Vedic World Order

Once upon a time, in the Russian land, so long ago that only remember the gods and ancestors, was a completely different way of life, and all lived in a different way. Cohn lived, keeping covenants ancestors, listening wise Magi. Does what is right, everything is done according to conscience.

But now it is time others. Whether people have changed, whether the gods decided on its own … Started Night of Svarog. Were displaced ancient knowledge. Forgotten roots. Brought new forces, declaring themselves gods and prophets, and all were in their own way to learn.

Some revere Allah,

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The legacy of their ancestors. Part 3

Our ancestors recorded events in the period of their life in Daarija and led timing of these events. Thus maintains the connection to time and events for many, many hundreds of thousands of years. For example, we know that the Midgard-Earth at the time of settlement Daarija had two moons. Nearest to the earth the moon was Lola. The period of its revolution around Midgard was only 7 days. Large moon — Month — orbital period was 29.5 days. Another example. In September 2003, 604,378 of the summer came the time when our ancestors have recorded a

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Brilliant geometry. Traces mysterious ancestors

January 4, 2012 23:42

The program takes almost 7000 years ago and explores the remarkable geometric creations of our ancestors, from circular shafts dating from about the 6th century BC to the Baroque town planning of the German city of Karlsruhe.

Petition in support of Native Faith Slavs in Russia

The site Demokrator, Commonwealth Slavic sites created theme recognizing Native Faith in the Russian Federation at the state level. The public is invited to vote in favor of this initiative to link to the full text article.

The objectives of this treatment are:

1. Make a choice to our children in schools Native Faith ancestors, along with other religious confessions, subject of the current Russian Federation legislation on freedom of religion, the text of which is shown on the main page of this topic. Every person should have the right to choose

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You sir, the king-fire …

You sir, the king-fire — the Slavs came to him, and added, — all you kings king. Revered by our ancestors fire and asked her grace and humility. You bet! Oh that's that, and the fires have claimed so many lives, not to speak of any material assets were …

It is hardly a coincidence that the name of the element so hot tune the ancient Vedic god Agni, who was the twin brother of the king of the gods Indra and protected fire. And as the fiery serpents in folklore — are countless.

On the other hand, without

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