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In 1980, RS has met with David Lynch, received five million for «The Elephant Man» lyrics Henry Bromeliads

David Lynch has agreed to meet me at a Hollywood restaurant Studio Grill, located across the street from the old studio Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, and talk about his first big-budget ($ 5 million), the movie «Elephant Man». Young well-kept studio executives have gathered to drink wine and talk business exponentially. It was the type of place where you seem himself stooped and closed. I can not say that I was comfortable about. Lynch, as it turned out, too. It is best eaten would

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Human ancestors had a strange gait



The latest study of anatomy immediate ancestors of man can shed light on his life, and not only. For example, researchers have suggested that human ancestors went a completely different way than previously believed. It is possible that before people moved slightly pigeon-toed gait.

First Australopithecus sediba skeletons were found in 2008, 9-year-old son of one of the scientists in South Africa — the cradle of humanity, where archaeologists have repeatedly found the remains of our ancestors. Australopithecus — a

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Flat feet in adults. watch online

In one beautiful vernal day we suddenly notice that the shoes became "suddenly" awkward gait is not as smooth as his own reflection in the windows is no longer the source of pride for the perfect posture. Next worse — random track wet feet on the floor after a shower mimic a sketch foot print of the anatomy textbook with a signature under it — the "flat." According to statistics, this is subject to poruhi large fraction of the population of the planet. If you show signs of flat feet, you need to correct the shortcomings good

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Science 2.0 Anatomy of monsters. Crane Watch Online

A man surrounded himself with lots of cars. Some of them can be called "monsters" — so impressively their size. Tanks, locomotives, tower cranes … How they work? Of which are made? What and how much they "eat"? In every program there Alexey Vershinin makes the "opening" of the 1st of the "monster" from the world of cars, to show its internal structure, its anatomy.

Preparing for the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. Such a large-scale construction projects, our country is not yet known. The scope of work staggering. With them can cope only true monsters.

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A marvel of engineering Release (08/11/2013) watch online

Smart appliances, Silicone and anatomy prosthesis Technology that thinks you — the reality! Every lady needs Silicone! How to recognize a defective and should it be afraid? Anatomy prosthesis: due to what and how they work, artificial joints? How long they can last and how many there are?

The magic of technology — a series of programs

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