Generic ring of power

Intuitive level through the subconscious is conjugate with the whole universe …

Generic ring of power is when eternity behind and an eternity to come … and you're just a link in the never ending chain of generations, our ancestors … all behind us, and all our generations after us to come …

You look at them … they are on you …

It — proud, tough, courageous people — hunters, explorers, warriors — beautiful, powerful, violent people …

You always feel every moment of their indissoluble unity … they have it and you do it

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Zbruch idol Svyatovit

Zbruch idol Svyatovit — the most rich in composition, is the most interesting of the surviving statues of Slavic deities. The complexity of its composition allows researchers to draw conclusions about the reflection in her ideas of our ancestors on the structure of the world. Therefore, since its discovery in the river Zbruch he was always the center of attention of historians and fans of the Slavic antiquity. First of all, striking tiered sculptures, reflecting the world in a three-tiered view of the Slavs.

In the lower tier displayed Nav — the lower world, who left his name

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The myth of the black savage pre-Christian Russia

Pre-Christian history of Russia is often shown in a dark color, our ancestors in her "wild" barbarians in animal skins living by hunting and fishing in the primeval forests and swamps. The only bright spot, the Vikings look normal, "brought" the light of the foundations of civilization to Russia (according to the Norman theory) and Princess Olga savages trying to instill the principles of Christianity. As a result, the majority of Russian citizens pre-Christian history of Russia — a real terra incognita ("Unknown Land" from the Latin.).

In fact, at the present time, Russia needs a bit of German

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Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people!

Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people! Our descendants, sources Ingle (Divine Wisdom Zhiznerodyaschego Sacred Fire) is transmitted by word and creates connection with ancestors like the equator of the Earth Reveal (in this case the so-called Earth), uniting the North and South Poles. The relationship between the world and the world of the ancestors of the Earth stated Conscience aces (children) like the Earth's equator separates the positive and negative pole of Midgard. (The ancient and the present name of our Earth means "Heartland")

Downward Heavenly Wisdom is like a river of life and has the keys

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Lecture on Slavic outlook

Today we will talk about the Slavic traditional world. Of course, this topic is very broad and talk about it for hours — so we limit ourselves to a cursory review. But, nevertheless, I hope that I can truly convey the basics … Just want to draw your attention to a very important point: I do not claim to "absolute truth" and ask to perceive what I say, as my personal opinion. Opinion of the man who has been studying and restoring the Slavic tradition for quite a long time, but does not consider himself a "great magician", "King and

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Living light! Self-healing and event management. Clear-Vision

Fight! Sons and daughters of the light! Information is ripe for the publication of important. Much time has passed since the time when there has been a trial and gain experience. It is time to realize all the experience and display their divine nature. The last decades have given you knowledge related to our true essence. We are sons and daughters of the gods of heaven learned and practiced, and remember who we are, we are worthy to bear the name of our ancestors. We are the ones who have kept, learned and transmitted to their descendants important knowledge. Our

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Ancient country towns in Perm

Recently opened an amazing testimony of a great past Perm.

A large number of ancient cities and settlements, mines, remnants of metal complexes leave no doubt in the development of our ancestors …

We tend to think that all the finds and the remains of ancient buildings are found far away, in the habitats of the "great" civilizations of the past. We are accustomed to think that any place where they can be found ancient traces of human activity, immediately attracted the attention of scientists and archaeologists, there being excavated, described findings are published scientific articles, write about journalists. After

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Slavlenie our gods and ancestors

Relatives in my glory, ancestors and forefathers — The roots of the tree of descent, the butt, the barrel so the branches! I bud on our Tree, after cold winter Moisture knowledge engorged by spring rains. Mother Earth gives Crude for growth effect My every zhivatmu Yarylo illuminate.

Bozhychi in Svarga Blessed! Come on Midgard, Forest Tree of labor from enemies rescue! Gray creature attacked — cut, burn oaks Rob Earth, its resources, they had no council. A cloud of locusts crown serfs greedily gnawing. Disperse the whole pack

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Slavic beliefs — Ingliizm

Ingliizm — Originally, the ancient beliefs of the Slavs — light and spirituality, where is of paramount importance such thing as conscience and worship their wise ancestors. For all its complexity and diversity, Ingliizm is the most affordable and easy of belief, because it brings harmony not only the existence of man and the gods, and harmony with nature and the harmony in the relationship of man to man. The original sources of Ingliizma to be found in the depths of antiquity, and the grace of the legendary country Daarija, which was at the North Pole. The name "Ingliizm"

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Vedic cleansing. The path of their ancestors. Universes and gods

Each to himself and the creator, and the murderer, and the judge, and mentor.

By publishing a compilation of revealing the depth of the Slavic world view ("Foundations of the Secret Doctrine of the Slavs", "Slavonic Book of Death", "The Book of Light — add" and others). One important issue was the transition in 2012, our solar system from the zone controlled by Dark Worlds in the white area of the galaxy (in accordance with the Slavic-Aryan science "Stars and Earth"). Our Jarilo-Sun is in the structure of the galactic star systems Swati, also called the Milky Way. Swati

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