Ancient Faith Slavs

This article aims to tell the real truth to modern man, with no distortion and false interpretations of the ancient belief of Aryan and Slavic peoples — Ingliizme. For our contemporaries in the Russian state and beyond the very name of the ancient faith and Slavic Aryan peoples — Ingliizm forgotten and seems to be something alien, a stranger. In today's world there is "indisputable, scientifically proven opinion" about the so-called traditional Russian religions which have their "invaluable contribution" to the creation of Russian history and the Russian state. These religions today include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. But

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The Vedas and the ancestral North Russia

From the Internet: Our ancestors came from the north. In Circumpolar lived first race of giants. This is stated in the "Book of Carols," in Khanty-Mansiysk tradition, the Vedas. There is a kingdom Bjarmia and mana. This is the realm of the god Brahma and his children — Mann and Mani. This is reflected also in the Vedas, surviving in India, Nepal, China, Tibet, the Himalayas, in the legends of the Mansi, Perm, as well as in Russian epics. This is not just a coincidence. According to Vedic knowledge, is also located here Belovodie, White Island and Mount White

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Georezonatory — energy mazes

In the middle of summer in Perm will be the third All-Russian Conference of researchers unknown. On this day, Perm, and then anomalous zone Molebka visit many ufologists, both from Russia and around the world. But this conference will be notable not respected actors, but an attempt to recreate the ancient technology of building stone labyrinth, analogues of which can be found in Karelia.

Are always wonders attributed stone labyrinth Karelia here and ancient magic rituals and stone observatory, and even the gates to another dimension. What researchers want to recreate from Perm. For the answer "Steps" asked

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Our ancestors were wise and good-natured people. They knew a lot of rituals and customs, as commandments do them in their daily lives. We diligently forget its history, its tradition for many years, and then admire them, meeting other peoples. Many Belarusians rituals date back to the time, which is called paganism.

So long Belarusians consider building a great celebration. Claimed that Belarusian children are born with special abilities to carpentry.

Each owner thoroughly picked a place to build his house. This place put the jug and lowered back spider. If a spider weaves a web of night, here you

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Ancient secrets of the Russian North Zharnikova SV

Russian North — its forests and fields are not trampled hordes of invaders, its free and proud people are mostly not aware of feudal oppression, and it is here preserved in purity and integrity of the ancient songs, stories, were in Russia. It was here, in the opinion of many researchers, to keep such archaic practices, rituals and traditions that are not only ancient Greek, and even recorded in the ancient Indian "books of knowledge" — the Vedas, the most ancient monument of culture of all Indo-European peoples. On the next large Slavic and Vedic mythology wrote in the

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In? Mr. and Religion


We invite the reader to think about the semantic difference between the two phrases:

1) in reference to the Slavic gods:"…… Lead us into temptation ……";

2) of Christian prayer:"… Lead us not into iskuschenie …".

In this short example shows the differences between the different approaches to life. The first involves the pursuit of development and advancement in the knowledge of something, the second excludes the thought of the action outside the established framework.


Who were our relatives before us

We say "my home", "My Family", but who

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Slavic books DEATH

UNDERSTANDING Slavs phenomenon of death

Speaking of our ancestors, it is wise to pay attention to their names, they have much to tell us about the nature and characteristics of mentality. Who else but the Slavs have names Faith, Hope, Love or Osmomysl (thinking for osmeryh or provided on each case eight thoughts), Vsemysla, and others, showing that the Slavs profound arguments on all phases of human life, of all the twists and soul heart, as well as death.

All the ancient Slavic tribes had their runes, and their education is evidenced by many confirmation annals of

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Two views on Russian history

"Two Views of the beginning of Russian history. In our historical literature is dominated by two different views of the beginning of our history. One of them is contained in the critical study of ancient chronicles, compiled by a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the XVIII., The famous German scientist Schlozer in German and published in the beginning of the last century. Here are the main features of Shletserova gaze that held Karamzin Pogodin Soloviev.

Up to half of the IX., That is, until the arrival of the Vikings, the vast area of our plains, from

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Reality know, rules, Nav, curve and follow the path of the Government

1. Knowledge of Genesis (Reveal) and Non (Navi), and the laws of motion and interaction (right) and (curve), is one of the basic philosophical principles of the ancient Slavs.

Slavs are not indifferent to the world, it is driven by a continuing interest in how the universe is arranged. He reflects on the laws of Svarog, for the understanding and ownership of, helps to move in unison with the cosmic and earthly transformations along the way are right. Thus, following the path of right — it lives and acts in accordance with the laws of Svarog, the laws of

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About require

Treba— Darren is energy that occurs during the accomplishment of a rite SvyatoDeystva.

Required can be loaf, cake or even a certain toy-image, created with his own hands. When a person is engaged in any form of creativity, something had thought of those he loves, in his creation puts these fertile energy and good strength. They absorb this force. During the ritual acts, betraying require the Fire, we transform the real creation and build-up in force, in the form of energy, which is the food for the shower relatives and Kin Churov. Gods and ancestors are in the Otherworld,

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