MIR.Igry Gods 8, 1-3/9

Project GAME OF THE GODS — It is consistently growing series of films in the genre of journalism, the theme of the study of ancient and modern Slavic-Aryan culture. Each film series has a specific theme, and builds on the authors' encounters with people Veda and other sources. Project GAME OF THE GODS — this creative meetings, lectures, workshops, public views to the discussion of movies and other cultural events that promote recovery of the natural potential acheloveka. Project participants GAME OF THE GODS — Is creatively active devotees who live in different cities and countries, studying the heritage of

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Path to the Truth. Book 1. Parting words

Film project Sergey Stryzhak "Game of the Gods" has galvanized millions of spiritually sleeping compatriots. The project is designed not for sorcerers, magicians, yogis, and the common people. After watching the film, many felt the need to expand the knowledge culture of our ancestors, which are indicated on the screen. Movie format can not account for a lot of detail, in contrast to the book in which the author of the book "The Way to the Truth" tried in an accessible way to bring together a lot of disparate information on Azam secret knowledge. First book, "Parting"based

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Thamaha and queen Siromahova

Most residents of the Krasnodar Territory have heard (and many there are) strange to the modern ear the name "Thamaha." Is the title of a beautiful mountain range, located in the Seversky district of the same name, and with it the settlement. Many people probably think that this is not a Slavic name, but it is — confusing. Based on the study of the ancient Slavonic chronicles, narratives and chronographs have reason to conclude that, in ancient times, our ancestors settled throughout Eurasia, including the Krasnodar region. The proof of the above are the same, repeated from one region to

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Could be a story out of politics? It turns out — can not

Read some stir passions around Veles book, and right before my eyes there was a Christian church with cupolas and crosses covered several poods of gold leaf — it shines!

What scientists think about Veles book?

No evidence of divinity, except written "masterpieces" Monas and the word "witnesses", but at what cost the blood of this world staroliteraturny masterpiece. Modern scientists have not particularly interested in the content — the main authenticity: correct spelling and examination of antiquity. We, contemporaries who use partial knowledge of their ancestors and of all humanity, the so-called education, it is difficult to

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Veche autocracy ancient Slavs

How our ancestors lived? How do they manage to live without fear that the prince will issue a decree or a robber escapes with tribal coffers to Khazars? Without fear that them come into the house, local robbers rogue and take away all their possessions, and all the neighbors gather around and laugh at failure neighbor? Why farmhand was not afraid that the owner will not give him a salary, but the owner — that farmhand propet its deposit and even run away, taking with him his grandfather's sword and prababkino necklace? Why did the magician knew Knyazhev squad will

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Brilliant geometry. Traces mysterious ancestors

Authors of the film takes the viewer almost 7000 years ago and explore geometric outstanding creations of our ancestors, from circular shafts dating back about 6th century BC to the Baroque town planning of the German city of Karlsruhe …

The Magic Thread

Rekut others, that, de, vanished — vanished in centuries past, the water in the sand left Ancient Wisdom. What is not reborn so it is more in the world of Russian, will not rise dawn clear, not light a fire ardent Heart Prophetic Slavs yes Rusich. For the dead hand of your God now stretched over Russia, chuzhebesiem eclipsed many cunning eyes, a shade of black — Iron Cross — fell to the ground … and rushes — flies out of my chest, but once in ancient times our happened: "To be a free Russia? Native Gods! Do you hear?

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Ancestor-given wisdom of the people

Slavs — the worship of the holy spirit of nature, part of which is the man himself. This veneration Rod ancestors and creation of family ancestral life, ancient Slavic traditions. Slavs, according to National Anthem of Russia — the ancestors of the given wisdom of the people — the dignity of the Slavic peoples and the great heritage of Russia.

The tradition of the Russian people — it is an invaluable experience of countless generations of our ancestors. Fostering in us the same "mysterious Russian soul", Slavic tradition teaches us customs, forever

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Word images in Russia: Joint Vedane Genesis

Framework of modern Russian grammar, unfortunately, do not reveal the essence of the word without interpretation and etymological investigation, and glossaries offer us the interpretation of the word in its current use.

For example, "The etymological dictionary of the Russian language," Alexander Semenov explains the meaning of Rainbow: "The etymology is unclear, there are several theories as to its origin. According to one of them, it is derived from the Proto-Slavic root rad, whose value is similar to the Anglo-Saxon rot (joyful, noble). Another etymological hypothesis root rad is derived from Arda (the name of one of the Slavic

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Trehlebov not the enemy!

Found an interesting video, a young man made a video response to the criticism of some materials A.V.Trehlebova. This video explains in response to what was the error of not understanding.

  I think most of them are just provocateurs, they are properly understood, but it is their job. So not much strain, explaining to others how they are wrong, or that your point of view is more correct. This is not right, and never impose their point of view. Trehlebov says not to "nakarmovat" should do so, "If you have medicine, put it in a prominent place." That hide

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