Secrets of the alphabet (Alexander Dolzhenkov)


Great Light Russ good fellows, maiden, heroes, men of ardent, mother to your charge of the verb.

Let's remember the "ABCs"

Letter, a gift to his grandchildren — rusam Light Ones Gods, which our ancestors to the forced Christianization of Russia, conducted by Vladimir Kashcheev, had 49 characters. Monk, 'holy' brother now, "Cyril and Methodius, allegedly gave Bright Rus letter (to them like our great ancestors, arm in arm with the bears in their dens and slept no writing, no state had) actually held the first" castration "of the sacred Vedic knowledge , which is the drop cap.

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Vedichestvo. Space Pocono. Is it possible to destroy the faith of their ancestors?

Vedichestvo. Space Pocono. Is it possible to destroy the faith of their ancestors? ..

Vedism is VEDAnie, knowledge coming from within. This relationship with the Soul and the Spirit. With the world of the gods and the world of ancestors living in the Otherworld.

We are told that our ancestors could not explain natural phenomena, and they bowed down before them. However, the place of power, the people who created the past, our wise men and the Druids, to the contrary.

Stonehenge, "medical wheels" dolmens — this facility, talking not about the development of the primitive,

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International festival of arts Slavonic opened near Grodno

News of Belarus. Battles with braids, fist fights and battles with clubs. Near Grodno opened the International Festival of Slavic martial arts. Military traditions of our ancestors guests of the festival showed dozens of historical clubs from Belarus and Ukraine.

All the battles here with historical accuracy repeated battles of ancient Slavs. Whether it's a hand-to-hand fighting with swords or tournament. Grodno to introduce the technique of fighting our ancestors, to the town of Neman came dozens of historical clubs from Belarus and Ukraine.

Vladimir Adamov, head of the club Slavic martial arts:

Historical direction, as we

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How to live in their own culture?

Slavic culture is a creation of the national health beautiful family tree — Slavic people, where ancestors, descendants, and we one, where the generic name is the branch of the tree-people, which is one of the highest principles of Slavic culture — honoring the Gods (ancestors) and ancestors of the people and education of children in the creation of a healthy family tree-people.

Branch, living on other people's rules, sick, dry up and disappear.

High Slavic culture of the people means not aggressive, so with the principle — to live in harmony with nature, that is, with it,

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VELESoped — the invention of our ancestors!

Stained-glass window of a church, where the saint is depicted in Vladimir VELESopede

Do you think that the invention of a bicycle early XIX century? You are mistaken! It is more ancient invention associated directly with our ancestors and show high technological development of Slavic-Aryan civilization. This is, what, a permanent zhidomassony hidden and silent, trying to show our ancestors dark barbarians and savages. But the time to break cover with the great history of our people and to lift the veil of secrecy.

It would seem familiar to us, the word "bicycle", which once had a completely

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April 1

Everyone knows that April 1 do not trust anyone. However, where did this saying? Any under a proverb has some basis. Proposed in order to find out is to dive into the past, because this is where we find the roots of many sayings and narrations.

The history of our pagan ancestors have deep pagan roots, responses of which we can observe today. All in the same sayings, proverbs, superstitions and beliefs. April first our ancestors celebrated another interesting holiday.

This is the day of awakening houses. The ancient Slavs believed that in the winter, he, like many animals,

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Wild barbarians? People are second-class citizens? Almost animals?

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Patriarch Kirill, in an interview on Russia: "… In a sense, we the Church of Cyril and Methodius. They went out of enlightened Greco-Roman world and went to preach the Slavs. And just who were the Slavs? Are barbarians, people who speak a foreign language, it is inferior, it is almost animals. And so it went to the enlightened men who brought them the light of Christ's truth and do something very important — they have to talk to these barbarians in their language, they created the Slavic alphabet, Slavic grammar and translated into the language the word

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Basis for understanding the wards

Amulet — the word has its origin from the root "edges." Ber — uncontrollable spontaneous spirit, violent, wild, wild. Baer our ancestors called the Bear, awakened from hibernation too early, has left his lair, den Ber. In this state, bear is a special danger, destroying everything around and making a bezlad. So it was forbidden even to mention the name of Bera, so as not to invite disaster. The word charm, understood as a defense against Baer. Elemental Warding same humble spirit, makes it all right, brings to life Lad, order, beauty.

From the root "ber" came words such as

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Slavic purification rites

From ancient times came to us with a lot of committed sometimes mechanically everyday actions. Yes, any old Russian house at the entrance to the room hung washbasin. Famous psychics of all stripes argue that water can neutralize alien information field (the so-called evil eye). Scientists have found that bathing water increases (including) a change in the skin cells electropotential: water nourishes tissues with negative ions, which improves the tone of the body and slows down the process of oxidation in the body, one of the causes of aging.

Our ancestors were washed as often as we do, but

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Caddis fly-embroidery

Rare local holiday or festival in Rivne region Ukraine stoneflies do without: that there is a great team at the City Palace of Youth with the 1983rd year. They are also one of the few who still remembers and is able to spend a longtime Polissya rite — keeping Scrub at Trinity or Green party. This ancient Slavic pagan actions, which came to our times and now it is done only in a single village in Ukraine — Svaritsevichah. However, spring has already met him and Peresopnitsu.

Bush choose and decorate the most beautiful girl in the village. She

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