concept lay the sign of the Christian cross, which, in fact, did Genyk Loikaw. "To implement the project have found in Ukraine and

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Election night

At the press conference, which began in the second half of the night, the CEC chairman Lidia Yermoshina said the election results to 99 of 110 aurugav. Middle of the elected deputies or 1 representative of the opposition is not. If Yarmoshina asked why, in her eyes, one of the opposition candidates did not become deputy she replied as follows: "We can not say that our citizens were highly praised the authorities, can not say that about them they say that they are either in chocolate or zefiry, but even more of our citizens are afraid of sudden movements. They

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Letters to politicians about the verdict A. Kazulin Attorney General does not motivate

Answer the Attorney General signed by the head of the municipal support charges Sergey Telezhevich. Fellow prosecutor referred to the fact that the creators of the letters "do not fall into the category of persons who may apply for a retrial." Said this "Freedom" last lawyer Igor Rynkevich Kozulin. In the General Prosecutor’s Office appealed opposition politicians Alexander Milinkevich, Anatoly Lebedko, Yuri Khadika Anatoly Lewkowicz. "These appeals not even formally considered, which is against the law. Though any citizen can seek a review of the sentence, and also to inform about the crime," — commented on the situation lawyer Igor

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Graphs Czapski vorachivayutsya in Minsk

"A significant part of the documents is not allowed to place the area"In the 19th and early 20th centuries belonged to Count Czapski manor Stankovo key in the Minsk region. Czapski family history research and engaged in public estates of Minsk region Lovers’ Association "Prilukskaya inheritance." Thanks to him, and established in Minsk Exhibition. Managing association Gatalskaya Igor said:"The State Museum of history and culture, we were able to expose only a part of their own exhibits. Significant part of the documents in the form of letters, correspondence area, unfortunately, is not allowed to be positioned. Presented But the most

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A.Milinkevich appealed to the Prosecutor General in defense Kozulin

Alexander Milinkevich said:"I am one hundred percent support the legitimate demands defenders Kozulin and I think that you should make a supervisory protest, which eventually will be released Kozulin in the prescribed manner. Complaint defenders Kozulin actually exhausting internal avenues of appeal provided by the Belarusian legislation. National legal authority more have the ability to impartially to see the criminal case in the supervisory procedure and correct languishing judicial and investigative errors. Revision criminal case against Alexander Kozulin will be not only the judicial-legal, and moral and ethical value, a step that demonstrates the goodwill of the Belarusian authorities. "According

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Followers of the democratic forces are demanding the release A.Kozulin

According to the lawyer Igor Rinkevich, in his letters Vintsuk Vyachorka, Anatoly Lebedko, Sergei Kalyakin and Anatol Lyaukovich supported the demands of the supervisory lawyer’s complaints about the release of Alexander Kozulin. In the supervisory appeal, which is focused to the Prosecutor General, protesting the measures taken in the case of judicial decisions and policy requirement to complete the creation of the criminal case for lack of incriminating him atrocities.The Social Democrats have called democratic society bring letters to the prosecutor calling for the release of Alexander Kozulin.• A plan to release Alyaksandr Kozulin, 09.09.2007

Guest night air — Vadim Bolbas

In our night air — report Kurapaty where now gone respect the memory of victims of the mass shooting of Belarusian intellectuals August 27, 1937 — on the day in Minsk tortured a group of archaeologists, teachers, priests and church.People on the streets of Mogilev answer the question which of Belarusians worth the Nobel Prize award and for what rewards.Also in the "Freedom Night" recently completed a story about a rock festival "Be2gether" — the festival took place at the foot of the castle Narviliskaga, 50 meters from the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, and was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the

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A. Shumchanka: businessmen had a nervous breakdown

As said head of business association "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka now shops on the 3rd floor of the "Fashion World" resumed work. The few 10’s of business threats were heard in the following Sunday’s incident again lead trade. This main result of yesterday’s talks with representatives of the Ministry of business taxes and fees.Shumchanka elaborates: "Maratoryyum imposed on checking these businessmen. Questions about costly commodity will be solved recently. They have uttered: if you are not come to us, at least we did not touch Zhdanovich long, but had a great desire to bring back a massive check." Prerequisite incident was

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In the day of the 90th anniversary of Yanka Bryl friends and relatives mentioned it in spring

Since the late 1970s, Yanka Bryl almost every summer in the spring. Then he wrote perceived guests. And now, more than one year, as he was gone. Now Rodnikovoye writers came Gennady Buraukin Sergei Zakonnikau Anatoly Zhuk, Kudravets Anatoly Anatoly Vertinskij Misha Scoble, Anatoly Sidorevich.First, that the sounds from the lips of everyone — no one can even get used to the fact that the Yankees Bryl not around. His daughter Natalia suggested that each wrote a memoir, that later publish a book about it. And Anatoly Zhuk, sitting under an oak tree where you would normally sit adored Yanka

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